Swimming in circle of divorce

  • Hi everyone, I am going through the process of divorce and find that my emotions are all over the place. I'm sure that's par for the course. I am usually happy go lucky and exert a positive aura to those around me. I am feeling like there is a wall in front of me and am having a hard time knocking it down. feel isolated and alone. Don't have alot of ambition, which is not normal for me. I have concentrated my energies on caring for my 3 boys. I guess I just feel drained. My soon to be ex won't leave. He is my basement dweller. It is very difficult to move on when the problem your trying to get rid of won't leave. I have pictured him moving out many times, it hasn't worked yet. I am trying very hard not to exert negative energy towards him but it is sooo difficult. I know that wishing for revenge is not the right thing to do. I have not gotten to the forgiveness yet. I am holding on to alot of anger and need to let it go. Please advise.

  • well, having just gone through a divorce, I can say it isn't easy. I'm still struggling. I too was stuck in the house with my soon to be ex and his sometimes cocky, always condescending attitude. I finally just packed up some clothes and my two yorkies and left, while he was at work. I have to say that was the best solution for me. But I didn't have any kids at home - no my ex waited till he didn't have to pay child support.

    Moving isn't easy and it isn't always the answer, but short of having the cops come roust him out, it could be you need to be the one to take action. Maybe by packing up his clothes and belongings for him and setting them at the door.

    Good luck with things, and remember you aren't alone. It seems divorce is rampant these days.

    Another thing you could do is cleanse your part of the house with a sage smudge bundle, then set crystals of protection around your area of the house. You may not be able to get rid of him, but you can fill your space with positive energy.

  • b4icu it is normal to feel drained during emotional times like divorce

    don't be too hard on yourself. I can imagine how aggravating it is to have him live there. there must be a way, a legal way, to make him move out. if it is your home, it shouldn't be hard since you spent more money into it than he did.

    do your best to pay attention to yourself now, not only to your kids. Don't forget to nurture your self, as much you nurture your kids. Look into plans for the future. What career do you want to have? higher education? if you need additional jobs, where can you get them? what are the courses you can look into, to improve your talents and well being - many free online courses about nutrition, yoga, meditation, all kinds of spiritual empowerment on google and youtube these courses can be your source of positive energy, people send them out to empower others and you will be one of those empowered by it, go with what you believe such as religion, wicca etc there is always something for everyone.

    you feel drained because you forget to nurture yourself. it's hard to forget your problem since it is living with you, but if you stay busy nurturing yourself and your kids and live your life, you will be surprised how fast time flies not even remember who lives in the basement.

    you can't stay positive if you are not healthy, spiritually or physically. divorce can be long process. you have done all the right thing by not sending negative energy. you will make it. don't despair, fear or worry, they are already negative energies. whenever you feel down, say to yourself; this too shall pass. again and again. for it is true, it will pass and your life will be back to normal. may the universe sends you suppot and shares you its abundance.

  • leoscopion, thanks for the uplifting words your'e right. This too will pass. I feel better already just getting out the built up frustration. thanks again

  • stormyeyes I would like to know more about cleansing the house with sage smudge bundles. ? sage wrapped up in small packets distrubuted through the house. thank you for your support. I will try the crystals of protection. I like that idea.

  • you can visit this thread for protection info

    if you feel that the negative energy attacking you from outside


    not sure if you need it, you only mentioned drained so I didn't say anything about protection

    stormy might have her own thread to suggest

  • Thanks leoscorpion I appreciate the thread info on protection. I don't think the negative energy is attacking from the outside but I will look into this. This is all so new to me. You give very valuable information. Things that I wouldn't have thought of. This is truly amazing-the great advice and passion that flows through this forum. The positive energy is encompassing.

  • b4icu.could you tell me your birth date , time and place please (if that is not too personal) and I will do a chart and try and give you some insight. Peace and love.

  • Thanks highpriestess 3. Sorry it took so long for me to get back. 03-12-67, 9:59 p.m. Milwaukee, WI. Really appreciate this.

  • I'm on it b4cu, but is tthat 12th March , or 3rd December and which state is WI please (I am a Brit and we do or dates in reverse to you)> Cheers!

  • high preistess, can u do a reading for my life personal. 1 march 77, 5 57 pm

  • Sure drgagannagi. R u male/female and where were u born? There are lots of changes coming up/happening for you Pisceans incidentally! Peace and love.

  • Hi b4icu Hve done my research on your data and hope your birthday is March so here goes. I know a lot abut you in some sense from your posts, but this is what your chart says:-

    You actually have a great sense of humour usually and people are drawn to your stength.. in.a powerful Scorpio ascendant. However, you have a retrograde Mars in the 12th house, which means you look for people to devote your life to. This is good, but surrounded by males as you are, you are in danger of feeling used and abused'. Your moon is powerful Aries, so you have it within you to stand up for yourself and put your needs first, but you think and analyse your feelings so much that you paralyse all action (that's your Scorpio ascendant). You also like the familiar and he in the basement is at least, familiar. In a way only you can bring this situation to an end by finding someome else ...your Piscean sun wants to forgive him, but your Scorpio Ascendant wants revenge... a no win situation, so find someone more worthy of your kindnesses. By next Autumn you should already be living a new life, as Uranus lights up your natal Sun. Be ready!


  • hi i am 1 march 77, 5 57 pm, born in punjab, india, female.

    kindly enlighten me on my personal life more, his dob is 6 jan 82, 6 26 pm, india. what is going on and how will it be? what he thinks of me? will it b a relation in the future n marriage with him?

    also im thinking of going abroad for post grad study? will it be advantageous? should i go, im going in jan in one univ n sep10 in other, which will be better.

  • please give me a precise reading of what he has felt for me uptil now, how is the present and what is in the future as regards to what he will feel for me? i need to hear the truth about this maze. what is your advice to me? on how i should handle this.???, my life is so foggy

  • you're welcome b4icu take care now

  • Dear Drgag...I am on it , but give me a day or two. Peace and love

  • Dear Drgag. Where/which city was your Capricorn born in...India is huge, or is it also the Punjab and whic city/town there pease, or your ascendants won' be accurate.?

  • he is from amritsar, punjab, india n im from ludhiana, punjab, india

  • highpriestess3 Yes, my bithdate is March 3, 1967, and the state is Wisconsin. thanks

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