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  • Dear SoapMaker,

    greetings,yes i have to be able to see the bottom too,i live in florida right on the treasue coast and i go to the beach often but never go in swimming,as soon as i start walking up the beach it comes over me like a flood,i start sencing very strongly all the danger out there and then a strong sadness.i push through it and start talking to God and in no time i'm calm,still very much aware but a warm blanket feeling comes over me.differant feeling than the sun beating down,you know,the one that starts on the inside.

    I do wear my cross necklace,but it is not tight or heavy,i can not wear a shirt that i feel is a little to snug around my neck,so it must have been a trauma from a past life.

    it's great that you are doing well, i can feel the light and joy that is in your post's...


  • Patricia I don't know if you know who Dr. Brian Weiss is but he is in Florida but I don't know where. He does past life regressions. Just in case your interested. He has many books out on the subject and Hay House is his publisher.

  • Try a cleansing ritual, invoking some Aries energy to remove obstacles you may not know about.

  • libra thank-you i will look for his books.

    i don't mean to sound dumb,but how do you do a cleansing?and how do you invoke an aries energy into it?

    i'm so new at this,and feel so clueless to so many things:(

    i do feel like i have alot of cobwebs so to speak.

    thanks again,you all are such sweet-hearts,



  • Patricia what is it your cleansing? Yourself, home?

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  • Wow you ladies are wonderful,responding so quickly!

    Libra I need to clense myself..

    soapmaker,thank-you i need to also clense my home, where do i go to buy white sage smudge stick?

    I Hope EveryOne Has A Wonderfully Blessed ThanksGiving.......



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  • Well Patricia you should always cleanse yourself before you cleanse your home and you use the sage for both. When you do you start at your feet and use your hand or a feather and fan the smoke from the sage toward your body. I take my clothes off when I do this but not everyone does. And work your way up your body, between your legs up the front of your body and under each arm. To the top of your head try to do up your back as well as possible. And to all four corners North , South, East and West. When you do your home you need to open a window a little so the negativity has a way out. When you do this there is no right or wrong way it is the intention that matters. I light my sage and when it is lite real well blow it out so it smolders and you getting smoke from it. You don't want a fire just smoke. I put mine in a abalone shell but any thing that in natural like glass, or clay. Preferably clay or a shell. Being in Florida that shouldn't be hard to find. I hope I helped. Peace and harmony.

  • Libra thank-you so much for exsplaining all of that to me,it is a huge help and i will do this,have to wait til next friday for my check that kinda sucks but i will have a little extra so i can hardly wait to go get some Sage.and to check out some books too.



  • Patricia your very welcome I don't mind helping if I know something because someone was nice enought to take the time to help me. You can find used books in very good condition at www dot abe books dot com

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  • Cindy,

    your products look amazing, but I think they deserve better presentation, have you looked into a CMS of any kind? There are some great no cost programs out there that would help you showcase your products. I'd be happy to recommend some, if you're interested at all.

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  • hi soapmaker, hope things are going better. i have been thinking of the past life thing and havnt connected much except i luv the water. i have heard others say that if someone was fast to learn something like instruments it meant you did it before... i picked up on the guitar really fast and amazed some people but i think its just some type of gene. i know someone who i swear had an electronics chip implanted in his brain at birth..... really amazing what this guy new back in school.

    another thing is my brother said he gets feelings from people but nothing from my wife. he wondered if it was her first time around. i wonder as well if that is possible.

    thanks much!

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  • Hi Soapmaker,

    I posted this in another thread. I probably should have just come over here and posted it. I get such a strong impression from you that when you asked what the future holds for you, a picture immediately jumped into my head. I understand that things are very difficult for you now. I know a lot of people who are also suffering. Maybe it sounds like I'm parroting some of what other people have said, but I really feel like things will improve for you by the spring/early summer. I think that eventually, when the climate begins to lighten a little, your business will do well. I guess that sounds like common sense. But I really can't see you failing at this.

  • Thank you so much blue! Love & Light to you

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