Two Owls, Anyone please help me protect my daughter's soul!

  • My daughter just turned 16, she's a Libra. When she was 11 she experienced a lot of trouble at school being bullied. She had seen a spell somewhere for revenge and repeated it in her bedroom. She was only a child and didn't realize the magnitude of what she was doing or the consequences to her actions. It involved drawing an upside down pentagram, the numbers 666, burning candles at the tips of the stars, and a picture of the person causing her trouble, and she said an incantation that she can't remember. The book she had seen it in has disappeared. My husband and I are very spiritual and when we saw what she had done, we were terrified. He is very gifted and his abilities amaze me, but this situation is too close and he can't be objective. Since this time my daughter went thru a time of serious depression, cutting, and considering suicide. Luckily, she was able to pull herself out of that. She and I have become very close again and she talks to me openly about her feelings and what's happening. She has come to me screaming about things tormenting her and I have watched helpless as scratches appeared on her skin from nowhere, she has gotten sick when I've prayed with her or read the Bible, and she has night terrors almost every night. She believes in God and she's a good person. I'm afraid she opened some doorway when she did this spell and we don't know how to close it. I have smudged her room, we've painted over any negative drawings (except for some we just found in her closet. she used to keep it blocked off because she says that's where everything negative enters, so we have to paint it yet), we've read scriptures, and I've sprinkled Holy Water around her room and on her. After being raised Baptist and having a very strong faith in God, I've begun exploring alternative paths, and fully believe in psychic abilities, ghosts, and things mainstream religion doesn't acknowledge. I've even noticed some abilities I didn't know, or had forgotten, I had. I'm studying to become a Reiki Master and I've drawn Reiki protection symbols on her walls and have asked her angels, guardians, and relatives to protect her. Nothing seems to help!! I don't know what else to do!! I'm terrified that something unthinkable is going to happen to her and I'm powerless to stop it!! Can anyone help me?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! My husband and I are both Aquarians. I'm not sure if that matters or not. If there is anything else someone might need to know to help me, just ask. We don't know where to turn. Most people would say we were crazy or imagined this. My mother was a true skeptic and she is now a believer. I've read the posts many of you have left and I'm amazed by your abilities and how in tuned you are. I felt such a strong draw to write on this forum that I'm hoping one of you will be our knight in shining armor, or more fitting, angel in glowing light. Thank you.

  • Never been on this forum before but felt the need to respond (Two Owls), although I'm sure many others already have. I am a libra and as a child had awful nightmares, my family sound similar. My only suggestions if not already tried are: burning sage in the corners of her bedroom - possibly in the corners of all rooms (angels will protect). Let her focus on all the good that there is in her and all the good that is still around in this world. Take a break - go on holiday - forget it all and try not to think about it when you get home again. The negative vibes feed when you think about it - bring all positive thoughts together. I am a spiritual thinking person, however I am also scientic therefore if all the advice fails from everyone - you may need to look at the possibility of her self harming (a secret camera in her room will show this) and this may not relate to the spirits. I think reading the Bible in this case needs to be kept to your need to read alone and not to be read with your daughter, my grandmother used to make herself ill reading with me sometimes - it can be too much sometimes for 16 year olds. Family treats away from it all for a short time is the best medicine. Hope that helps x

  • I couldn't help but read your story. Wow! Something similar has happened to me and actually a few co- workers(friends) of mine. Your Daughter opened an evil door. My experience involves a demon who paralyzes me while I'm in bed. This occurence has happened to me 4 times. I can not move my body but this being makes sure that I can see it. It's a demon , for sure. Not from this world. It is the most powerful feeling of fear and helplessness I have ever felt in my life. It took every bit of power I had to break it's hold on me. I had nowhwere to turn to until I went to my friend and told him what was happening. His jaw dropped to the floor when I explained what happened. I began with, " you're gonna think I'm crazy.'' He said the same thing has been following him for years and the same thing, the paralyzing effect. We believe that this demon followed me home from his place. I was going through a rough time. Evil spirits pray on the weak. You have to show them you're tough or they will continue to pray upon you. The last time I saw the demon and I broke its reign over me, I got up out of bed with all the lights off and grabbed my bible. I kneeled at the end of my bed and said, In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Leave! Be gone! Leave me alone! I only said it once and I haven't seen him since. It's only been 7 months. There are different evils out there. Some follow you home, and some are invited as like what your daughter did. If she is showing unexplained scratches and cuts, she may be possessed. You may need to contact a Catholic priest and if worst comes to worse, he may have to perform an exorcism.

