Can Anyone Please Advize...........

  • I have been in a very strenuous, verbal abusive marriage for ten years,..........I had many jobs, sometimes three at a time. He has wrecked every job I had because of jealousy. I have MS, no medical insurance, and cant work. I have to depend on him to support me, but there are times I go without food for a few days. Although we now live in different states,.......he still controls me. Every time I have tried to get away from him, he finds me. Can anyone advise me Please?

  • this male is still abusing you because of your ms he has control over your weakness, can you get any assistance such as disability payment and some kind of home assistance thru your local shire, you should not have to go with out food for a few days, are you still capable of earning an income from home, i would go and see your local community health advisor and have a chat with them and local dr, let someone know about this so you can survive and be independant on your own, surely their must be some places out their that you can go for assistance, exspecially if you are in different states, hope this is of help to you. best of luck

  • I experienced an abusive relationship for a much shorter period of time but understand how difficult this is for you. I found talking to the Domestic Abuse Hotline very supportive. They gave me many life saving suggestions & prepared me for having to flee our home to a save place. They can refer you to a shelter where you can get assistance to be independent & safe.They help woman who want a new safe start & not be found by their partner. Please let us know how you are doing.... be safe & remember you deserve a better life.

    Blessed be

  • As far as your MS, are you on any therapies? I do know that the companies who developed the medicines are very active at supplying financial help so that you do not have to go without. I will do further research for you if you are. Please let me know how I can help.

  • Your strong. No matter how you feel, or what you think. This man has control because you feel helpless. Your not. I feel that you have support around youand the reason why he follows you is becuase he feels helpless without the control he has over you. Its very common. But also you will beable to find help with all sorts of programs in your area. Best said it best. There are many ways to get help. Youll find it. God Bless

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