911 Help! Please!

  • I need help and guidance big time, I have been meditating on peace and love in the Universe, and in my home and Hell is breaking loose! Big turmoil last night between my husband and my daughter, I'm thinking of leaving to move in with my best friend of over 25 years, It's a hard decision but I believe we would be happy together with our kids. I think I'm under attack by negative energies who are using him, While he is screaming and yelling I'm tried to focus on Positive energy and it seemed to get worse. Help Please! or Advice or something. Would this be a good move? I'm going to post this elsewhere too. Thanks and Love n Light to all of you guys, I appreciate all of your advice.

  • Poetic, it's all okay.

    It's an area of your life that has been bothering you for some time; last nite's fun was just the way that your spouse and daughter are allowing their emotions to come forth. Let that go.

    You are able to do anything you like or need to do. The situation itself feels like something that has been shifting and worsening, going underground into a pseudo-peace, and then reemerging.

    It's okay to leave someone who is locked into turmoil, negativity, and may have great diffiiculty expressing himself. When you reach an honest readiness point, where you have already met the jester on the road for the millionth time and are tired of his jests, then know it is now okay for you to go, you have done enough, and that this situation no longer resonates. Allow yourself to be done, and turn your focus and energies toward your future.

    There's a good deal more I could add here, but I think that that time will come a little later.

    Sending you love light and peaceful energies,


  • Thanks my friend, I'm praying for you and all of us constantly. Just scared. Thank u, thank u, thank U! 🙂

  • Poetic555, Blessings to you, trust your gut feelings to guide you

    every step of the way, Hold on to your truth and your power and Blessings on your journey,


  • Thank you!

  • poetic you need to protect yourself from negative energy, this is something you do daily, not limited to who you meet

    energy is an air form, we breathe in what others breathe out and vice versa

    positive energy is always good to send out, but it won't do much to neutralize the negative energy you receive. so you need to block negative energy, that way it will be sent back to sender

    read this thread : http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=3468&replies=5

    after protecting yourself, keep positive thoughts and send positive energy

    the universe will return only positivity to you, and it could be in the form of wishes come true or support that you don't expect to happen

    don't worry or fear the people that send out negativities, they will get their shares

  • Namaste Poetic. I'm checking in to see how you are progressing. : )

    Blessings, love and light


  • Welcome back, hope you enjoyed your Sabbatical, we missed you. Nothing new or exciting, just taking one day at a time. 🙂

  • Good deal, Poetic!

    I missed you too!



  • I have a question guys? Is there such a thing as generational curses? It's in the Bible, I wonder sometimes, also I've always wanted to do something good for my community or "good works," never acted on it, in the past wanted to work in a homeless shelter or something, have not yet, I'll say yet, because it's not too late, my worst habit is procrastination. Also should I be giving money to a charity or church, as in tithe? I would want it to go where it's needed most. Not that I have a lot to give, (smile). Don't know which way to go. Thanks!

  • Poetic, I think of generational curses being the familial and generational conditioning which is our duty to throw off.

    : )

    Just a thought.


  • Hi Ahliyah, I was just thinking about sending you an email but since I see you on here I was going to ask you to send my family some positive energy as my Grandfather just passed away on Sunday. Also if you get any special messages you would like to share with me would you please do that? Thank you so much. x

  • Hi sweetheart. I sent the family a blanket of energy. Your Grampy had a message for you I'd prefer to email, unless you wish me to post it here. He also said 'your mother is safe'.

    This in part refers to the message he intends for you.

    Let me know how you'd like to proceed.

    I'm sorry for your loss, LimL.

    love and light


  • I emailed you. So feel free when ever you have time to email me back. I would love to hear the message from my dear Grandpa. Thanks ever so much.

  • poetic555, nothing and nobody can take over your life if you don't let it. this includes generational curses. nothing is impossible to get rid of, it's only a matter of time and perseverance. watch what you send out, energy wise, for it will make a difference. keep up with the protection and whatever spiritual exercise you do. the gems will help neutralize negative energy that you pick up now and then. if you also do visualization, that will help you from picking up more negativities and keep you safe from them. this kind of energy can linger for years, it's worth it to protect yourself. curses are thoughts and wishes made to harm others, so they are definitely negative energies. try clean the atmosphere in your house with sage incense every day, it may help free it from redundant energy, it's not necessarily negative but just happen to be not useful for you anymore and build over time it actually becomes unhealthy barrier betwen you and anything positive that universe sends you back. take care.

  • Thanks girlfriend!

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