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  • Hi My name is Cindy and I am a psychic medium and healer. As we all know, we can not see for ourselves. I am in a finanical disaster place and yet my faith is strong. I am a true Sagittarian. My husband has been laid off - 3 weeks now. My small soap busines is slow but still alive. I sense there is something just outside of my sight that will be an enormous help but I also feel a little blocked.

    Does anyone see what it is or how I will do?

    This evening I will be passing lost souls into the white light and honoring past family members.

    Thank you and bright blesings

  • hi Cindy I can't see what's in store for you but I would suggest you and your hubby keep looking for jobs. I'm sure there are something out there, even every little bit helps. I believe the universe always provides those who devote themselves for good of all. I am new to this path and yet I have been blessed in many ways for 3 years since I didn't have full time job. I had no luck in getting the job that fits my plan to walk on the spiritual path one day, but my husband's family kept being blessed with winning this and that or given money by someone that they share with us. He always helped them when they were in need, so this is the way they returned the favor. He then had problems with his employer but not long after that he got himself a business opportunity that brought him more money than his job. I am still looking, for I don't want to let him bear the burden himself. Looking back I have to say that the universe sure provides us and I used to worry about it. Spiritually this year marks the peak of years of efforts, I was sent spirit guide and more power animals on top of more mentors it sent me over the years. Clearly, there is no limit what universe can do and I am sure you will be blessed too. We too have business debts, and we work it out with our bank they give us extension. You should try this. banks nowadays would rather businesses stay afloat then bankruptcy that won't pay them anything. Go door to door if you must, just so people know your business is out there. And I think you know this one, positive energy or action is always rewarded. keep at it, you seem to have done so much yourself. keep looking and promoting, I believe you will get your rewards soon.

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  • Hello 🙂

    I have a feeling your business is going to take off :), a big order is comming and you will get the opportunity to expand and try new things for your business.

    I could be wrong but this is what my intuition is telling me 🙂

    good luck for the future !

    blessings love and light XX

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  • dear soap maker, can u go into making more than just soap, offer other products that maybe could match the soap such as oil perfumes, and skin lotions, you sound very versatile, expand your buisness, with the knowledge that you have.

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  • hey soap maker, i am totally new at posting stuff and i am just begining to listen to the universe...

    totally new at trying to see if i can feel more than peoples emotions. please take this with a grain of salt....

    i feel your product is a good thing and will be able to be a success. im getting the feeling you could go different ways with this and it is not settled yet of the present course.. i am seeing a possible partenership with a type of website in the new age catagory thats get the exposure you need to grow into a huge business where you only over see in the orperation.. another possibility is i see it staying on the down low mah and pah type business..... it may be that your not settled in your mind how you wish it to be yet.

    something else i was getting like for your husband was cattle farming in the i dont know why, i just poped up... is he thinking about it?? like i say take this with a grain of salt!

    very very very beginer here.

  • Hi EW&F

    I made the choice to only make soaps..not all the other products. I did that at first and it didn't feel right. I am branching out to an all organic store and hope that goes fine but it is up to the universal flow.

    No my husband has nothing to do with cattle. He is a machinist.

    keep trying ! I am so glad you are opening up to this world like that! It is a blessing in many ways. I have never lived without my abilities and I try to visualize it to others (visual is the strongest ability) as reds are richer, we can not only see oranges but taste them by looking at them. The world becomes more magical and colorful and beautiful.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions about the mystical world.

    Light & Blessings & Thank you!

  • Oh, if you haven't seen the other posts, A door opened for me to teach once a month at my community college non credit courses about herbs. I taught 3 this past fall and they asked me to continue those and add new ones. So I am teaching how to make herbal vinegars, how to live self sustainably, and 3 different crochet classes!!!!

    I do not believe that my path is any more 9 - 5 jobs. It has been made clear to me. So I redirect my options and move forward.

