• crabbylove: i wouldn't call it uneasiness myself; i think of it more like the psychic equivalent of( i nearly gave a brand name here) a highly caffeinated beverage like an energy drink. general instinct for me( empath as long as memory serves, at least 40 yrs) is take in as much as you can, opportunity is very rare, and its' occurrence is usually a harbinger that its' a wake-up call of work to come. for me, empathy comes w/prophecy, healing, and more. as to how to deal/what to do with this, i would strongly urge you to work less on how to move the energy and focus on how to hold it in yourself and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse your aura. the better your energies are, the less affected you will be by random nastiness( i live in a very parochially-minded community, and deliberate mental dullness is not pleasant for the empath). unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to work on dealing w/others who want to profit( i don't mean money here, although there is a lot of that too) from an empaths', i would say, obligatory, niceness, and with that, i move on to

    quenkath: have you thought about the wisdom of asking anyone to heal you, sight unseen, of what seems to be a distressing, but not at first glance dangerous ailment? as a practice/training exercise, it is of great merit to learn how to help/heal, but it may be part of your lesson in this life to work through your own health issues. you say you may have silent reflux; if that is the case, you didn't pick it up anywhere, it is not a contagious or foodborne illness. it is a result of genetics, diet, general physical health, and eating habits. my father has reflux, and if he eats after a certain time of the day, he will have a gastric attack, and medication doesn't prevent that. my suggestion to you is, instead of healing, and therefore not addressing the underlying cause, which means it will come back repeatedly, with a vengeance, focus on assistance on dealing with the pain and temporary disability your coughing attacks provoke. as an example, i cured my first lovers' lungs, cleansed her of some major toxins, and generally restored a lot of her health, but could not convince her to end her smoking. i don't need to be connected to her anymore to know what her health situation is like now. all my positive wishes for her and her health did not 'make her better'. i have sadly learned that it is impossible to help anyone without their active and dedicated 'leading the way' for themselves. miracles are not cheap, nor are they for anyone who doesn't already realize they're better than what they have been doing to themselves for lack of better choices they have told themselves they don't see, or accepted that view from others. quenkath, i dearly hope you understand none of this is meant as judgement, attack, or insult; my only message here is to please consider what you are truly asking for. a truly 'free ride' is a myth; if we don't take charge of our problems, they are in control and will remain so until we learn that lesson. and now to

    wenchie: it is often the case with healers that they asked to help where their help is not the best healing. the 'quick fix' an empathic healer provides often promotes the view that consequences and responsibility for ones'self are not valid. please, heal when you are called to do so by your higher intelligence, do not deny your imperatives, but remember to ask first, 'is this what is best for the client right now, and this way, too?'. as a houngan, i can't stress enough the importance of realizing that want is not need is not what is effective is not what you should be doing for the sake of your own greater work at any specific time and place, necessarily. when the knowing comes upon you, you must speak, but in the language your client hears, and if they don't hear or listen with determination and persistent diligence, then your work is elsewhere. the ability to cure megalomania doesn't mean charles manson is your client by cosmic law, for example. back to

    crabbylove: i can't say, at this point, that your anxiety is unfounded. i have some thoughts to offer, though. by definition, you actually do have all the time in the world, as we all only ever get that much, so worrying doesn't make it longer or shorter, only less pleasant and happy, usually, and stress doesn't improve the quality of your development or your life, it only makes a counterpoint perhaps.

    my thoughts to all empaths; if you don't have a pet you love, meet one. they are your strength and healing in your darkest times. it tears you inside when their time is up, but the memory of everything they share and teach you cannot be measured. plants are valuable as well. crystals work, but so do rocks and stones. you will find your teaching and lessons all around you, classrooms are often a distraction.

  • Hi Crabbylove. I too feel an uneasiness from this past full moon. In fact, I discussed it with a few friends who share gifts as well. (everyone feels it but no one has sensed the answer yet) I was wondering if it had any connection to it's nearness to Halloween, but for a long time I've felt like something's coming and the overwhelming feeling that I NEED to be further along in my development than I am to be ready. I feel behind and pressed to unlock to see behind the veil completely. You are not a loon...and if you are then you are not alone...I can vouch for at least 5 of us who have had the same feelings as you. I keep asking the same question, if those of us with the gift are all sensing something and we are connected with this common bond of abilities even though strangers, how big is it going to be? I too am curious to know if anyone out there has been blessed with the answer.

  • hougandave: even though your reply was not directed towards me, your advice is soothing, insightful and eloquently put....without meaning to do so, you've helped me. It's almost like I was meant to read it, because it reflects a few inner things I've been trying to figure out. Thank you.

  • lilpisces: de nada. as to your first response to crabbylove, it is as big as the world. it always is, and always has been/will be. as an empath, you already knew that.

    i forgot to add:

    parents of empaths: never punish when angry or emotional. the kid doesn't need the extra freight, neither hug nor console when your emotions are anguish for them. they're having a tough enough time already, and touch amplifies it more than you can imagine.

    on an often extremely happy note, empaths make the best lovers. think about it.

  • Hi Andrea,

    I am an empath along with other gifts, but this one here is the hardest for me personally. I am a Scorpio and I am very intune with things, but the empathic part is high wired for me. I can feel peoples pain or sorrow from around the world. My friends I talk to on the computer if something is going with them I can feel it. If ill, I get it, sadness, depression (and this one is very hard right now~everyone is going through that it seems). As a child I didn't know what this was and was hard to cope with.

