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  • Yes Soapmaker, I had a felling about this awhile back but I forgot to post it. I think there will be people right there in your home getting some healing done from you. Have you considered opening your home to others? I dont know how to go about doing something like this but its not unheard of.

  • Oh, no hon I am on the right path. But, one the other hand, when I know someone, a friend, family, or someone they know, that needs to heal, I have them over to talk about it.

    Love ya sweetie!

  • Oh thats great. Thanks for tha love back to ya. ( ;

  • Thank you my friend!!!! Read the post on anything goes about indigo children I find it fascinating and have pondered that as well.


  • You know I also thought about a bed and breakfast but I decided not to say anything because you have so many irons in the fire that you are or want to do that it wouldn't be feasible. So I didn't say anything.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Soapmaker,

    Times have been tough financially for many so you are not alone in this. I see that you are very fulfilled by your healing practices and you should accept the fact that you do not really do this for monetary reward. It is the healing you receive from healing others that is the reward. The universe has certain ways that if understood, can help you in your life journey. One is that you must make room to receive in your life. If you are stagnant in your finances then you have held onto to many things. Give away all that you do not use or have not used in the last year or two. Empty closets and clean out any place in your space that is cluttered. Next in order to receive money, give money. When you give, then you receive. Third, sit down and feel thankful for being, for all you have experience because it has helped you on your journey. You have grown from every experience. Let go of worry for it is a useless emotion. Have faith that the universe will provide what every you need when you need it.

  • Hi crawood. Thank you ever so much. I have done that yesterday and I am in a much btetter place. I agree, the money is not important with the gift. The joy I recieve from helping others is truly priceless. I have let go of worries. The universe is showing me it's care each day. I have emptied some closets already and have the desire to do more. I paid some bills today and I got 2 soap orders. I think the fog has finally lifted and I am in joy and peace again.

    You are very wise my friend

    Light & Blessings to you!

  • howdy all,hope all is well?i've been bouncing from thread to thread reading alot of very interesting post.i hope you got my responce libra? if not then here it is again,thank-you for asking,i'am feeling alot better,the syct is getting smaller and i'm not in pain anymore.if it start's to get big again then they will remove it right away.i drank herbel teas,got plenty of rest and ate alot of homemade all natural soup's.i'm sure with all of this and healing blessing's, i'm feeling better everyday,i'm the type that usally does stay down for very long even when i'm told to.

    on a different note,i asked hanswolfgang to do a reading for me because even through my health is getting better i still feel unbalanced and at a crossroad,and as like many of us i too have bothering money problem's and soon to be ex problems and worring about my children.

    well now i need ALOTof advice,i knew that i had a gift because i have visions and i can sometimes talk to people that have passed,that is if they are will to talk,some do not until another be honest and frank if i may,i do not like most of the visions that i get because they are usally of something bad.and i do not like bad things at all so i'am having a very diffuculte time dealing with this and trying to figure out why i have these sort of vision's?and if i try really hard then i can comunacate with animal's too.(i have a morning dove that i saved as a tiny baby and hand feed her and that does not matter she is still the most rude bird that i have ever meet,i told her that she must have been a very unhappy person in another life.she replied that is her biss.she wants a bigger cage and i told her that she has to wait and that made her a man ask me and my boyfriend for a ride and i senced right away that he was danger,NO RIDE.later i found out that the police hilacopter that flew by a few times was looking for a man that fit his scipt.driving the same truck that he told us was broke down,only to find him and the truck gone 10 min.'s later when we went back to where he was? I told my boyfriend that i knew for 100% sure that had we giving him a ride it would have not turned out very well,i do not know if they caught the man they were looking for.

    any advice anyone can give me on how to better find my light i sure would be grateful.i have to get my lantern's burning,so to speak so that just maybe some of this troubling darkness will fade.

    can anyone pick up on anything else for me that wolf did not get?

    thank's again all,i feel bad that i write such long and maybe boring post,besides my boyfriend you all are my only friends that i have and i can finally talk with people that do not live in black holes as some of the friends i used to have do..

    well i need to call it a night,it is very late.i'll check back 2morro.

    blessed be all,xoxoxoxoxo.

  • sorry i got kinda side tracked for a few,lol.

    hanswolfgang said that i'm a psychic that i just have not realized it yet????