  • Thank you Shell. I have burned the sage and remind her what a beautiful person she is everyday. I generally only read the Bible when something is happening. I don't hog tie her for hours and preach at her is what I'm saying. lol! It does sometime help to get away but I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and because I spent so many years as a stay at home I didn't qualify for disability. We struggle on a one income salary. I have so many bad days that getting out is like running a Marathon. I try to keep her occupied and when I can't get out of bed, she climbs in with me and we watch movies and talk or play games. Thanks for the advice. Knowing a perfect stranger cares enough to offer advice helps. Did you think there was a link between the nightmares and being a Libra? Just curious since you had the same issues. Thanks again.

  • Thanks Waterman. It's scary how often this happens, isn't it? My husband was trying to help our daughter and the next day he woke up with 'DIE" scratched into the middle of his back! It was actually bleeding!! He couldn't have done it himself when it was between his shoulder blades and was written so you could read it not reversed like done in a mirror. I have considered the Priest thing. I'm not Catholic and we live in a smaller town. I'm just not sure if they would believe us. It's been five years though, and if we can't find something I may have no other choice. I'm so happy for you that you were able to break the demon's hold on you. I hope it never returns. What about your friend? Is he still be tormented? I will send thoughts of love and light to you both and keep you in my prayers. Thanks again for caring enough to write and the advice. It means a lot to me.

  • Unfortunately your daughter have invoked a very strong energy that should not have been invoked in the first place. She was the one that invoked this energy, she will have to return it with or without help. She needs to find the book where she got the spells from, for the same book will have the spells to reverse them. Or similar book, might be helpful, but I would go for the same book if it's at all possible. It is not so much of the number or shape that she drew, it's more of the intention she had when she invoked this energy. How did she come upon this book? you need to make her remember it she might be able to get a copy somewhere.

    Negative energy can not be blocked with paints. If she sends it out, the universe will return it to her. Nothing and nobody can stop the universe, since she has invoked this energy herself. I understand she was bullied and got mad, but sending out negative energy, especially in a scale like this will not be tolerated by the universe. She has suffered from it, she is still suffering and she will keep suffering until she understands the whole lesson the universe is trying to teach her.

    By all means, find spiritual leaders in your region that can help. This kind of help can not be done long distance so they have to actually be there. And when it comes to her, tell her to find the people she has sent these energies to. The bullies or whoever she invoked this energy to attack in the first place. She needs to make amends with them for I'm sure they have suffered a certain degree of harm done by the same energy. This is not to disgrace or embarass her, but an act that sends positive energy so that the universe will send it back to her. If the bullies or family are mad at her, she will have to take it as it is, what matters is that she has made amends. She will have to be honest to them, as she is to you so that the family understands what was going on.

    She was bullied, but many other kids are too all over the world. She shouldn't have sent out this negative energy, especially not this scale, for it can damage the bullies or even the bullies families more than she ever thought of. It is the universe that will return all energies back to sender, she shouldn't have taken this into her own hands. She needs as many positive energies as she can, for the negative energy she was invoking was vast and ancient. Astrology has nothing to do with this, everyone can send energy, positive or negative. All that we send out, we get it back. That's all the universe is all about. Be very careful what you send out, for it will return to you. Until your daughter understands this, she will not be free of this energy and you have to act fast or soon the whole family will be harmed.

    In nature, everything that is ancient is very powerful. If she gets the spell from an old book, this spell sure invokes an ancient energy. This will be a tough ride, but you and your family will need to see it as a lesson from the universe. I can suggest a type of protection, but something this powerful will find its way to harm you for it's been out there before the civilization. Modernization might make people feel superior, but this event will remind you that nothing and nobody is more superior than others in the universe.

