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  • This forum is a place to share your thoughts and feelings about today’s horoscope, whether it’s your horoscope or a loved one’s horoscope. How accurate was the horoscope? Did it help you make the most of your day!

  • Today my horoscope advised I was anticipating something special ahead but I'm also dealing with concerns that i haven't addressed yet.

    As a Capricorn I always seen to have these kinds of feelings but with the holidays right around the corner this is especially true for me now.

    I love the Thanksgiving holiday and the excitment leading up to it but am always worried about the events of the day going smoothly. Ususally if I just take a moment to center my thoughts I can relax and simply enjoy the day despite any hiccups.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I think forums are very helpful and entertaining. It also think when your not doing well or feeling this kind of keep you busy, which is a good thing. So let the positive thoughs and coments continue to come in.

  • Dear All... to get the most out of daily horo/horrorscopes in the media, you have to know what your Ascendant is; reading your Sun-Signs forecast is almost pointless. Thus, a Leo with a Taurean Ascendant wlil find that the forecast for Taureans, will be accurate, while that for Leos will miss the mark. Peace and love.

  • I don't know what my sun or moon is . My B'day is 1/23. Could someone let me know what my sun and moon is. Thanks

  • What year, time and place please Worthy?

  • highpreiestess3..nice name.. May I ask you a question please? I recieved the High priestess card for a career reading about my upcoming job interview, and likliness for doing that job.whats your best interpretation of that cardplease? Would be much appreciated! Thanks

  • The year is1963, in Mich. Don't know the time, is that important to have?

  • Can someone tell me if two scorpios get along well in a relationship

  • I was born 1/30/1961 at 8:53 a.m. in S.F. CA. He was born 11/4/1954 at 2 a.m. in Frankfurt, Germany. With my sun in Aquarius, moon in Cancer, Pisces rising, and his sun in Scorpio, moon in Aquarius, Virgo rising--how do we get along? My Venus is Pisces, his Venus is Scorpio. My Mars is Cancer, his Mars is Aquarius...

  • My b'day is 1/23/1963 3:am in Det MI

  • Dear Worthy

    Hi..Yes the time is important because without it you cannot work out your Ascendant., or the Houses your planets lie in .it's like having only half a horoscope. Is your birth time not on your birth certificate? The place you were born is also important ...I'll do your chart if you can find out. Peace and love

  • Dear Worthy...sorry, you have it posted aleady, but where is De Mi please, as I'm in the UK.Thanks.

  • Dear Cuspglyph......back in a couple of days with my thoughts. Thanks.

  • Dear Kezza,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mmmmm.WelI I have no idea what your interview was for.of course.If a professional then .was it teaching/legal/counselling or somesuch.?If not a professional job, you should work near the land, or with with natural products.The High Priestess is the Egyptian Isis and connected to Taurus.......think of growing crops near the River Nile and some sort o f farming is an obvious choice.i Whatever job you want, you need to relax, slow down and feel the earth beneath your feet. Peace and love,

  • Sorry, it is Detroit Mich

  • Thank you, HighPriestess...what is a good day to visit here for that?

  • HighPr, Detroit, Michigan. Metropolian Hosp on 1/23/63. 3:00 am. Thanks

  • HighPriestess,

    Do you have a rough idea when I can see your comments about my query?

    Love, Cuspglyph

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