    SEE ! i'm a mess! i hope someone can help?

    blessed be,xoxoxoxoxo

  • Hi Patricia,

    I am so glad you are feeling better. Yes, you have awareness. It will be a lengthy reply I can not to right now but will do later. You are much like myself and an old soul. getting ready to go out with my daughter in love.


  • dear soapmaker, thank-you so much for being willing to help me,i'm excited to read your next reply,until then peace and light.

    blessed be,xoxoxoxoxo

  • This post is deleted!

  • Patricia, I just sent this post to Leo and thought I would share it with you hon.

    Leo the cd I use when meditating is Chakra Balance by Deepak Chopra. It is a 2 CD set one with guided meditation and one with just the music. It is my favorite. I go very deep inside with this music and have the strongest visions and gain the strongest insight and clarity.

    As I melt into the relaxation and get a quiet mind, I visualize a red beam of light coming from the lowest seat bone chakra going down into the earth, I keep it going in a narrow circle and when it gets to the point that I can send it into the earth and bring it up to my head, then I add a white beam of light to connect me to the universe. I keep this rotating red, and white light going at all times in meditation. It grounds me as well as connects me to higher clarity

    When doing a simple meditation for quiet, when listening, is when I see Edgar and the ethereal dimension.

    When listening and meditating for clearity in communicating with the other side, like All Hallows Eve, As I melt in relaxation, I visualize first a green, mist going through my body, then indigo, then white. Then put my tongue on the roof of my mouth to hold and contain the clarity.

    It fully opens my third eye.

    When I listen to Depeche Mode, Night will fall, I go out of body too easily!!! So I can't listen to it when I am driving!!!!

  • Dear Soapmaker,

    I know things look rough. I can truly relate to your situation. I'm a single mom of 3 and I have struggled greatly both i spirit and in faith. After spending 4 months in a family shelter with my children, I was able to regained inner peace and faith again and move into a home, now things are not all rosey I'm in the process of losing my rental house and the idea of moving again is disheartening, but then my 10yr old told me to be happy because things can be better in a new place. The faith of a child is stronger than anything and I treasure everyone of my children. Keep faith in your heart and things will prevail.

    Best of Luck and faith to you.


  • Ty Victorian lady! I am a victorian lady too! Yes things are getting better. I am reading Tao Te Ching and have a most positive and peaceful outlook now. I am strong in my faith.

    Blessings and Light & Love to you and your children.

  • Dear SoapMaker,

    thank-you so much for your reply,i will try Meditation,just have to get some cd's. SoapMaker you said that i was an old soul? just wondering what all you seen? maybe the more i know ,it will help me .like i can not stand things around my neck?and not being able to touch the bottom when i'm swimming freaks me out and so does pitch black darkness? i know i have a long road of learning ahead of me so i guess i'm kinda a sponge right now,lol.

    you are a true doll,thanks again for your help.

    peace and blessings,xoxoxo

  • Dear Soapmaker 🙂

    i knew there was going to be new oportunities for you in the near future ! 🙂

    am so happy that it is all working out for you ! 🙂

    good luck with it all !!

    blessings love and light xx

  • Hi Cindy, this is the first time that I heard about your situation and I just want to offer my most sincere wishes for your situation to improve. I wish that I had more to offer, but you are such a sweetheart that I believe that all the positive energy directed your way will help you with your current worries...

  • Ladies! I woke up with a foggy brain. I just wrote a large to-do list and am gathering my thoughts and reading the Book of Secrets by Osho and remembering a dream I had from it.

    Trying to gather my thoughts with my 1st cup of coffee, I logged on and saw your wonderful and light filled posts!

    What a true joy it is to have met you all and have loving friends here! You made my morning!

    I feel the light coming in and I am overwhelmed right now because of the foggy head, but as it clears I will be a busy bee today!!! I had another small soap order last night, a satisified customer sending some as a gift! That was beautiful to me.

    Patricia, from my experience, and I do not like to go into the ocean. I need to see to the bottom, so it's pools for me.

    I know I was drowned with my husband during a Viking raid in old Ireland. That is why I don't like to go into water I can not see the bottom of. I also feel all the death that has occurred in the ocean. It is so beautiful to be near and listen to though.

    I have gotten over the things around the neck. I was hanged, and then at another time tortured and burned at the stake.

    Many people now who can not wear things around their neck had trauma to it. One lady I read I asked her about that, and saw she had been beheaded at the Guillotine during the French Revolution.

    Pitch black darkness, ....possible fear of the unknown?

    Light and love to all!

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