• Can someone please explain to me how the gift of the Empath works? Do they have to be within close proximity to another to feel their emotions?

    The reason I ask is because a few months ago I had this dream that my 9 y/o son came home with a note from his teacher that read "Declan has psychic powers that need to be developed". Now, I took that seriously enough to start observing his behavior but wasn't quite sure what gift he may be blessed with. That is, until last night when my husband informed me that he came home from school "sick" with a stomach ache/headache. The same symptoms my husband had complained about after he'd already left for school.

    When I looked at my son I "knew" he was an empath. He was feeling his fathers symptoms which are not a physical illness but a reaction to an emotional issue (we're having marital problems).

    I am looking for guidance from other Emapths, if possible. What types of signs/behaviors should I look for? I've noticed that he's a bit of a loner and maybe this is one of the reasons why. Any other parents of with children blessed with this gift?

    Thanks for any guidance you feel compelled to give!


  • Hello AndreaOh,

    I am an Empath and only just realized it when it was pointed out to me approx. 9 months ago. I have been working with a Lightworkers Circle and it has helped me to improve this ability. I have the same issues you have described in your son when I was a child. One thing I can suggest is when he feels this way, have him describe it to you. Work with him on going inside himself to search for reasons "Why" he feels that way and/or "What" is causing him to feel this way...There are many great books/articles out there that give excercises on visualization excercises. You could work with him on that...Children have pretty active imaginations and if he learns at a young age how to visually "shield" himself, ie. white light shield, or to ground himself, he can often teach himself to decifer if what he is feeling is his own or someone elses...

    A great grounding technique is to visualized your feet growing roots deep into the ground like a tree. Or visualizing a golden rope tied to your tail bone going deep into the ground. Empath's get their strength from the gound and nature. If you use one of these exercises with him, have him do it standing barefoot on grass, closer to mother nature. Have him close his eyes and imagine it happening. It takes practice, but I use it daily and it works!!!

    Blessing, Love & Light,


  • Greetings AndreaOh 🙂

    I too am an empath,

    is your son sensitive to other peoples pain ? does he find it hard to watch the news or shows that have alot of emotion in them ? does he feel upset,happy or angry without knowing why ?

    It is a very typical empath trait to take on others illnesses and emotion and yes empaths can feel loved ones emotions from a vast distance.

    He may be some what a loner as he may feel different from the other kids and may find it hard to relate to them.He may be finding it difficult to get close to people without taking on there emotions and issues.

    The only advice i can give is support him ,talk to him about how he is feeling and give him validation.Try to help ground him when it all gets to much. Help him desifer what emotions are his and what emotions are comming from other people. Let him know that he is special and he has a gift that will enable him to help and heal others.

    MysticKnights advice is so spot on 🙂 Visualisation is a powerful tool !

    good luck 🙂

    give your son a big hug from me and let him know he is not alone in his abilitys ((HUGS))

    blessings love and light XX

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Good Afternoon AndreaOh. I am an Empath who until 10 years ago, did not realize what it was or meant. I'm 29 now and still learning to control it effectively. I'm extremely glad for your son that he has you to watch out for him and nurture and guide this gift. It's overwhelming as a child to go through that without understanding just what it is. Be watchful for mood swings coming out of nowhere, oversensitiveness to news articles or television, his behavior in crowds (crowds can overload an empath if there's no handle on creating that white light to deflect outer energies). In my experience, it doesn't matter how close the person is in proximity to an empath. You can even feel and take on symptoms of people you don't know if they are associated with someone you do know. The closer connected you are to someone, the stronger you feel. Often it could even seem like he'll be reading your mind or seem to know exactly what's going on no matter how you try to hide it. Empaths are incredibly perceptive, so I agree with the others that the best thing you can do for him is teach him control, protection methods to filter out unwanted emotion, and talking. It helps a lot to let out emotions by talking with someone who might be able to help figure out the source.

  • Being an empath is an awsome thing! Its definatly hard, not easy. I find it extremely hard especially when your in a domestic situation like that. You start to think that its all your fault. Does your son get in the middle of things alot. Maybe even try to give you advice on things he shouldnt know about at that age? Its extremely sensitive that you explain as much as possible to your son. Like Mk and Fuzzy were saying, practice with him and maybe even meditate a bit. Im sure he might have also been diagnosed with adhd and other spiratic sydromes at that age. Im still young myself but feel very old at times. If im in a large group of people i tend to get dizzy sometimes and things in that nature. Just aobserve as much as you can. This is definatly a blessing and he'll beable to alot of good with this gift. God Bless. Hes a healer.

  • The gift varies between people. I get a "sensing" of others deeper feelings. Intense emotional desires can be felt or "seen." At times, it is a knowing without having any idea how I know.

    Some empaths do feel physical sensations. Others do not. It is controllable, however. There is always that "door" in the mind that can be closed or opened, at will.