    Sage incense is good to clear out the atmosphere, but not to protect you especially not from this type of energy. Use this incense anyway, it will help to clear up the air when your spiritual leader or medium or a wicca is doing their ritual or entering your house to 'see' the energy pattern before dealing with it. For your daughter and yourself, do your best to visualize white/blue light around you at all times. This visualization does protect you from negative energy, it may not do much against such ancient energy, but it will reduce the effect a little bit.

    Overall, the only way to save your family is the positive energies you send out and the spells from the book. Medium and spiritual leader can help, but it will not guarantee the energy from coming back. I have to remind you that the universe will not stop this negative energy from coming back, for it sees this experience as learning opportunity. and some lessons are meant to be learned the hard way. Positive energies, like negative ones, are always returned to sender. You might find help and kindness and forgiveness among these. Forgiveness and kindness are very powerful energy, for both derived from love and love is very important to heal any wound/ damage of any size.

    I know a wicca spell to protect you, I was told by a wicca friend. But one mistake of this spell or one mistake in the arrangement, you will invoke another misery into your life. So before I give it to you, please consider doing other things I mentioned first. Good luck.

  • by the way I hope twoowls answer this

    I don't know her but she seems genuinely blessed when it comes to visions

  • hi soulsentiment. i'm so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. I'm not sure if there's a known link between havinnightmare an being a libra but both my brother and i are both libra and we would have terrible intense surreal and sometims violent dreams. this happen particulary if we're stressed or ill. one thing your daughter could do tht helped me is to try and remember and go through her dreams when she wakes up even write the down. what i found was that my dreams were expressin emotions and fears i couldnt express, or wasnt aware while awake. the only problem with unexpressed emotions is tht they instensify hench the terrfiying dreams!

    i think some of the others are right about speaking to a catholic priest, try not to be afraid that they won't believe you im sure they will. I know you're not catholic, but as a child i was taught to pray to my guardian angel its always helped. i'm not sure what the rules are on posting prayers so i dont want to post and offend anyone but she can simply ask her guardian angel to be with her.

    i hope you find some answers 🙂

  • Thanks Leoscorpion I was hoping to hear from you as well. Thank you for your advice. First I just want to say something in my daughter's defense. She was only 11 when this happened so she had no clue what she was doing really. The bullying she experienced wasn't just a bully. There was a large group of girls and boys. It went on for a couple of years. She is very beautiful inside and out. It reached the point they actually pulled her into the bathroom, got her clothes off after being held down, took pictures of her, and passed them around telling everyone she was a slut. It was much more than just "bullying", it was tormenting. She was beaten, humiliated, and isolated. We began homeschooling, well internet school really, a few years ago. Yes she did damage some of the people involved and felt so much remorse, that she took it upon herself to apologize. She isn't a bad kid, in fact she has a beautiful spirit. She just made a very big mistake during a period of emotion weakness and anger. The best we can recall the book was one given to my oldest daughter on Wicca. A friend of hers gave it to her and she was living here at the time. We have searched everywhere and this book has just disappeared!! It is so weird!! If there's a spell or prayer that can help but you're worried about the guidelines on this site. Leoscorpion, since this was a wiccan spell, would any wiccan spell to reverse it work? This happened 5 years ago and let me assure you, our entire family has been, and continues to be harmed by this. Any guidance you can give me I would appreciate. Yes TwoOwls is amazing!! Funny, I found her by reading the postings you and she left for each other. Thanks for everything. I'm open to trying anything. I can say my daughter has learned her lesson, and I explained that any energy you send out will come back to you, 3 fold, 7 fold, or more. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you again.

  • Roseydaisy thank you for your compassion and advice. I've encouraged her to pray and ask her guardian angels and spirit guides as well as relatives that she was close to that have passed to be with her and protect her. I think a part of her feels she doesn't deserve their help because of what she did, but she's beginning to pray and ask for help. Isn't it strange that you, your brother, Shell, and my daughter are all Libras and have all had such intense, violent nightmares? That's just bizarre!! I will tell her to start a dream journal. She loves to write and has kept diaries since she was small. Thanks for the advice. Bless you. I wish you much light and love.

