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  • CharmedWitchBente - I love how you look after Universalharmony. What a thoughtful and devoted friend you are to her - it's very touching. 🙂

  • Indigodance,

    I am catching up reading the posts I have missed the last few days and wanted to comment on your poem...Wow, your words really do speak! I won't pretend to know your pain but I do understand the feelings your poem expresses. When you share a loving, caring friendship with someone and someone or something comes between that, the pain you feel can be overwhelming. As much as it hurts, sometimes you just have to give time & space and love them from a distance to allow for that person to grow & figure things out and in the process you will find yourself growing as well. Whether that person returns to the friendship is something you can't force and although you may have good intentions, if you try to push too hard it may lead to resentment and permanently sever the bond of friendship. Let your friend know you love them and will be there to support them but know that they have to find their way and so do you. It's hard, trust me I know. I hope things work out and your friend sees that what he shares with you is not worth losing. Take care & much love & many blessings I am wishing for you!

  • Charmed,

    I ditto Jenever7! She is fortunate to have such a loving friend to look out for her well being.

    Hello Everyone,

    To all who follow this thread regularly and to those who are new, I hope you are all doing well and wish you a wonderful day 😃 I'm catching up on all the posts I've missed the last few days as I continue to learn from everyone here. Keep a positive attitude and remember that life is a continuous learning process and experiences, both good and not so good (I don't like to say they are bad, although they may appear to be at the time you are experiencing them) are put before us to learn from, so look to what you are supposed to learn from them. For those that are waiting answers, if you haven't already, I suggest you read thru all the posts, you may be surprised what insight you can obtain from others who may be facing situations similar to your own. If you read other posts that touch you, share with that person and the community here your own experiences or just let them know you understand and support them. It's about helping & supporting each other and in doing so you also find a greater understanding of yourself. Just my thoughts for whatever it's worth! Lol!

    Wishing all a beautiful SUNday 😃

  • Hello danr - yes totally agree with every thing you say. I wrote that from my heart, I even surprised my self when I had finished it !! True, I have to sit and wait. We are back on communication terms, but I can feel the damage, so I send healing to it. But when another throws in toxic energy on purpose for their own gains to spoil your friendship out of their own jealousy - you are dealing with multi thoughts and negative energy from more than one source.

    He knows I send him my love still, this I do tell him, but first, he needs to understand what he damage he has actually done, not only to me but others (which he hasnt yet grasped the consequences of his actions yet ) - the casue and effects ripples on further than what he did to me - but he still cant see this - where I can - but what I cant do is tell him (he will just turn his pain and anger back on me in knee jerk reaction) - it will be a harsh karmic lesson, but all I can do is offer my love, my heart and my hand - I will be there for him, he knows this, what I cant do is let him use me. So the lesson will be hard for both of us - and the outcome I dont know yet.

    Reading the other threads in here has been a comfort as you say learning from others experiances.

    I am so sad that there are others out there quite happy to do such a thing, to wreak anothers friendship for greed - there is room for all of us to send love to each other. Love is not selective or dictoral - you dont set love with conditions and restrictions - like the little bird in the guilded cage - all looks very pretty, but will soon die of lonliness in a false environment. Love is expansive and massive - there is more than enough for all of us. Its power is tremendous and healing - unlike hurt, destructive and painful - but both can be as equally powerful.

    Love is a very mis-used and not really understood word - to many it brings with it certain expections - to some people these are totally unrealist - this is where the restriction comes in. If we understood better what love really is - maybe then others would not use it as a weapon to guage power over another, and stop using it to manlipulate others to get what they want - the world would be a happier place.

    Which is why I send love to every one - happy Sunday 🙂

  • Well, this is a long distance relationship. We have been separated for 3 years, always texting each other. But I suspect there's somebody else, or something else that is keeping him apart from me, even when he insists in marring me as soon as he can. I don't know what to do, because I've seen so many postings in social networks calling him "honey" "my love", etc. I told him not to play with my feelings, but I always got the same answer: "V. you are the one I love". I need to know if I will have the chance to talk to him, face to face, by the end of this year. Thanks so much.