    Your sons teacher is one amazing person to recognize his gifts . Work with him so you at least can understand his moods, I would love to know his birth sign. I study people with different signs to see the how they all are alike lol. Being the detective of the universe does not help.

    Also one last thing I have found, please do not allow him to watch the news if possible.

    For you the shows , Meduim mainly and then GhostWhisperer is great for the children in those shows are all gifted too. May give you some insight on how to deal with his gifts.

    Also many times these gifts are handed down, and will skip a generation or two. So check back into your family history.

    Blessings to you and your family.

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  • quenkath: actually goat is very healthy. for the most part in the islands, goat is probably the safest fresh meat available. personally, i like curry goat, and goat in general, but that is my taste. i would work on the stress you mention, meditation, music, t'ai chi, whatever works for a relaxation technique for you, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, think about why you want to smoke( i smoke for religious purposes, so i hope you understand i am not a smoking nazi or other religious fanatic( yes, it is a form of missionary work to people, think about veganism)), especially when further dehydrating yourself. you've been working out for 20 yrs; your body chemistry may be changing. it's a possibility. have you checked your place out for allergens/changed a furnace filter/had extermination or lawn care done/been exposed to chemicals/vermin/animals/done any extensive housecleaning these recent months. a bug is possible, but i would wager it's closer than jamaica, especially if you've already been taking meds to kill anything along those lines. i would suggest you find some horehound candies and use them as cough drops. they may taste a little weird, but they're good for coughs and sore throats. i always keep a supply on hand. but as far as the goat, i don't see that as the cause. it is far more likely something started out as an irritation or respiratory infection, and you haven't been allowing your throat to fully heal. i know i'm throwing out a ton of possibilities and nothing solid here. all i'm getting is however it started, there's an aggregate of factors why it's still with you. i just got a piece of something; don't bother with menthol/mint/whatever. it cools but doesn't heal. it hides the issue without helping. i usually don't tell this, as i am very sensitive to mint myself, and i try not to impose my strong aversion onto anyone else, but my impression is like you're using paint to cover mold in sheetrock, the mold is still there, just harder to find and address.

    fair enough?

  • Houngandave: You're right....i knew, but not at the level I should....some things don't come in crystal clear and I never commit to a thought I'm not 100% sure of...I see it as I'm not meant to receive it all.....those items lead me to reach out to those more advanced than myself...to which you answered. : ) I recently had a whole new surge of advancement of both old and new abilities accompanying a huge loss in my family that I can't quite get a hold on or lock down how to use or what the purpose is (which I feel there is one)...I could go on but I'm sure with you I don't have to....would you have any advise on how best to tackle this?

  • as I was observing the people in my myspace circle, I"ve begun to notice that there are an abundance of people who are starting to realize and awaken, the blinders have been lifted. some are angry others are unsure...could this be why we're feeling the emotional trumoil on a massive scale. what effect on empths would a massive awakening bring? I live by a philosophy that there are no accidents and we are all here for a reason. Very good advice Houngandave....while I am receptive I am vulnerable at the same time....

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  • in no particular order,

    quenkath: african grey parrots are particularly blessed in the ocha traditions, the tail feathers are especially valuable. of course, this also means a great responsibility as well to take care of him and to be careful of disruptions both in the house and around him. as for the rest, you have the answer, you have the key to unlock it, you may want to figure out how you're in your own way here.

    crabbylove: receptive and vulnerable, true, but not blind. i generally avoid the term vulnerable - i know too many psychics around where i am who have a pejorative view of empathy, one friend actually considers empathy a lower vibration - her opinion is her own issue i guess. there is a strength in remaining open that can't be developed behind walls. as to your question, i will reverse the direction and put it to you - what effects of a massive awakening on society/our current paradigm/humanity/the collective consciousness? how will it be accepted? how will it be rejected? what conflicts and what reconciliations? that is where your empaths will be affected, wouldn't you agree? ideally, it is easier/better/more effective/provides a whole range of better/healthier results to wait until the dust settles and get your best overview of where and how to create the biggest, longest-lasting, most positive, most unifying, purest change in the most positive and uplifting directions. the problem with ideal situations, however, is that they are not reality-based. short answer; empaths will be affected by what they are exposed to, their work is sometimes finding a space to do their work, the storm can be ridden, chaos is also opportunity.

    lilpisces: hmmm. some clues in response to crabbylove, but here goes. death is transition, not loss, work through your pain. pain is what keeps us going, until the pain is no longer necessary, then cast off the pain and work relieved, you'll understand when you stop telling yourself you need to understand, and accept whatever you get, it probably isn't your job to be 100% positive on anything, certainly not on everything, are you sure you're a pisces<g>?</g>

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  • Hougandave: Thank you for taking the time. Yeah, I'm definitely sure I'm a Pisces. After reading your answer and then my question again, I don't believe I framed my wording right. I do understand death and accept it.....at the hand of another with deliberate intent is something I do not. The death was not my focus so much (I can't change that or know why it happened) as it was the new gifts it brought (a part of my grandfather he left behind to me....he also left a part to my brother). I will take your advice to stop telling myself I need to understand when these new things come in. It's a good way to let the answers find me. I just wish I could quiet hearing and seeing because I don't know how to handle that yet (which was the original question I was attempting to ask). For now, I'll just stop seeking answers and be patient. Thank you again.

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