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  • Tuesday2 I think it depends on the scorpios involved.Im a scorp and have had a few male scorp friends but have never been in a relationship other than platonic.

  • Dear Cuspglyph

    Terribly sorry...lost you in the threads. Are you still out there? If so I will do your's and your chap's charts next. Peace and love

  • Yes, I'm still here, HighPriestess...Thank you so much!! Of all things, my Scorpio guy proposed to me on the 23rd of December! We had been going through a rough time with spam from strange females on Twitter, and I think the stress of being able to feel secure about that (me) happening so much moved him to do that. He believes in the theories of Wilhelm Reich, which emphasizes the importance of sexual touching for ultimate mental health...so his contacts with other females in general really confused me about the status of our relationship. He has his Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio...hence the confusion! His moon is in Aquarius. His Mercury is in Scorpio.

    I am an Aquarius, moon in Cancer. My rising sign is Pisces. My Mars is in Cancer, Venus in Pisces. My Mercury is in Aquarius.

    Just giving you all this info so it is easier for you to understand my question--how well does he understand my need for monogamy? And is he honestly committing to me this way?

  • Dear Cuspglyph

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...that is a difficult one...you may have to be satisfed wth the fact that he has

    proposed..to want a 'pledge of loyalty' too, so to speak, may cause more trouble than its worth.

    I'll discuss how I see you separately and then together if that's ok. Your most salient feature is a desire to 'devote yourself' to your partner ( your 12th House AQUARIAN SUN and MERCURY, plus a 1st House PISCEAN VENUS) which also makes you a' hearts and flowers' Romantic. Fortunately expansive JUPITER will be transiting your Piscean ASCENDANT and 1st House in 2010, so money, romance, good times...all will be yours for the taking.

    Your chap in contrast, is tough, self-contained and very, very private with SUN, VENUS and SATURN all in SCORPIO and SQUARE his AQUARIAN MOON and MARS ...this man is not one who will compomise, or change his mind, so don't even try if you want a peaceful life.

    There are lots of cosmic bonds beween you, your Sun is comjunct his Moon and Mars making your relationship very 'hot. and your Ascendant is comjunct his Descendant and vice versa, welding you tgether for eternity it seems. Don't spoil things by erecting impossible to keep rules, or you could lose him. Enjoy life and have a great 2010 with your fella..

    Peace and love.

  • Thank you so much, High Priestess!!! I am a little confused by ...to want a 'pledge of loyalty' too (him or me?), so to speak, may cause more trouble than than its worth.'

    Does that mean he'd expect me to be loyal to him while he acted out his "philosophy"? My chief concern is understanding whether that would be a substitute for real relating between ourselves, open or hidden. But really, your overall analysis of our relationship, and what to keep in mind, is beautiful and priceless; I am deeply moved by your efforts in doing this. I don't mind it at all if you discuss how you see us separately and then together--after all, if I really love this man enough to agree to marry him, it is important to understand what his needs are, and have a bond based on mutual respect about that.

    Love, Cuspglyph

  • Dear Cuspglyph

    Glad you have found this readng helpful...what I think is that the fact he has proposed means he is serious about you and only you. Other women? Some guys are magnetic to women and women will seek them out and even stalk them. As long as he comees home to you, then you are the winner, but don't give away too much power......make him jealous of you now and again so that the boot is on the other foot ...make him worry about your faithfullness now and again. This strategy involves playing tedious 'power-games,' but if you give away all your power, you will make yourself vulnerable. You fear betrayal...square up to this fear and it will evaporate.

    Happy New Year

  • HighPriestess, Thank you for the great advice!! I think I get a little insecure because I know that part of me idealizes what I value happening in the person I am with...and because I know what the opposite feels like (from past relationships that exploited my idealism, and betrayed it), I simply do not know how to show a person what it feels like when that happens beyond "since I got hurt this way, if I truly love you I won't do what you could do to hurt me..." Happy New Year 2010, and again thanks so much for your wise guidance!!

  • Dear Cuspglyph

    Glad to be some sort of help ...do let me know how things go and have a wonderfully romantic 2010.Peace and love.

  • You too HighPriestess!! You help more than you know...: )

  • Thanx for this little Pearl of Wisdom! Slowly but Shirley, I'm learning Astrology...(-;


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