    V. 3/23/60

    S. 11/10/64

  • Hello Everyone,

    I love when I take a break from the site for a little bit and come to back to such loving and caring words =). You guys really warm my hearts every time. I feel like such a dork because I sit here with a big smile on my face while typing, trying not to get caught by my boyfriend who would probably ask, why are you smiling like a mad woman??? Lol. How has everyone been? Thanks to everyone for their ongoing patience. I am working on the last 2 readings on page 18 and then I will be moving on to 19. I know I will be able to get a few readings done today, maybe more, depending on the emotional content that comes with each reading. I appreciate everyone who has given me tips on how to care for myself and keep myself going when I get drained and the encouragement to take care of myself, while their are many in need. I really love coming to this thread and this site. It really has done a lot for my life and so many of the people I have encountered on this site have really been such a great help and support system.

    My waiting list starts from page 29 and on. After that, I may make a new thread to start fresh, but we can continue to use it for conversation =). They need a chat room on here lol. Keep an eye out from the bottom of page 18 and on. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate all of the love flowing here.

    Universal Harmony

  • Cuspglyph- This is free. Though I have a paid site, this is not an extension of that in anyway. So you can ask any question you'd like and you can have it put on the wait list if you are still interested, free of charge lol 😃

    Baebae- I will put your question on the wait list. Feel free to chat with some of the other very friendly and helpful people on here in the meantime, it might bring you some comfort. My heart goes out to you in this time.

    Indigodance- Thanks for all the extra info. Sometimes, I don't ask for details because most people just want to see what I can come up with from the cards without too much extra knowledge. But when I get extra information, sometimes I can really tie the card into the individual situation much easier. What a situation. It sucks that your friend has been manipulated like this. For some people, men and women, it is amazing the power sex can have on some. Oie! I am almost on page 19 and I really look forward to working on your reading so hopefully you can get a bit of peace. You are very strong dealing with this and working in the field you do as well. Emotionally that must be a lot on your plate. But you seem to be doing so well, in the sense that you are resilient and you won't let this hold you back. I really admire that 🙂

    Jenever7- Thanks for your consideration :). I will read over the original request when I reach it and if I think it's too much, then I will take you up on the offer. But I think when I pace myself a bit, I can handle the questions, no matter the detail. I really appreciate your kindness, it is very much felt.

    Unikue23- I am going to place your question on the wait list. Thank you.

    ILoveFish- You always make me feel so loved. Plus, I always get along with Pisces for the most part lol =D. You are very right, I am quite sensitive emotionally. When these emotions and feelings get kind of overloaded, I find myself very physically tired. I admit, I am still surprised at the amount of responses lol. Empathy is one of my strongest gifts and I can really feel how much pain, confusion, frustration, and desire for better is out there in the air, the world. It is crazy cause I always wish I can do something to change it all. I know I can't change it ALL, so I do my best to do what I am capable of. Sometimes, I definitely feel overwhelmed with weight. But I have had a bit of rest, made some good food (turkey soup and a cake to go with it, yay! lol), and have had a bit of me time. Your words really helped as well. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it 😃

    Patricia1970libra- I am so glad that this was uplifting for you. You have talents lurking within you waiting to come to the light =). Thank you for the support and love.

    Walkmetalk- I will place your question on the wait list. I am so sorry the bank is being so greedy and unwilling to work with you. It is a crime, or at least it should be. Please feel free to talk to the other very knowledgeable members of this thread and forum for some advice or comfort in the meantime. You will be in my thoughts.

    CharmedWitchBente- Thank you so much :). When I feel some people may not be reading my messages, you always remind me, someone is =). I really appreciate your support and reinforcement, it is very helpful. I know you are so understanding and caring. Expect an email in your box sometime this coming week 😉

    Danr- It is great to see you popping back in. Your words are always so truthful and helpful. The best of intentions. I think I have said it before but you have such a warm soul. You really have so much wisdom to offer. Thanks for coming in and saying hello, I always love getting an update from you. I hope your Sunday is going wonderfully and you are enjoying yourself 😃

