Two Owls, Anyone please help me protect my daughter's soul!

  • It's good that there are so many compassionate posts. was absolutely, most definitely NOT a Wiccan spell. (Yikes! I know so so so many practitioners of Wicca who would be deeply offended by that.) Wicca or practitioners of the Craft practice a nature-based religion, and do not harm or manipulate entities or beings of any sort on any plane of reality whatsoever, ( note even so-called negative beings) because the belief in karma or cause & effect is fundamental to the religion. Some say your actions will come back three times to you, but it's all symbolic of "what you send out will come back".

    Any Wiccan spell would focus on self-protection, NEVER attacking someone or something, and would never use an upside down pentacle ( a sacred symbol, as sacred as the Cross to a Chistian or the Magen David to a Jewish person) nor anti-Christian symbols, as the religion pre-dates Christianity by millennia. Sounds like this poor young girl got a hold of what we call "witch-cr@p", because it uses the trappings of the Craft twisted by someone who doesn't really know the religion at all.

    Definitely focus on self-protection, drawing white light around each of your bodies,your home, whatever you feel needs protection. Your fear draws more negativity, so seek to eliminate that first, so you can think clearly.

    It will all be ok. Definitely check out "Positive Magic", as you need no props, other than your own mind. Responsibility, and then working positively can reverse a lot of negative conditions. (Oooops, Marion, the author, would say "all" conditions...)

    Don't fear Halloween or Samhain, either. It is a Harvest festival, our New Year, and the veil is thinnest now between the world of the living and our spirit ancestors. It's not a "night of evil". That's made up by Hollywood to make money off theatre-goers. It's a serious but beautiful holy-day. If you feel comfortable, ask your deceased ancestors for help. I always talk to my father and his parents every Monday in my tradition.... but Samhain is extra special for that. Let us know how you are.

    Blessed be,

    Sea Nymph

  • Soulsentient - Sea nymph had some good ideas, and I'd like to add mine, since I'm a practicing Pagan.

    YES, your daughter needs to take responsibility for her actions - meaning that since she put this into action, she (with or without help) has to put it back. So.... to help:

    1. Find that book - I bet IT is in that closet with all the posters! If not, (and if you have to) tear that room apart to find the book until you're sure it's not there. While you're there - get those posters out of the house and either burn them (check local laws or just take them to the county incinerator & have them toss 'em in). You may want to find a pair of SILK gloves (or gloves lined in silk - either way, but the silk has to touch your skin) to do this with as Silk is a natural psychic insulator. (This is to ensure that you can touch objects like this but without the spirit getting a "hold" on your aura.) Once you've found that book, it (hopefully) should have a counter-spell to send the negative entity back to where it came from. If not, the book Sea Nymph mentioned should have a nice spell to close the "door" as well as a cleansing ritual to do afterwards......

    2. .....or you can do this with her: Get in a shower that is big enough for both of you, and have her soap herself up from head to toe --and don't miss a spot! As she does, have her envision all the nasty energy on her going INTO the soap. Then rinse her off while you & she envision the energy going down the drain and out with the soap - away from the house.

    What makes this a nice mom-daughter thing is that after you're done rinsing her - it's your turn to soap yourself up and have her rinse you off (but envisioning the same thing)!

    3. Protection - items to use are garnets (this from Victorian times - see A Victorian Grimoire by Patricia Talesco; she did a good job researching the spells/cantrips!), pine incense or braids of pine needles (if you have them in your area).... hematite is a natural anti-evil grounding stone, & tiger eye is good for protection; if you can find it, Catiron (a mix of the previous two mentioned) is a double whammy for protection. And asking the angels is always a good thing, as well as prayer. Remember the adage: "Nature abhors a vacuum" --you're putting in positive things around her (and it won't hurt to do so around the house!) to replace the negative at this point. If you feel the stones need to be recharged, then put them in a closed glass container and cover the stone(s) with sea salt. Then set it where it'll catch at least part of the day's sun rays, and leave it there for three whole days. Afterwards, take the gems out and rinse them off while throwing the salt out with the garbage. {Sea salt has both elements of earth (salt) & water (sea); that's why it's good for cleansing like this.}

    I hope I've been some help to you and others who may get themselves in this situation after tonight.

    Blessings & good luck!

