Will he call me again aries girl / virgo man

  • ive just become (sortof ) with a virgo man , weve been friends for over 30 years but only recently met up thru facebook , we have had lots of txt and flirting and we have met up twice , i suspect he is just after sex!! ,he told me he wasnt ready for another relationship but we still txt each other , he seems disinterested now , i think i have blew it with him as he took to long in my opinion to reply to me so i said i wouldnt txt him any more !!! this was 2 days ago and he hasnt txt me back !!! do you think he will , and also why has he been wanting to see me and txt every day if he didnt want a relationship , i think ive scared him off lol !

  • I do not think he will txt you back, because he did not want a relationship, he wanted fun, he wanted to play as children do, being spontaneous and alive in the here and now.

  • thx for your comments , i think you are probably right , i just sort of feel a bit used ,im so glad i never slept with him , he never told me from the start that he didnt want a relationship i had to ask him outright . i said do you want us to carry on seeing each other and he said that , it just felt real the time we did spend together ,ive known him so long , i cant continue being friends with him because i feel i would get my hopes built up that it would turn into something more , if he does call or txt , how do you think i should behave towards him ?

  • Hi Ploik...ah those virgo men...slow, deliberate, analystic, and so sweet. LOL...You the Aries want answers YESTERDAY. That's not going to happen. You must be blessed with a great deal of patience, and let him take the lead ALWAYS in the beginning, until he is sure of a relationship with you. You didn't "scare him off" - you've brought about what Virgos (like Cancer & Scorpio) do best. The little tests. Do NOT reach out any more, let him analyze his feelings. You did not sleep with him, that's good! Let him be the one to reach out to you next, be calm, listen to what he has to say and just naturally be yourself. Do not push for answers, they will come. If you do this, and the communication goes back to the way it was, just follow it. (That's hard for Aries because they are natural leaders) It's a small sacrifice to be patient, but if he does in fact decide he wants a relationship with you, no words will be spoken - it's his ACTIONS that will SHOW you. These guys are a great catch. They are stable, steady and reliable when they settle into a relationship. You will notice the little things he does in the beginning stages when he declares a relationship, that are usually so thoughtful and sweet. I'm sorry to say that if you do not have the patience, you should move on, because these guys do take their sweet time just as the Cancer guys do, but so well worth the wait. Good luck! 🙂

  • thx for yr comments , i know what u mean im going to give him a coupe of weeks and

    if he doesnt get in touch its leaving me with little choice but to move on

  • he has just sent me a txt , but it was one of those jokes that you send to all , so what does any one else think , watch this space !!!!

  • You should show him your disappointment about him.

  • Send him a joke back. It was a Virgo test to see if you are upset with him. He is truly analyzing everything, if he wanted nothing to do with you he would not have sent anything. You have to trust me on this! Do not knock him, you've had two dates, when it gets to a serious relationship, then if things get negative you should express how that makes you feel. In the mean time, I'm telling you, he's feeling things out! Keep us updated! 🙂

  • I'm sorry, I confused you with someone else in these forums who have had two dates...HOWEVER...Ploik you have to remember, you are crossing over from a 30 year friendship to the other side of the unknown territory with this man. You have to know he is

    analyzing this step over to that side with a fine tooth comb. Let him do that. If your heart is

    in that step over, he will know it and if he feels the same he will proceed. Patience...One thing

    about Virgos too (especially if friends first), is they will be completely honest with you in their

    thoughts about it.

  • Banned

    I thought he maybe hurt by last wife....so ....he want to play in the left lifetime,dont do relationship.just make fun

  • well ppl i sent a txt back to his joke just saying good 1 haha , but didnt add anything personal !! i also sent him a joke txt today about halloween , but he hasnt responded yet !!! this is sooo... frustrating for me playing the waiting game !!!

  • sorry hanswolfgang , ididnt see yr comment about saying show him yr dissapointment ,can you ellaborate on that babe ?

  • i think that he is probably got you in his thoughts, doing a blokey thing, which sometimes us gals dont be amused, i also felt that maybe he is checking to see if you are still their, if you have been friends for 30years id take this as it happens as friends, how long must a lady wait for a man, be nice to yourself, look after you

  • In your beginning post you told him you would not text him anymore, that says it all. He probably won't respond. If you let something free and if it comes back to you, then will it be yours to keep. Let him make the move, if he doesn't than maybe it wasn't meant to be. It's better to face the truth about the situation, than to ponder what might happen next. Move on and if he text's you then respond, but don't let him play w/your emotions anymore. If you have known him for 30 years, you should know how he is by now. I pray you will open your eyes to the situation.

    With Love,

    Sweet Sag-

  • Ploik,

    you need your energy to protect you. Instead of being ironical hold on to your truth: You are feeling disappointed, so give him a honest feedback instead of trying to manipulate him or to flatter him like a king.

  • yes i think yous are all right !!! im not waiting around for him anymore , because stars signs aside A MAN WILL PURSUE YOU if interested ,simple as !! im not gonna respond to any more jokes , i will probably respond if he asked me an outright Q or asked to see me , but im not waiting anymore , but thx every one for yr comments xx

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