Which number is compatible w/ mine?

  • My number is 4 or 22/4

    What number(s) would be compatible with mine?

    As friends or future lover


  • I'm not sure where the 22/4 falls in your profile but just my two cents, ... the way I learned it was based on 'Concords' or how well someone 'vibes' with another individual. Simply add up the birth number. If yours ='s 4 then your concord group would be 2's, 4's & 8's. However this is just one indicator of commonality and not a definite sign of potential love.

    There is also the Soul number that reveals the "soul mate" if they match.

    But you would have to compare both your interests and your numerology chart because there are many angles (too many to type) that can add color to the match. One thing I like to look for is the difference numbers in a couples charts. These numbers tell how to keep things going smoothly rather than just 'Do we match' because eventually the similar energies fade together and the other numbers start to take precedence.

  • wow thanks ill have to look it up! 😄

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