Two ways to!!!

  • hi,

    i sometimes feel my whole life has been explained coz i have found my soulmate in my friend. my heart likes him so much, but then i think i don't want to keep going n going because he may or may not give commitement, as we r friends, i start feeling i can find someone who can immediately marry me. ...Im torn by my own heart and mind.

    Im so confused as to what is the path which is meant for me. Where is my life better..., with him or someone new. I wish to be with him ,,,,,,,,,but logic defies me.

  • A persons soul mate does not have to be ones life mate. A soul mate is one with whom you know and commune with on a (oh how I hate this next term... but it fits) a higher plane. My soul mate and I and I are both women who are married to our life mates. We are closer to each other in many ways than we are to any other people including our families and our husbands. If you have a dear and loving friendship with this man maybe that is the relationship you are destined to have with him. Sometimes a meeting of the minds and souls is more satisfying than a meeting of the flesh. Keep your options open and your heart willing and let the relationship flow where it will and you will be happier. Love and Blessings....

  • thanks...

    im soo scared of believing in false hope then beating myself up for being stupid. i just dont know what is best, n i would like someone doing a tarot reading for my future with him ...or someone new, as it swould be????

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