CancerMan & AriesMan, possibility of romance or professional association

  • Met a great guy and we clicked. Interests, experiences temperment all within the same realm. GuyA, has p ursued me, called me on a daily basis, made me confidant to sensitive issues, and shared this relationship with his mother...GuyB, really needs to feel loved, is rapidly falling in love. GuyA giving NO further indications of interest or intent, GuyB tired of making unsuccessful attempts, ready to give up on love and relationships entirely.. somebody help me..please?? I've been away for a minute, but always found helpful advice here. So far this is setting up as a similar situation which left me drained, despondent and damaged...and I can't go through it again on any level. I'm tired of trying, ready to admit that there is nobody in this life to love me. But desperately afraid of spending the rest of my life with no one to share it with... give me something to hang on to or smack me hard...

  • You are pretending as if you would be traditional but that does limit you.

    Just try to be more friendly with the people around you, stop fighting and be more cooperative.

    Harmony is much more important for you than you are aware of.

  • You know i resisted responding for about a week, I had to think about what you've said... Thanks... I really do think I'm being so much more cooperative than I ever though I could... but things are working out fine... not complaining.... again ... thanks....

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