    Ketira shena Pretara'sedrin

    a daughter of Sekhmet

  • hi sea nymph if you read her post she did say the book was on wicca

    the book her daughter got the spells from

    I just call it wicca spell, don't really know if I should call it something else

  • and yeah I do think the counter spell should be in the same book

    I'm not wicca, just happened to be helped by a wicca once and don't really know the terms about this path

  • Wow!! I can't describe how much love and positive energy I feel coming from all of you. What great advice. Your concern and desire to help us is overwhelming. I wish I had written for help in this forum long ago. of course as we all know everything happens for a reason and if I had I wouldn't have heard from all of you wonderful, loving souls. I feel hopeful again for the first time in a very long time. Sea Nymph I gave Leoscorpion my email in earlier posts. I would love to stay in touch. I apologize if I offended anyone who practices Wicca. Let me clarify by saying the person who gave this book to my daughter told her it was Wicca. I have no knowledge of it other than that. I will definitely ask for my deceased ancestors help and guidance. I will read these posts with my daughter and we will take your advice. Ketira I have many crystals that I bought awhile back to go along with my Reiki and to try and improve my health. One thing I hadn't thought about for awhile was a cross necklace carved from Hematite. I will definitely charge it and make sure she wears it. The Universe was trying to tell me something even back then because I was so drawn to it. Thanks again. This Halloween will be a very special one for my family. Don't worry Sea Nymph, I'm not afraid. I've never thought of Halloween as evil and I did know of the origins of the Harvest. It will be even more special to me now. Thank you everyone. I will send positive loving energy back to all of you. I wish I could do more. You don't know how much this means to me. I'm truly touched. I plan to start looking for "Positive Magic" right away! 🙂 I'll keep you updated as this plays out. Thank you!! You all are my "Angels on Earth". Light and Love.

  • nice to hear back from you soulsentient

    hematite is good gem to have. or if you come across a tourmaline or quartz crystal it can be used too. bye now take care. I have to do laundry

  • My brother had a similar problem when he was about your daughter's age. I have sent him this link and he will probably post in more detail. However, the gist of it is, he read aloud from a Bible verse that said that we can cast out demons in Jesus' name (Mark 16:17, I think) then told the demons in Jesus' name to go away and leave him alone.

    I don't think its so important to get ahold of the original wicca book that your daughter used to call these evil forces; at any rate, there's no guarantee that it will have the antidote or that the antidote will work. However, what my brother did will work.

    It is important to note that he did this for himself. Your daughter may have to do this for herself also.

    I will send him a link to this conversation and he may want to post here.

  • Just want to wish you good luck with it all, I really hope this is all sorted soon for all your sakes.

    I think this reinforces the need for us to explain to our children why it is never a good idea to play around with spells and ouija boards, children do not understand the ramifications of their actions or the consequences and have no idea what they are opening up.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, hopefully this will save another family from going through a similar experience. I will send love and light your way.

  • soulsentient, good to hear back from you, and you sound like you are doing as ok as you can. Good for you! I don't know how to PM on this forum, but you are welcome to PM me. Or is it safe to leave emails addy's here? Not sure...

    Ketira, those were beautiful and very helpful ideas! I too am a practicing Pagan, and there are great things you can do to cleanse negative energy. Glad you added them.

    I'd only add: Onyx -- the number one soaker-upper of negative energy, followed by Jet, the second best soaker-upper! Very good for ridding oneself. Salt in the corners of all rooms in the house as well. Hematite is a great stone, good for grounding yourself when you feel scattered and out of it. If you can get a hold of any old jewelry (wash it in salt and water first, before wearing, since you don't know about the energy that was drawn in). I know, jet is exepnsive, but you can find onyx pretty easily.

    No problem, leoscorpion. You sounded really positive, and not out to hurt anyone. Just a teachable moment., as there's still so much misinformation about who and what we really are.

    Sadly, the problem is that there are tons of "witch-cr@p" books out there that have nothing whatsoever to do with Wicca, and so many people fall victim, or think "This is it"... which may even be worse. Yup, lots of people who don't know any better will say, "Oh, this is Wicca" - they may not even be trying to harm anyone, but think that they have found the real thing -- and I bet that's what happened to this girl. (Sorry, soulsentient, must have missed that in your post ... abot your daughter being told, "Here is a book on Wicca".).

    You would not believe how many people came into our store with precisely this type of problem. At least a dozen a week. We spent more time unscrambling damage done than we ever imagined we would. We knew there was a lot of misinformation out there... but we had never imagined how much. We started in 1981, so you can imagine how much more good information is available now, and how many positive books are being written. It's great.

    soulsentient.... I'd add: myrrh, pine and rosemary will cleanse out negative energy. You can use any of these as an oil or as a soap, to wash with or wear on yourselves, or on your clothing, possessions, etc. but get the essential oil, not the imitation. Foirtunately, pine and prosemary are fairly inexpensive. Once you cleanse, you can use rose geranium or patchouli for protection.

    Blessed Samhain to those who celebrate!

  • Oooops, I apologize, leoscorpion. It was soulsentient that was saying she was sorry if she offended anyone.

    And I just found this in soulsentient's second post:

    "The best we can recall the book was one given to my oldest daughter on Wicca. A friend of hers gave it to her and she was living here at the time. "

    Sounds like the houseguest wasn't really involved in actual Wicca, but had gotten a hold of "misinformation" herself.

    Just found your email addy, soulsentient. I'll email you, so you have mine. Be well!

  • thanks for the inf sea nymph

    I also do not mean anything by calling it wicca spell

    I just thought it was a book on wicca so it's wicca spell

    I hope non wicca like me will read your post and understand the difference

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