Aquarius and Libra best friends?

  • Well I'm an aquarius with a libra moon and my ascendant sign is also libra. My best friend is a libra and I've been having some trouble with her she starts to fight with me alot now and she is more focused on love than friends. and I've been having trouble when she just ignores me and checks her phone every time I start to talk. Me and her get along great but when we fight we fight.... she usually wins. But does this have to do with our signs?

    Ps: I also noticed that I'm starting to act like a libra which is pretty weird to me.

  • How can you guys fight like that? And at what point do you guys get along great. Are you i denial. People or couples do not fight like that. Where is the love. I am to an Aqua. Libra and Aqua are suppose to get along really well.

  • Well it's just some days she really makes me angry. But we always get along.

  • And we don't literally hit each other. Me and her have the sharpest tongues.So we fight verbally.

  • I do understand. I am with an Gemini and they have very sharp tongue to the point I do get my feelings hurt. But that's good to hear.

  • And I just fight to the point when she gets really angry because i don't like making people very angry.

  • Libras love LOVE! many of my friends deserted me becuase of this (I am a libra rising) it was wrong of them to that to me. We have to respect other people, and whats important to them. Just becuase she is thinking about her boyfriend dosnt mean that she isnt still your friend.

  • She is preoccupied w/ a love interest. Not uncommon. It will pass and one of 2 things will happen 1.) they (the new couple) will grow used to eachother to a point where she will miss your friendship and fall back into you typical types of interactions (less fighting) or 2.) they will break up and she will need you to consol and be there for her.

    Give it time and be patient (hard for an Aquarius) and understand that she is just in the grips of a budding new relationship and can't focus on much else atb this point. Give her some space and she'll miss you. And communicate w/ her without yelling or hurting. Tell her how you feel that she is neglecting you and that you still need her for support and friendship.

    Does her love interest like you or dislike you?

  • Me and her crush are good friends but shes to distracted. And she started crying the other day because something happened with her crush like he said I don't want you or something and then I asked her whats wrong and she told me to **ck off so I havent talked to her since . But I have class with her tommorow so I'll go see whats up.

  • Find a new friend, thats just plain rude.

  • I can't just find a new friend. And either way me and her are like that so thats really nothing new. Oh and did i mention me and her have been friends almost since we were born so its gonna be pretty hard to just leave her .

  • Hi ,thats such a shame,i,m an aquarius,and have libra friends,i get on very well with them:)and like them very much,i hope you find a solution to your problems very soon,and resume a happy freindship x

  • Well Today She is pretty mad. Ugh she screamed at her boyfriend and didn't want to talk about it so.

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