  • In case I haven't said it, I want to thank everyone who cared enough to respond. Thanks for all the great advice and guidance. I will send positive energy your way. I wish you all much light and love. Thank you so much. I will definitely try everything you all have suggested. If you know anyone who has experience or knowledge in this area I would be grateful if you could pass our story along. If anyone hears from TwoOwls, let her know I would be grateful if she has any insight and wouldn't mind commenting when she is able and feels up to it. Thanks.

  • soulsentient

    I was very taken aback of what you went through as a family

    I'm sorry if I sounded upset at your daughter I understand her sorrow

    I was bullied continuously also when I was young

    I did not mean to send you negativity I will send you only positive ones from now on

    and yes to answer your question a wicca spell will work for sure

    I will send you more details by email

    just be very careful with these spells do not miss a single detail

    my friend has made it very elaborate and yes she is an actual wicca

    the book may have returned to its original owner, not necessarily 'eaten' by the portal

    ask the original owner if you can find her, if she doesn't have it, ask her if she has a copy

    she was given the book, I'm guessing family hands down or very close friend

    please try your best to find this book

    the original spell and the spell to reverse it, will be there

    it may not be important, but it is best solution, both spells would be written at the same time, therefore they are of the same age hence they both are of the same level of power, one to open the portal, one to close it forever

    if the owner knows a wicca, by all means ask this wicca to help you

    I feel that she does, but not sure if this wicca is an expert not amateur

    I will send details by email.

  • I've come on the forum to find clues for the karma coins and I saw your post. I can't do anything to help you, (I'm not gifted) but I would like you to know I will pray for your family and send you loving thoughts. I hope you get through this and your daughter get some peace. Love and light xx

  • Thanks Leoscorpion can't wait to get your emails. I'm glad you understand the situation my daughter was in. She is very gifted which complicates things and of course trusted a "friend" enough to tell her. It didn't take long for the word to spread and she soon became known as a freak. It would take a novel to tell everything this poor baby has been through in her few short years. I'm very protective of her and was afraid of I didn't explain the situation in enough detail for everyone to understand she isn't petty, spiteful, or mean. I think she was desperate for it to stop and was willing to try anything. Unfortunately my daughter lost contact with this friend who had the Wicca book and she lives approximately 6 to 7 hours drive from our house. It dawned on me while reading your post that maybe I can take her to the library and find the book there. I don't think it was the only one written so there has to be another copy somewhere! lol! That will work, right? I mean the same book but not the same exact one? Thanks for all your help Leoscorpion. I can't tell you how much it means to me. I will send you much love and positive energy. Thanks and I'll email you more later.

  • Chocaholic thank you for your prayers. We need all the prayers we can get! Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, your compassion, and positive thoughts. I disagree with your statement that you can't help me. I think saying prayers and just taking the time to say kind words of hope and love is doing A LOT to help!! Thank you so much. We're a close family and strong, we'll survive, I just want it to end before we have any more scars that need to heal. Thank you again. I believe very much in Karma, and your kindness will be returned. I will send positive and loving thoughts and energy your way. I wish you much love and light. I'm so grateful for so many thoughts of love and hope from perfect strangers. That alone gives me hope. Thank you all.

  • wishes of good to you soulsentient too as well as your daughter, I was once told to get rid of negative energy to put crystal points into a room at each corner pointing outwards to the outside of the house, but also to make sure that I never said anything bad about anyone as it was then out there in the atmosphere to pollute it like a bad smell, Thinking about the nightmares the same happens to my hubby, who guess what, is libra too, and he's such a nice positive person too, he will help anyone who needs it, so unless its a libra thing I couldn't understand the cause either, he cries out in his sleep but not clearly understandable words if I cuddle up to him he calms, but he doesn't remember the dreams in the morning so it's like night terrors

    blessed be

  • Two Owls, I'm sorry to hear that your family is going through this. I checked this forum for something else and was drawn to your post. I owned a positive occult store for 13 years, and studied for many years previously, and believe me, I have heard many such stories along the lines of what your daughter did, as a desperate form of self-protection, and the fall-out that happens. Fortunately, there are things you can do that are extremely helpful.

