Wat do u think?

  • i hav been dating this person since 2006 and we decided 2 conceive; we now have a baby girl bt iv dumpd da guy bcoz he changed n cheated. he cals 2 say he luvs me bt says nothing when im with him. im copying bt still do luv with him, his cousin said he told him he wants 2 marry me. not sure if i shud hold on 2 wat we had or move on with my life without him, what do u think?

  • Oh my.....you sound like you are "kinda" young....but I'm not saying your a child. But just because you have a child together is not a reason to hold on to something that just isn't there. I know it's hard doing it by yourself....trust me....I KNOW. But hold your head high...turn and walk away now.....if you don't....it can only get worse. You will have animosity against him. You can't recover from that. Good Luck....... and walk away!!!! Saying the words I love you......means nothing.....its' what he doesn't say that shows you he loves you. Not buying diapers or food.

  • In almost every situation, "once a cheater, always a cheater". Chances are he is not sorry that he cheated, only sorry he got caught and while you're home with the kid, he'll probably continue to cheat.

    After my divorce I had three roommates in my four bedroom house. We were all from 27 to 33 in age. My roommates we friends of mine and were great fun to hang out with, but all three of them were avid cheaters. It didn't matter how wonderful their girlfriends were, or how unwonderful the girls they cheated with were. It was simply in their nature to lie and cheat on whomever they were in a 'relationship' with. I didn't agree with it, and told them so from time-to-time, but it was really none of my business so I didn't concern myself with it much. It was interesting to listen to their constant lying when it came to women and relationships though, including the lies they would tell themselves to justify the cheating. They were good guys in general, but they really were dogs when it came to women.

    Chances are, if your boyfriend cheated on you then it wasn't the first time he's lied to and cheated on a woman before and it probably won't be the last time.

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