  • Lefthandedgrl- How are you? I have done your reading about Chess and his feelings for you. The card I have drawn in the Hanged Man (12). This card makes me feel as though Chess is in a moment of contemplation about you. Perhaps his feelings have spawned to a bit more than friendship, but he is at a point where he is trying to decide if moving forward would hurt that friendship. This may result in a bit of withdrawal on his part, not because of you, but because he just wants to think clearly. The hanged man hangs suspended between two worlds and realities. The realm he is hovering above is liquid, like water, rippling and flowing in a circle. The world the Hanged man is connected to the the physical, solid trees and ground. This world full of liquid and fluidity is much more different than where the hanged man is from. I feel he is not scared about these decisions or upset, he is simply taking time to enjoy his mind and thoughts. The prospect of taking the plunge to the next world is appealing, the hanged man is relaxed and almost smiling, but he is taking this time to meditate and think before he moves on. Perhaps he is surveying what life has been, what your friendship has been before moving into a next stage. What areas did he like, what areas did he not? What behavior will suit him in this future endeavor and which will not. I feel Chess has warm feelings for you, the colors in the background the pink, purple, and peach make me think of comfort, safety, caring. These are words that may come to mind when he thinks of you.

  • Hi UniversalHarmony, I hope you're doing well. I know one of your stipulations for giving readings was for us to give you feedback, so I want to make sure you didn't miss my second message in response to you. I so appreciate the reading and it was definitely worth the wait as another member stated above. I know your list is growing daily and I didn't want it to get lost, with you thinking someone took your time for granted. Anyway, my feedback is on page 49, I believe. Thank you so much again, you're great. 🙂

  • MMack1- How are you? I have done your reading. I shuffled the cards and asked what direction you should be going in business to be successful? The card I have drawn is the Four of Pentacles. When I see this card and think of business, the first words that come to my head are it takes money to make money. Something in which spending will be an integral part of being able to make a profit. I see that there is much abundance in this market, something that many people need and that access is pretty easy to. This card also stands to speak of greed. There is a possibility for greed in this path or area of business because of the abundance is so great. I think the message of this card is relating to this area of business and which direction you should head. I think this card says to follow your instincts. You probably already have an idea or something in mind. Go with what urges and drives you. But remember to be kind, to be grateful, and sometimes even giving. Your key to success will be being able to balance making profits, keeping moral up, but also giving back. Where greed runs so rampant today in this world, you have a chance to be a shining light in this industry. I think you path involves sharing, working with others on projects, and succeeding not just alone, with other people. I feel this is what the card is saying and where you may benefit most.

  • ok then i would really like to no about this one guy i does he care for me the way i do him im not really sure by the way he acts around me and i just wnt to no if he does

  • Universalharmony, I think it's wonderful of you to be so sweet and so sharing of your gifts with everyone here. Just remember to take your breaks whenever you need them so that you can recharge your batteries. I asked you for a reading back on page 42, but I don't mind the wait...all good things are worth waiting for. 🙂

    I will send energy your way to help keep you going, lol! 🙂

  • Jenever7



    Thank you for your kind n sweet words


    Thank yoiu honey, always looking out for readers lol

  • (I'm new to all of this.) It's complicated but what it all comes down to is this.....I'm with someone but long to be with someone else. He's in the same situation but I know he feels the same. Will it ever be?

  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    Just pop by to say 'Hi' (wave) and also to praise the Good effort you have provided to each and everyone of us in this site.

    Really Cant THANK you enough.

    Anyway, i read the last 2 pages. OMG, you got plenty to complete. (as usual *wink)

    No worries, i'm not gonna add on to your task list...heehee

    Do Rest Well and Take Care while you do your readings for our lovely members.

    Many Thanks and Blessing to you.

