What the tarot cards mean (Pentacles)

  • Ace of Pentacles

    Well this is a really good card to get and it is showing a path made of gold type of grass. There are gardens by the side of the path with flowers in it. In the sky we can see a small cloud with a hand coming from the left. On this hand is a pentacle and the sky is a nice bright blue colour.

    The ace of pentacles is saying we can now start to focus on something new in life. So this can be working for someone new as in a new job. If you are looking at improving your health, driving or becoming involved with a new group this is the time to do it. You may like to become involved in nature by looking at the birds, sea life or helping look after birds, lions or cats and dogs. You now have the means to reach for the goal you set and can get it to work. Or its saying that the efforts you have put in are now coming back to you. You may experience growth in the family, business or work and feel happy about it. You may experience something new like being on the beach nude or being able to learn a new game. You must use your common sense and feel free to learn, work in the new job or do something different. You can take advantage of what works for you and at the same time try new things you may like. You will need to accept the new things or the new tools and trust you have the support you need. You are now in a stable job or area and new things are going to happen.

    Two of Pentacles

    We see a man with green shoes and yellow tights and a yellow dress with red to cover the arms. He is wearing a red hat. He his two pentacles in front of him with a rope as if showing a eight. At the back of the picture we can see there is the sea and two ships with at each end of the card.

    We are keeping everything in the balance and we can cope with the demands we have. We can get other people to work together to make sure all areas are then covered. We must try to be flexible and try new approaches and go with the flow and we don’t let change throw you. We can be open to any new developments to see where they go and then handle the challenge that is to come. We must have fun by doing something you enjoy and being able to get a kick out of life. So if you do like to whistle while you are working then why not but don’t upset other people when you are doing it.

  • Three of Pentacles

    This card is like a mission of working in a team as the two women ask the man for some information. They would like to find a place and ask him to help. But we all need to function as a unit to get a job done. If we help each other then when others help you then you can do the same for them. We must put something in to get something out and planning is one way of helping out. Then we can follow a schedule to get the details and go over any problems. We must be prepared to get the job done and try to meet the goals we have set and know how to do it in the first place.

    Four of Pentacles

    Well with the four of Pentacles there is a man on a stone chair and in the background a town. This man is wearing dark red trousers and a red top with a crown on his head. He has two pentacles under his boots, one on his crown and one in his hands.

    By the looks of this picture he is trying to hang on to his money or is being greedy and may be a penny pinching man. He may be hanging on to someone or wanting to be in change as he is denying his weakness that he can’t take orders. He may be insisting on doing things his way and he may set limits and rules to create order. But he may just want things to stand the same as he does not want to look at new ideas as he likes the present.

  • Five of pentacles

    We see a church window and inside this window there are five pentacles on a tree. There is a man and a woman slower walking pass this window. The woman is wearing a green dress with something red over her head and the top half of her body. The man is wearing black boots and trousers with a black coat. Over this coat is a something purple. He is also having to use crutches to get around and there is snow on the floor so its cold.

    You are or you are going to be experiencing hard times by losing your job and income which will make you, run down and feel insecure. Also you won’t have all the money you need and you feel the hardship and you can’t go out anywhere. You are struggling to make ends meet. But it could also mean that you are not looking after yourself as you should be as you feel run down and tired. You may be refusing to look after yourself and this in turn is not going to help you. You must look after your body as then the body can do its job for you so if you are eating too much then you may need to start to eat lass to look good and feel good. But sometimes you feel run down and you know you need a doctor so go and see them. But don’t let people shut the door on you if you are not getting the attention you need. Also if you are not getting the support you need again don’t let them shut the door tell someone about it.

  • Six of pentacles

    This card has a woman on the left, a man on the right and a man giving money to the woman. There are six pentacles on the card and then man giving the money is holding some scales. Also the man that is giving the money is wearing black boots, red tights and is wearing a blue top with white lines going down. The lady getting the money has something brown over her and the man has purple over him. The ground is made of brick and there is a castle to the right and what looks as to be some green tree top ahead.

    This card does mean that we are being taken care as if we are married then we cook for someone else. But sometime the married man or woman may make a meal for the other person. Sometimes we don’t have what we would like to have and that can be things like a good job or not being love by someone. But there are people that give us love and that is the family. Someone may give you a job or help to get that job you would like to have.

    Theses people that help people like jobcentres, your boss, a friend are giving you support and you need to take that support. But do give support back to the other people when they need it. Some people will give others gifts to say thank you and as long as it ok to take the gift do so. But there are also people that teach us how to do theses like driving instructors, teachers and Advanced driving. So you get something from others so you need to say “Thank you” so they think “I did something for that person”. Try making a dinner for your lover and see what happens. Then it also may be information that is being give out or taking on or giving some advice. Being shown the ropes in a new job. Knowing or not knowing a secret or having or not having power or maybe doing all the talking and not listening or doing all the listening and not any talking.

  • Seven of Pentacles

    I see a green brush with six pentacles on it and one is on the grass in front of him. This man is wearing black shoes and dark purple trousers with a blue shirt and a green and orange top. He has been working hard and is now taking a break and looking at what he has done.

    This card is not bad as it’s a very good one in a reading. What it is saying is that you can now check what you have done in life. You got the time to look at the things you have done and you can make sure you are on course. You can find out where you stand and take your reward for the good work that has been done. You are seeing some results and you can enjoy what you have made or done. You may be standing at the crossroads and you can now change directions and see where some other road would take you. So this is a good card and I like this one as we all need a change now and again.

  • Eight of Pentacles

    The eight of pentacles has a man working on one of his pentacles. He is wearing black shoes with red socks and dark red trousers with a blue top and over his blue top is a black coat.