    First, your daughter may have been only 11, and didn't realize.... it happens.... but she practiced negative magick. Negative magick isn't just invoking the Devil, or inscribing 666, or any "anti-Christian" symbology like movies and tv tell us. All the things really bad meda put in movies and so forth. Negative magick is harming, including manipulating, any being on any plane - for any reason. Your daughter was reaching out for self-defense, which is understandable. Still, she created an action, which creates an effect.

    The good part? Positive magick can be used as a part of ANY religion - you heard that correctly. Or you can have no religion at all. Just so long as you don't succumb to free-floating atavistic thinking.... "My life has no meaning, and it's all just chaos". (Though yes, it can feel that way sometimes!) It is a discipline that helps one feel a part of the Universe, with control over creation over one's life. Positive magick is like prayer, minus the supplication aspect, and focusing on the union aspect.

    Second, the step your daughter needs to take to change circumstances and fallout is to take responsibility for her actions. This needn't be dramatic or ritualistic. Just verbally taking responsibility brings the power right back to her. Next, she can work to changing the fallout, by turning her the situation to a positive outcome for all ivolved.

    I stongly suggest you and she check out "Positive Magic" by Marion Weinstein. If I were stuck on a desert isalnd, I'd take this one book with me. I read it to remind me what I believe the way some people read the Bible, the Qu'ran, etc. Very chatty, you can read it in a night. It tells you the magic BEHIND all the spells, props, etc. Basically, by sensing one's alignment with one's Higher Power, as a manifestation of that Higher Power, one can work to make energetic change towards the good. Easy, and written so that anyone can understand, it's a warm book -- the most positive and spiritual thing I have ever encountered in 50 years. And what I always return to. With this attitude and methodology, anyone can change their reality : the author writes, "As weird and terrifying as this situation appears to be, I will work to change it with positive Magick". So so so true!

    No props necessary. Though the suggestions of sage, and salt water (if that was suggested), burning myrrh to cleanse and frankincense to open up positive energy (if that was suggested) are all good.

    The magick is within you.... and your daughter. And me. And everyone on this planet. Feel free to PM me if you want more info. Excellent book -- I have given away more copies than I sold! And seen really dramatic positive results from people really messed up by "spells" they did out of all sorts of desperation. All best wishes,

    Blessed be,

    Sea Nymph

  • Hi soulsentiment i hope things are starting to get netter for you and your family, i'll keep you in my prayers. yout daughter needs to try and believe she's deserving of help! she made a mistake when she was young but she's only human and i doubt she realised or intend for it to cause such harm, and she felt remorse she's obviously a good person she just needs to believe in and forgive herself. love and light to you

  • Don't be scared any more, its going to be alright.

  • soulsentient

    I sent you email yesterday. with some more suggestion. if there is a wicca in this forum, it would be a good idea to consider their advice too, because whatever it was the spell she used, it was a wicca spell. and yes when I said the same book I don't mean just the one book she used, but the copy is fine. I just saw Sea Nymph post, you might wanna try get the book she suggested if all else fails. I somehow believe the book wasn't gone. Either in the house or as I said earlier post, returned to the original owner.

    Any wicca spell, or probably any mantra, will be amplified today Oct 31 for the veil between two worlds gets thinner. but if you don't get to do the spell today, that's fine. there is time for everything.

    I felt a presence when I wrote the email to you, I only saw a dark figure, not clear, circling from my side to behind me a few times. I looked at it, hoping to get a clue of who or what it was. It didn't seem harmful though, could be a watcher or observer, sent to see what I am doing. I was told the time will come when I have to withdraw. It's not the time yet, so I will keep sending you positive thoughts.

    Don't stop fighting for what is right. Keep at it, even when you feel these beings fight back with more force. They will do this at some point, when they feel cornered and threatened by your action, which means you are doing the right thing. So if you stop, they will regain power.

    Bye now. Gotta go buy candies 🙂

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