    Cheerios (",)P


  • SunCappygirl- I have done your reading for you. I shuffled the cards while asking the Universe for guidance and wisdom while asking your question. This card is a very clear message. I have the Nine of Pentacles. The message here is that you will always have someone to love. And you will always be with someone you live. Yourself. This card speaks to being comfortable with oneself, with enjoying ones company, and being happy regardless of being in a relationship or out of one. It is cliche to say you can't find love without loving yourself. I believe that you can. But it is dysfunctional love. These relationships that occur when the two people do not love themselves are full of problems, troubles communicating, and have many struggles to overcome. The message the Universe is sending you is that you do not need to worry about whether you will find someone you will love. This world has 6 billion people in and the potential for love near and far is huge. It always is. But you will not be able to draw it in your life or truly appreciate it without loving you fully now. This card shows a woman sitting in a window sill, petting her cat. Above her head is a pentacle with feathers hanging from it, it looks like a dream catcher. She is overlooking her garden, full of beautiful flowers and trees. The ocean is in the background, the yard fenced in by a white picket fence. A large yellow flower reaches up towards the sky, vine like and blooming. A butterfly hovers above the flower. I feel this scene are such serenity, almost perfection. Picture perfect. The woman is smiling, she looks so happy and content. I look at the white picket fence and think of the fantasy dream, a marriage and children, the "perfect" family and life. But this is in the horizon so I feel that this is a dream that is slightly far off. It has to be modified, like is not a fantasy. And neither is love. It is beautiful and true, but nitty and gritty as well. You will find your love, but you need to keep this in mind, to keep your expectations in check. You can have all you desire, but you must first find it in yourself. If you look for something in a man, can you find these things in yourself? And if you can't even stand being alone, with yourself, why should anybody else enjoy your company? These are serious questions this card and the Universe wants you to contemplate. You have to find the fun, the joy, the love in you. And it is all there. You are a gorgeous person, someone with the potential to create, to make peace, to bring happiness. When we focus on taking care of ourselves, the time we spend doing the things we like, and living in the present, we find the things we focus and involve in our everyday become more abundant and full of opportunity. Love will be drawn to you because you will exude it, the happiness you find will be appealing and the ability to just enjoy life is something that people who have the same attitude will really love to be around. When you do these things you will find so much love in so many forms in your life, all the time.

  • Fishy76- Long time no see. Thanks so much :). I really appreciate it. Lol, you are too true. How have you been? I hope all is well and life has been treating you good.

  • lf245706- Thank you so much for your feedback. That's funny about Osiris and Isis, maybe that's synchrocity at its best. The situation isn't exactly the same, but the betrayal and feelings of hurt, but also change and better things to come is definitely there. It can be confusing when you are with someone with a child. Sometimes people stay with that person, or go back to that person for the sake of the child. And sometimes there is a love that can not be broken beneath all of the conflicts because of the beauty of what they created (the child). This can make relationships so tough. I would say to continue and enjoy yourself and do things you want to do. I know it can be hard when feeling that connection still, but ultimately, the choice will have to be his. If you can see your life with him, but also without him and how both can be good, the separation time won't feel so bad. If he comes back, you will feel great. But if not, you will know how things are going to be anyways, good still. While you give him the time to work his things out, I would say move on with your life. He has his own issues he needs to work out, which has been made very apparent, so you can't put your life on hold while he sorts those things out. I think because of the extra info. you gave, he is probably torn between the connection he has with you and the mother of his child. It is a tough choice and one that will affect the rest of his life. Set could be the ex, who has hurt him in the past and is trying to separate the two of you. It will be up to him to make up his minds. Either way, rebirth is still available for you. Thanks for all the info. because sometimes I do readings and I'm like, yea I see this, but why? It's not always my business so I don't ask, but it is nice to see certain connections. I really appreciate it 😃

  • Good morning Universal! How are you? I wish you love and light my friend. May I ask you one question? I am marketing as best as I can with my business. Is there something I am missing?

    Blessings to all and peace and love

  • Good Morning Universal Harmony,

    "Thank You" for your kind words. What you are doing for others is awesome, even if you don't get to answer all, I know those reading the threads are learning, discovering that what you are saying applies to them also.

    Already 54 pages and you are so detailed in your readings, so I'm sure at times it is very overwhelming indeed. Be sure to drink plenty of spring water, take a nice soak bath in some good essential oils, if you have lavender to add to the water along with some epsom salts that would be very relaxing for you. If I had your address I would send you some good oils to relax your mind with. Taking care of you must be first so that you keep up your energy.

    I'm thankful that Tarot.com has set up these forums because many on here are finding help with each other. It is just extra special when someone as soft hearted as yourself gives so much to help all of us.

    I'm still praying specially for you, asking your angels to surround you with peace and love.

    Blessings to you Dear Universal Harmony, today will be a special day for you. 🙂

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