  • Hi AndreaOh,

    I've had a sneaking suspiscion I was empathic but recently someone else confirmed it for me. In between the confirmation from another person, myself accepting the ability and the work I have been doing on myself in terms of evolving spiritually, things have recently evolved for me.

    I have always felt like I am a healer, I don't know why, but I've always just "known" I have healing abilities.....with my hands, by projecting white light through them. I either do this in person or by "long distance" healing and I have to say I haven't done a "hands on physical touch" healing for over a month. I've been gaining confidence recently and practising this more often. The thing that I have noticed recently is that my healings seem to have gone to another level and now I am "feeling" and "experiencing" things which seem to be coming from the people I am healing for. I feel strong emotions (end up crying for no reason), and physical sensations. I haven't really mastered the art of that yet, but am excited because I feel like somehow in time in will add another dimension to the healings I do for people.

    Anyway, basically I wanted to say that I agree with Serious7, I get a definite feeling that your son is a healer.......empathic healer. The good thing for him is that he will have the support from someone who understands (you) and is able to guide him in the right direction. Had he been born to another set of parents who weren't so enlightened, it would have made things more difficult for him. I feel like he has much to achieve and is here for much good, he is special.

    Many blessings to you both 🙂

  • Thank you all for your wonderful insight and guidance. He is such a young, sweet boy and is very sensitive to others. He does have extreme mood swings and on ocassion I thought he may have had ADD or ADHD but never felt it was the right "diagnosis" .

    Coming into this knowledge has been both enlightening and yet burdensome. As I am not an empath and do not personally know any empath's, I really struggle to find the right ways to help him. Since he is only nine years old his communication skills are a bit lacking (unless it pertains to skateboarding or professional wrestling - ha!) and he has a difficult time expressing his feelings. This will probably be the first thing I work on.

    Well, apparently I have a lot of work to do! Thank you again, all of you, for your kind words of support and encouragement!



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  • Hi quenkath,

    I'm not sure how the healing works, but I would be happy to try for you (new at this and still gaining confidence). If I don't get to it tonight, I will do it tomorrow night (have another healing ahead and a busy night). It's almost 10am my time now. I'll come back to you after I've done it and see how you feel.

    I'm always happy to practice and develop things further, but I have to have permission to do the healing first.

    Wenchie 🙂

  • im just wondering.. What is your son's sign? is he a pisces?

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  • Do you smoke quen?

  • AndreaOh 🙂

    if you want to talk more about empath feel free to chat to me anytime. I grew up with non empath parents and i have to say it is difficult for the child and parents to understand.

    so if you need any advice or you simply want to chat just let me know 🙂

    blessings love and light to you and your precious son XX

  • IgoHumble - He is a Gemini born June 7, 2000 (me 3-6-1972 and his father 4-22-1972)

    Fuzzyluv - Thank you so much for your kind offer. I may take you up on that.

  • This is very interesting. Does anyone else have information or experience as an Empath to share?

  • Hello AndreaOh!

    I am responding to an open forum for the first time in my life. I have to simply because of your name and the date that you posted.

    9 years ago I experienced what I have sinse learned is called an NDE. . Do you understand ? I was in coma being kept alive with machines. Spiritually I was dead. If I had ever understood that it was alive. I believed purley in Science and concrete proof about anything and everything.

    Where I was taken to...there wasn't much light. It was like a suspention nowhere.

    Long story short~ I woke up a very different lady. The only word I could here in my mind at first was Empathic Journey. I didn't understand what hit me. But it starts ( or did for me) with feelings that overwhelm. Yes...Empathics get very sick without proper guildance. I've been fighting these so called gifts ever sinse. I need help too.

  • Dear AndreaOh and BratCat 🙂

    there is a realy good forum called Empath community, google empath forums and you will come across it. It is full of new and experienced empaths and has an amazingly insightfull empath survival guide. All the members are willing to help , chat and give advise.

    I am a member and i have to say it has helped me sooooo much ! and i think you both would find it helpfull.

    let me know how you go guys 🙂

    blessings love and light XX

  • Well I don't know about anybody else but have you felt or sensed a wave of unusual uneasiness this full moon? I don't know if it's planetary or if I'm sensing other's around me or if I'm just a plain loon. I've been keeping myself isolated but I can't seem to work the belly feeling out. This feeling feels like massive butterflies like something big is about to happen. And the body tingles that come from nowhere. last night while lying in bed I felt my whole body snap as i saw a flash of light that only lasted a milisecond. My body layed there in waves for the next moments and I eventually fell asleep.

    I've been working with crystal healing lately but have only been at it a few months. I work well with breathing techniques, yoga and gi gong helps to move the energy.

    I've only come to realize I needed to develop my skills about 2 years ago. I wish I could shake this anxiety that I need to develop faster....could someone tell me I have all the time in the world?

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