This is SUCH a weird question....

  • Okay guys. This is what's going on: everytime I think about kissing this guy I like, or touching him, or whatever....I sneeze. It never used to happen, but maybe for the last month or so it happens every single time. All of a sudden I get this rush in my nose and its so itchy and POW, big sneeze.

    What the eff??? LOL. What is happening to me!? The dirtier it is, the harder my sneeze! And sometimes I'll just keep sneezing until I stop thinking about it! Or sometimes i'll only sneeze once. Is this some kind of....warped....sign??

    LOL i cant believe im asking this, but it's seriously weird! No other thought makes me sneeze like that.

  • Hmmm, It could be psychologically. your subconcious may be warning you about him or even telling you to do something about it. I know sometimes i sneeze when im having dejevu and such. So could be that. Is this someone new or someone thats already been in your life for a while? I have a gut feeling that you already know this may just be a dead end. IF not do something about it 🙂

  • LOL like a slap on the wrist, kind of? "stoppit! STOP-EEETT." I guess that makes sense. Man, I just had no idea your body could do that! You know, it could actually technically be telling me to do either one....i've heard both opinions from people 😄 And yah he's been in my life for a while.

  • I only sneeze a heck of a lot when I've eaten too much.

    Its a way of telling me that I have and a feel a whole lot better after it (not as full)

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