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  • I feel i need to explain what i am about to ask. I had found an exboyfriend i knew over 15 years ago and he came from out of state to be with me but whole family had to come too this was last year in April. I feel most comfortable with him but not sure if he is my soulmate, now i have not heard from him since October. Just would like to know what happened to him? has been bothering me not knowing if he is ok or heaven forbid passed.

  • I found this post a couple of pages back:



    Please, no more reading requests. I am going to continue to work on the readings from page 19-28 and I started a new thread for those who are on those pages to go and check up on. The title is drawing so many new people in and I don't want to keep getting anybodies hopes up. If you would like to get in touch with me, I have my information on here, I think a few pages back. But I'm also on here a lot too, as you can see lol. So thank you everybody for your requests and I will be able to do the ones on my waiting list at a later date, I will let everyone know. Thanks for all the support.

    The name thread is: Reading Requests for pages 19 to 28


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  • To Danr, re your comment on page 52

    I thought I would update you on my friend... yes still many issues. I have stood back and kept my hand of friendship open - slowly bit by bit he is coming back - finding his way.

    What split us apart should not have happend apart from a real big lesson in finding true love - I have it to give, he has yet to realise what it really is.

    What you wrote in reply was very true and reminded me to have faith... waned several times, but I know the bond will never break now, even if we cant be together.... but who knows.... theres always hope (even in the enternal realm 🙂

    He is finding his way slowly - I am here for him - he now knows this, so I wait with love in my heart - like the poem I wrote - I give with my heart..

    Hope you are well, its nice to meet all of you on the forum - Carole xxx

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