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  • Soapmaker, you are a dear! I wish I could see how the plot in this part of the movie will go:) but it gives me great joy to know that you feel your happiness is as close as I and so many others feel it is. Its a sure thing and it couldn't happen to a better girl!!

    I haven't been watching much of anything, to be honest. I'm trying to stay as centered as I can and so many things get me all weepy that I'm constantly batting off moping too much to even remember when things are on. Even when I do turn the TV on, I get so lost that I usually find myself startled to notice its BEEN on. LOL

  • I didn't mean to hit send before saying HUGS BACK and all by BIGGEST wishes of happiness to you too!!

  • Hi babs, Things are looking up for you hon. It will come sooner than you think. Just take a deep breath and relax.

    Hugs right Back

    EWF...go to my website where my email address is and send me a pic that way

  • Hi my name is Cindy. I too im also in the light and know that I have gifts that im barely tapping into. I feel God's love and light very strong at this moment and feel as though he wants me to teach about spiriual enlightenment. Besides meditation and prayer, how else can I stengthen my abilities and be better able to hear ? I also have a big problem with visualization. When I meditate, to me, its like reading in braille. You can feel the words on the book but you cant see them. I feel everything, dont really see, I know that dosent make sense, but its true. So I was reading some of your responses and was drawn to you. Can you offer me some advice? Thank you for listening. God bless, I will send light to you & your situation.

  • soap, im trying again! maybe this one will go.

  • Welcome Cindy,

    Bright blessings to you as well. That is wonderful you are so open to God and light.

    I know this will sound too simple....but simplicity is key to higher spirituality.

    Ask, during meditation, with your heart, to be able to see what you are being shown from the universal flow. Ask with your heart, because that is the most important place to get information. Not all mediums are visual. The other senses are in full gear, such as sense, feel, touch, hear. Not all mediums have all these awarenesses. We have varying strengths of each one. For instance, I am not good in seeing auras. Once in a blue moon can I see them. Usually when I am with another medium. Yet I have a friend who sees them on everyone.

    Hope this helps hon!


  • soap im trying again. lol

  • yeah!

  • Hi EWF,

    Ok here is what I see"

    A female bath maiden in Ancient Greece....A confedrate civil war soldier from Tennessee, A priest in Ireland in the 1700's. Something I can not place my hands on but dealing with the seas..a ship builder or something to do with that in old norway.

    let me know what you think!

  • wow thanks, that was quick! lol.... lots of civial war stuff went down in this area in southeast tn.

    there is even a grave across the street from me for a union solder...... intersting, i read an artical about my hometown which was a river port and doing quite well , kinda booming so to speak. something was said about the union army that got back to a ranking officer in the union and didnt set well with him. he was heading his troups east to the coast. he did a dip to my town harrison and burned it all schools hotels stores and homes i was mad and blown away when i read that info ....i coudlnt that would be allowed by the federal goverment.. that was the end of the town pretty much. in 1939 tva flooded it all to make a lake for power.

    ive been a within walking distance to the fresh water all my life, its like i have to be or something. i have always felt like i should have grown up on the ocean instead of the lake. i dont go to the lake much anymore, my boat is in need of repairs from setting 10 yrs while i started my own business. i fished a lot and my back was giving me trouble so i was okay taking a break from it but 10 yrs a bit much lol. i used to be like a fish in the water growing up, actually i was a lifegaurd part time at the local st park pool which was huge. i have some fear of the water now for some reason, it started about 20 yrs ago .. getting older and wiser i guess. a female bath maiden lol.. wished i could see that! thanks bunches

    also, i was at the beach when that pic was taken!

    changing a little i dont know what all u can see but , i have felt like i am always looking in the shadows for someone i think i feel is there like a intense lost love i have been seperated from maybe in another life or someone that is suppose to come into my life now. i feel they are here now. it seems as if i am always looking like i will turn around one day and they will be there. .. i mentioned that once to a counsler , they said it was just a void in my relationship, could be!

    i feel like for the last few years i am on the brink of something big in general but cant put a finger on it.

  • Soap, my darling! I've missed running into you:) I just read you're post to me here and wanted to leap for joy. There are a few in whose abilities I have great faith and you are ABSOLUTELY one of them!! If you see it, then YIPPEEEEE!!! I printed it out and stuck it to my mirror. How's that for positive thinking? Lol. If you get anything else,fling it at me. Better than the other stuff being flung at me currently:):)

    Love, Light, and Hugs to you, sweetie!

  • Hi bab,

    thank you ever so much sweetheart! That is positive thinking hon! When I find positive messages I do the same thing!!

    Hugs sweetie

  • Cindy,

    Thank you so much for responding to me. It does help me a lot. It makes me more confident or confirms what I already knew and just needed someone to say. All people have gifts, some are different than other. Maybe thats just not my thing, and thats okay. Im going to try to focus on my strengths and do as you advised. Again I am extremely grateful for your input and send all that is love and light your way.


  • You are so very welcome hon!

    Light & Blessings

  • oh I almost forgot, where can I buy your soaps so I can tell everyone?

  • Hi

  • Open a bed and breakfast or even like a healing center for abused women and children check into govt funding for that. I see peopel coming to your house and you healing them spiritually. DO IT DOOOO IIIITTTTT! If you build it they will come. ( :

  • Me lovin?

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