Can someone do a reading for me

  • my boyfriend left to california to work and said he'll be back, i live in texas ,my question is : is he really coming back and when; and did he really went to work or did he have other motives

  • florari,

    He'll be back. He really wasn't happy with his job or where he was living. The only thing keeping him there was you. Having said "he'll be back" I think you just might consider picking up and folllowing him actually, rather than waiting for him to do so. Please put that insecurity away, and don't think that just because you've been shafted by others in the past, this fellow is shafting you. He's a very focused man and one who can be a bit single minded, which can make someone like yourself feel a bit left behind or left out. I bet he hasn't been contacting you all that much since he left? Don't worry. I get that he believes talk is cheap and isn't really into constant contact. Is he someone who calls about once a week or so and who'll talk to you for quite a long time when he does? Well, that's better than those sh*tty texts which really achieve little but tired fingers and a whole lot of misspelling 🙂

    Just hang in there. This fellow really needed to get away from where he was, not from who he was with. But I think this leaves you with a big decision really: do you follow him, or sit and wait?

    Hope this makes sense. GOOD LUCK xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • thank you cris1962, you are so right, about every thing. he is the type that gets depressed about being away from family, not having work, i never met anyone before like him that can't be without work cause he feels useless.

  • Is he a Virgo?

  • hey cris1962,

    do you think you might have the time to do a reading for me, as well? i recently had one done for me (which was very nice of him), but i don't want to bombard him with more and more questions (i can ask a lot, lol), and it's nice to get others opinions...basically, i've been in a very confusing relationship w/a guy (dob 7/13/1982), who seems to send me mixed signals all the time about how he feels about me. my dob is 8/30/88, btw. not only this, but he's taken so long to commit to me, and like a cancer he will often disappear for long stretches at a time. when we were first getting to know each other for the first few months we had such a strong attraction and we really clicked. then things kind of soured when his ex (dob 12/5/80) got involved and tried to win him back. now i feel as if he is torn b/t us two, but i'm not sure...basically, i want to know what do you see about this situation? i've been told to move on from him, and i've tried but for some reason it's been more difficult than in any other situation...why is this? was there ever really anything b/t us or was i just led on? i've been focusing on other things lately as always, but i want to know if i just need to move you see any hope for me and this guy at all?

    well, i certainly hope to hear from you. i think anyone who gives readings on here to people who are confused like me are wonderful. so thanks in advance if you're able to do so 🙂

  • lf245706, how are you? I know you asked cris1962, but she always gets bombarded with requests. Maybe I can help. Maybe she can still help, I can't speak for her. But I can say I read your situation and think that you do need to move on. I think that there was something there, a connection, chemistry, a spark, but he had more so with this other woman. Not to mention you are six years younger than him and she is two years older than him. I also think he saw how available you make yourself and took advantage of it. Though it this is a hard time, know that you don't need a man who is unsure of his feelings, when it comes to love, you just know. Especially when there aren't any children and financial situations involved. It may feel a little bit painful now but know you will meet many new people and eventually someone will come into your life that gives you 100% respect. Think of this as a lesson learned, better now than later, or never.

    Universal Harmony

  • It looks pretty postive, and it looks like you'll here from him soon. it also seems he did go to work as i got the 3 pentacles with the king of pentacles.

  • there is this guy , i think i like him but am not really sure . at times he acts like he has a crush on me. well i want to know whether he really likes me and is just scared of asking me out.his name is jarett merritt.

  • i dont know his date of birth. well my birth name is doroth nakalunda and date of birth is 1 october 1993.can someone pliz do a reading for me. i will be so appreciative.

  • There is definitly potential, but you might find it difficult at times and theres something you'll need to work through. He might not be being completely genuine with you either, so id watch out for that as well.

    Good luck though and let me know what happens.

  • Universalharmony,

    Thanks so much for the response, I definitely appreciate it! Sigh Why do guys have to be so dumb? Lol. Jk, but on a serious note, I unfortunately believe I have to take yours and other's advice and just let him go. Like I said, it's been hard because I've invested a lot of energy and emotion into this relationship...but I can't make anything happen you know? I've been honest about everything with him from the jump so it's definitely frustrating that I don't feel I'm getting that in return. I also forgot to mention until you brought it up that he and his "ex" do have kids together. I say "ex" because who knows what's up with him and her at this point...curiosity (nosiness, whatever you want to call it. ha) gets the best of me...but can you see what's going on with him? I just have to wonder if he's truly happy or not. If that's the case then fine, but I just sense so strongly that he's not happy and he's staying with her because he's comfortable with that situation or she guilts him into it. What do you think Uharmony?

    Thanks so much again...And cris1962 (or anyone else) if you still want to read the situation, you're more than welcome to, of course. 🙂 Thanks all, keep enjoying the day.

  • no, his b-day is feb 20

  • thank you james11,but will he find work and is he coming back? cris1962 said maybe i should follow, but i have a teenager and a home im buying i cant get up and leave, but i can wait for him but for how long?

  • lf245706,

    My pleasure :). As for the situation you just mentioned, not a good one for you to be involved in. You don't need a man with kids when you don't have kids of your own. He does love this woman. My boyfriend always says about women with kids he would never do it because the babby daddy can always come back and get some lol. Sweetest and simplest way to put it. She is the mother of his child and no matter what conflict they may have between each other, he will always love that she blessed him with the greatest gift he has probably ever received. It is hard to top that. And why try? It's hard but you'll find you will move on. It's cliche, but there are so many fish in the sea. And you are so young and learning yourself still, it's not bad to try a few out to see what you like, as funny as that sounds. I'm not advocating you do anything crazy, but men explore all the time, you are young and should do some safely as well.

    Universal Harmony

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