Virgo woman/ Leo man - Compatibility

  • I met a Leo man ( 08/22/72) a few months ago and sparks seemed to fly, yet most astrology compatability charts I've consulted say Virgo/Leo is not a good match. However, he is a rat and I am a pig according to chinese astrology and this is a good match. Which do you think is more accurate? My DOB 09/15/71.


  • I am married to a Cap for almost 9 years

    all charts said we are not compatible

    but I know he is the one and I asked him to marry me, he said yes

    it's true that there are of course problems but nothing we didn't solve together

    astrology can give you general description, so you can use that as tips about his personality

    but how do you use it to keep your relationship alive is your choice

    I used to just compare 3 astrology sites and see what comes up in all 3

  • Just on acursory glance, you have a Leo Monn,, this augurs as a potential great mach up marriage wise....along with the package comes your own unique way of doing things may challenge the 'king' in him, the point is to know what it is you really want, define it consciously (be aware), and work it...sparks/fire is great but for marriage it takes more willingness to work through challenges, this is how we all grow...

    Good fortune

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