    This man is making the effort to work hard and he is applying himself to his project. He is plugging away at it to get the job done. But he may like to increase his knowhow by taking a course and learning another skill or receiving some training. He can pursue a greater understanding by doing some researching and finding out new facts. He does his work with care as he pays attention to his detail in his work and handling all the loose ends. He also checks and rechecks his work.

  • Wed 22 Oct 08

    TEMPERANCE Card 14

    There may be some type of recovered happing in your life if you have been sick then understand what the doctor is saying. But if you are looking for work, a new home or trying to go into business then this is saying test the water first. Find out as much as you can about the area you are moving into. If its work you are looking into then see if you can test the job out or do some searching on the internet. Now if you have lose someone and you need to cry this will make you feel better.

    Seven of wands

    You may feel frustration with life or with someone but we all make things go wrong at times. Drivers don’t sometimes think of what they are doing and you become frustration with them. Or someone is just saying the same thing to you again and again. If you sometimes feel it’s hard to understand something then you must ask them to go though it again. If you have no job then you must keep trying to find work as there will be someone out there that will say I would like to take you on when can you start. If your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t tell you something then don’t force them or you make them frustration. There are more ways we can get frustration but we must make sure we can try to understand others to stop the frustration from happing and help them and us at the some time.

    Eight of cups

    You are going to be turning you back on something you know longer need. You have new things that will take you to where you like to go but need to leave what you did have before. If you are looking for answers you will get them and you can then turn round and go knowing that you have done it right. But if you are turning around then you will start a new journey and discovery new things and new people. If the situation is hopeless then you may need to walk away. Plus If you do feel tired at work maybe a new job would be good.


    If you feel you are losing the battle then you are only half right. The five of swords is here to say that the battle will end with you winning it. We sometimes think we have nothing left and if we look at other things we then find we can make something better. But you will need to keep your head and work through the good times and the bad times to win the battle. Sometime we need help to win the battle like asking the police to use there power to find someone that attack us or take money from us. So it’s the end of the battle but you will win in the end.

  • Nine of Pentacles

    On the nine of Pentacles we can see a lady wearing a yellow dress. She has a red cloth over that and she has a bird on one hand. There are 6 pentacles on her right side and three others on her left side. There are flowers behind her that go to the right and left of her.

    She is exercising self control and showing she can reach her goal as she has got the bird to sit on her hand. She will stick to her plan and will follow it in a step by step way. She sometimes will do things by herself and will allow others to join her. She lives comfortable and will seek high minded activities and she enjoys the finer things in life and will enjoy her leisure time.

  • Ten of Pentacles

    We have on this card an old man that has his hand just above a dogs head and the dog is sit in front of the man. We also have a man and woman talking and the woman has a dog with her and a young girl. Just behind the lady is a tower and some green trees. The old man is sitting down and over him is a blanket and he also has white hair. The lady is wearing a red dress and the man talking with the lady in red has a orange top and a blue cloth round half of him. There are ten pentacles on the picture. When we see this card there will be some good things to come like you will be free of money problems, enjoying business success, you feel better financially and more secure, having the good fortune run with you, you can crate a lasting foundation and making things more secure. Being able to have a more orderly family life.

  • Page of Pentacles

    On this card with can see a young lady on a hill. The hill is made of grass and to the right is another hill. The girl is standing on the hill with the grass and she is wearing brown boots, green dress with a brown belt, black hair and is holding a pentacle in her hands.

    You can make your plans real now and use your body and if you like you can experience nature. You can act on any dreams you would like to act out as you can get events moving. You can find a solution and use the tools that you have to help you. But you still need to use your common sense and sometimes work with what you have. You may be able to grow and to have the means to work out something new and to find new friends to become secure. You may become trustworthy if in jail in you show others you can be trustworthy. You have things well in hand and you need to accept others at there word and keep your word.


    The knight of Pentacles has some grass like in a field with a horse standing in the field and a man on the horse.

    The card can be telling us that the knight is a stubborn but works hard to get to his goal. He will no quit and digs into a position and will stand’s firm against the opposition. This Knight may well have his own way as he may stay fixed to a chosen course as he does not listen to reason. He is true to his personal conviction as he checks and double checks and looks at all angles. But he may miss the chance by waiting as he proceeds slowly and careful. He is afraid of taking the risk as he will take care of every detail and does not know when to stop. He is too picky as he always his to wrap up all the loose ends and will have everything just so. He will not leave a job that is half done as he will painstaking carry on until the jobs done. This knight will insist of perfection as he completes anything he has started. He is willing to look at the facts and only sees what is wrong but he does face the truth. He thinks others are dreamers and he is not pulled in with false hopes and will see a glass half empty not half full. He will see problems before someone else does and may doom a project from the start. But he is a hard worked but he will drive everyone too hard and forgets life should be fun.

  • Queen of Pentacles

    This queen is wearing a red dress and is sitting down on a chair outside in a area with flowers round her. She is sitting in a stone chair and you can see a view of the hills.

    This Queen is someone that loves others and will support and create things for others. She is warm and is always in a secure environment and she makes people feel better and his an green thumb. She loves children and can make people feel better and will carry out any service with a soft touch. She always has open door and a nice smile.

    She can make a little go a long way.

    King of Pentacles

    He is a Enterprising person that finds opportunity everywhere and finds wealth and takes an idea and makes it work. He is a natural manager and businessperson and he is very skillful with his or her hands. He is reliable and meets all commitments and promises he makes. He can be counted on in a crisis and he serves as a rock for others to lean on supporting and encouraging others. He jumps in to help others and gives others his time and attention, sponsors worthwhile projects.

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