Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    What a sweet energy you have. See anything fun for me? Or me and my friend? 🙂

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    i just have a huge i meant HUGE fight with my husband( i mean very bad one can't post it) about three weeks ago he move out and said wont be coming back but then he calls me every single day with some excuses and i answer most of the time but do you see him coming back home??? and what must i do i'm a scorpio and he is a Virgo...mind you Virgo's are very difficult people to deal with ...anyways hope you can give me some information ....thank you in advance have a great night...

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    I was just wondering if you see anything for me? Maybe about relationship?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Hans,

    Can you explain what you wrote , i am not sure what it means. thanks a bunch,

    Susan 228

  • In response >Concerning your relationship you will come to him, if you are not living together, or he will come to you, otherwise you or more possibly he will feel drawn to someone else and act likewise.

    Concerning your career in 2010 you will manifest the male side of you, a strong ego trying to dominate and to get your will done. You seem to understand even in your dreams what is going on, but in this dream of a career you are at the mercy of each and everyone.

    I'm not sure what either response means, I need a little clarity. Regarding my relationship will we continue to become closer as we have the past few months or ultimately seperate? Will my attempts to advance my career go as they have this year or better? Will I see any changes in my career or love life in 2010?

  • dear Hans,

    I thank you for taking your time and energy in helping all of us.

    I am in a moment in life that i think my marriage is not perfect, even no close to good. lots of fights and arguments. I see it unhealthy for my son and for my mental health. I want to change it, but find it hard because my husband loves me a lot and he would get very hurt of the change. I am so tired of lots of differences we have and arguments which exhaust me to the point of faking it and giving up. but i want a change.

    do you see any change for me in the future?

    thank yo a lot


  • Good Morning Hanswolfgang,

    Your message has me wondering, what exactly do you mean?, I'm confused, it has been on my mind all through the night, I wish you could explain more on this matter, also why will I need strength, Please tell me, Should I worry about the outcome?



  • Hi khatie,

    I do not think of an online broker with an easy investment program.

    You should put the money for you to earn additional income more spontaneous, after having enough exchange with others.

    You should wait for a strong impulse from without until you withdraw your shares with your business partner.

  • Hi toughlady

    it means not just giving the dog a bone, no sex for money and no money for sex. You have to cut through the layer of your own thinking.

    It does not mean that you do need to less scared to find love. It means trust your heart and not your thinking.

    Something in you is triggered, something in you starts growing. Do not stifle it again.

  • Dear saranee,

    just go on working to complete your program at the right time.

    Do not desire getting a job once you finish your school. One step after another. First finish your school, then look for your next step.

    In your relationship move on, relocate, with him or without.

    Your knowledge bestows you mastery and success in any of the communications fields, but especially in situations where you are able and willing to take a leadership position or assume responsibility. If you are involved in one of the communications related fields and are willing to stand up and take charge, there will be success.

    You are highly intuitive, can make fine mental distinctions, and will never do anything to compromise your integrity or inner truth. Keep these qualities in mind.

  • Hi VirgoEverywhere,

    I see fun for you AND for you and your friend.

  • Hi Hans,

    Your advice is quite difficult for me to comprehend. Can you add more details please? Thanks!

  • Hi ajahny,

    I do not see him coming back home.

    You must accept yourself as the dominating factor and be against suppression.

  • Dear lates,

    I do not see anything for you, follow advices given to you. You are much to burdened for relationships.

  • Hi Susan 228,

    you are disappointed.

    You cannot see the love and caring, which is there.

    You are in shame because of your inner impulses.

    Do not blame others for your misery. You are responsible. If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it.

  • sexygem,

    regarding your relationship you will continue to become closer as you have the past few months and ultimately you will separate.

    Your attempts to advance your career will go better as they have this year.

    In 2010 you will see changes in your career, but not (yet) in your love life.

  • Can you help me? I have a post that explains everything. I am in great need.

  • dear adnil,

    I do not see any change for you in the future.

  • 228,

    you should not worry about the outcome.

    I mean exactly: Do not stare on all, what is disappointing, but look around for what is given to you.

    You are thinking: I have enough, and so you are clinging to old poisons and habits.

    There is no togetherness, but emotional coldness.

    You will need strength for going on your own way.

    The ego is always concerned with the others, this way or that. When you become totally concerned with yourself, ego simply drops. There is no point for it to exist.

  • Hi Hans,

    Your advice is quite difficult for me to comprehend. Can you add more details please? Thanks!

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