Dreams,and dragonflies?

  • I have been having dreams that come true,I dreamed of my mothers death,before she was even sick,and she died 5 months later.these dreams have been happening to me ever since I died ,and they reveved me,when i was 13,during surgery.And on dragonflies,my father got sick back in June of this year.when I pulled up to the hospitol to go see him,when I parked my car all of a sudden my car was covered with dragonflies,i couldn't even see out my windows,it kinda freaked me out.And the day before he died in July,I and 1 dragonfly come into my car and just seat on the seat,beside me,for and long time,it was almost like it was looking at me.tears are falling right now.I feel like it was my dad tell me goodbye,it was so beatiful.and another weid thing is i have a tatoo on my right shoulder of a dragfly,with a rose and a heart.can any one help me understand the signs.or do I already know? thank you.

  • Wow. I think you already know but it's always nice to have someone confirm. Just wondering if since you had your tattoo, you and your dad had ever talked about the significance of dragonflies? Either way, I definitely think that was a message from him. I had a similar experience that I posted on this same forum (i think it was in the anything goes section if you want to read it) and so many people answered who had the same kind of things happening to them....loved ones dying and receiving a message about them/from them either just before or after. I'm sure that was your dad saying he loves you and goodbye for now. I'm very sorry for your loss. It's so difficult for the people left behind when a loved one passes. These signs are reassuring to me though that they are in a good place and sending love. The dragonflies covering your window is pretty amazing. What a lovely message to receive.

  • My post "dream about a friend the night he died" is in the blog backtalk section if you want to read all the different stories people posted. It amazed me and was very comforting to see how many people had experienced similar messages or signs from loved ones. Take care x

  • Stoneye,

    My dad and I never talked much,we never got along.

    But we loved each other.And I thank you so much for your reply.

    I have such bad dreams,lately and end of times.And they scare,

    me so much.Any Ideas on that?

  • I had dreams like that. people die or get sick days or months after. one of these people was my own dad. animals are sent by the universe to lend us their strength and qualities. I wrote wisdom of dragonfly in your other post.

    when people die, their spirits can linger in the physical world, go back to spirit world or jump into other beings. I have heard of people reincarnate in animal forms. if you see dragonfly after your father died, it's possible it's him. Or he is using this animal to send you a message, possibly goodbye as you mentioned or a sign that he is around. there is a reason why he identifies himself as dragonfly.You said you have dragonfly tattoo, possibly it's a sign that you are his flesh and blood, and he identifies himself as dragonfly, so any of his descendants would have this tattoo also. I'm not sure how far this pattern can continue for each person has different story of how they come upon this identification.

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  • Thank you,Leoscorpion

    It makes alot of sense to me now.

    When,I was at my dads house after he died,

    There,was alot of dragonflies,around his home.

    Every where I would walk outside they where there.

    It,was like they was walking with me,like my dad use

    to to when I would go see him.We,would always walk

    around in the yard looking at the flowers and fruit trees,

    he had planted since i was there last.Like I said,in another

    forum,we never really talked much,or really got along.

    My dad and mom was abusive and heavy drinkers.

    I hated that,when I was growing up.I swore to myself

    I would never be like that,and I'm not.Thank the Lord,

    and the stars above!Thank,you all,for your replys.

    And I will go and check out that site,on animalspirits.

    my you all have a blessed life.

  • you're welcome lady4dish

    life is about learning and moving forward

    you have learned a great deal

    it will be useful when you come back in your next life time

    take care now

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