    Also, when I told my vets office about my 4 cats personalities and stories, the urged me to write childrens books on them. My library has beeen wonderful in getting me research books and I have written the first story. Now I need to jazz it up and illustrate it!

    Light & Love to all!

  • hey soap,, i am a machinest as well as your husband.... it has worn out my joints over the years .........lots of production type work! i have a small machining business i do in my basement, its getting harder to make myself do it with the pain and fatigue. the other thing in do is realestate but its not doing well at this time and picking up on others emotions drains me as well. i am trying to lern how to do that job with some type of shields up to keep from getting drained.

    i dont know why i mentioned the about the cattle other than i had someone tell me a while back it was a good thing to get into. i dont know how to tell the difference between my lifes experience and messages from the universe so i threw it all out there.

    i saw where talking of past life stuff, how do you get that from people? i constantly feel as if i am looking for someone like a mate from before this life maybe or someone i am supposed to connect with now.. weird but i have had that feeling for several years.

    great news on the teaching job! i cant see 9 to 5 anymore either! by the way earth wind and fire is gemini with a cap moon and leo rising! lol

  • HI EWF

    The way to keep from getting drained is to imagine a white light coming down from the sky around the top of your head ... with each breath out, blow out tired and negativity, with each breath in imagine the white light coming down over your body until you are totally in a white light shell. That is for protection.

    The difference between hearing yourself and the universe..... Meditation. When you can get your mind to be quiet in meditation, just be aware. When I hear a voice, I can distinguish it from myself and the spirit world in that way because I know what I sound like.

    Past life stuff...a gift part of my abilities of awareness. I have always had the gift, so it is not a "learned" per say. The only way I can describe it is when I am face to face with people and I am relaxed, their faces and era change while I am looking at them and I get the messages from the spirit world of who and where. When I look at a picture of someone, I can see it in their eyes (windows into the soul) and my senses kick in. I can hear, see, feel, go out of body, read, lead ghosts into the white light, channel and so on.

    Light & blessings

  • thanks soap, i feel silly for trying to do a reading after reading what all you can do, i just wanted to try though. sometimes things come through for me but usually when i am not trying, just random, lots to figure out about all this. can u see anything in my eyes from my small pic?

  • Soapmaker,

    I have to agree with you and the others who have posted. I strongly and definitely feel as though success and financial blessings are very close indeed. Just as you said, it is all just beyond your reach,just around the corner. I also feel that there is a missing link we are all not seeing yet. It may just be that its not time yet, but there is a missing link here. Its a piece of the puzzle I've praying and trying to figure out. Its stuck in my head ALL the time, so I know something is there. You're going to make it, though. That I DO know:)

    Light and Love, friend

  • EWF...don't feel silly. I was so thrilled you are trying! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Anytime you have a question on growing the gift, please ask. What I have in me I share with others so they can learn what is in them. I applaud you for your courage to take that on! Wow!

    The picture is too small my friend. See if you can upload it a little bigger.

    Sorry I couldn't respond yesterday. Our phone & internet were down and we had to take some money we were saving for our mortgage payment to get it going again.


    Thank you love. I think the key for me is to stay into my heart and feel the flow and continue to get things done and be patient. That way I am preparing myself for the light at the end of the tunnel coming my way. It will come your way as well!

    Blessings my friend

  • soap, i will sf this works

  • Hello Soapmaker! Thank YOU sweetheart. There are so many of us who are just waiting, it feels like someone hit the pause button in the middle of a movie. I promise you are getting close to the light. You're doing everything you need to do and I know you're wise enough to know to keep in tune and listen for the answers. They will come. I hope and pray that the light we are all pushing toward comes closer soon...or if someone has the remote control and would "play" we could get the good part:)

    Blessings and love,friend

  • again...

  • Hey Bab, I will hit forward for you sweetie!!!!! LOL! I have had a rough 3 year wait period and it really is coming close to turning over. I can feel and taste it!!!

    Hugs sweetie! Do you watch Vampire Diaries? It is on tonight and New Moon opens this weekend!!!!

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