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  • Hey UniversalHarmony,

    I was by no means offended. Although I do tend to take things very personally. It's all about me. Mememememememe. I'm working on that. There were a lot of us asking the same type of question. The point I was trying to make in my very long-winded way is that some things are not as simple as they sound. I felt I needed to stand up for some of the women who might be getting discouraged. Now I'm going to give an example in another long (hopefully not too) winded story... I've got a flu trying to take hold and I'm fighting it best I can so I hope this makes sense!!

    I used to ride this horse, Cass, who was loaded with personality but a HANDFUL to say the least. I was taking lessons on him and even though I thought I was doing the right thing, giving the correct cues and such, he and I were still not connecting. I thought I was a horrible rider and couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. Then one day the instructor had me ride this 20something mare that in her day was World Champion in the Paint Horse world I believe. Well, as soon as I swung a leg over her, that old girl woke up, moved to the slightest cue, just a shift in weight on my part and then I learned I WAS RIGHT!!! I was doing it right, I was on the right track, I was not a horrible rider. So when I was asking myself all the advised questions, all I was coming up with was Cass. When I came to you, you and CharmedWitchBente showed me that maybe I'm a little closer to World Champion than I thought.

    Oh, btw, I did ask for a reading on a previous thread but never got one (that I'm aware of, I quit looking when this one started, lol). I am quite satisfied with your help and don't feel the need to search further at this time. As I've said before, me thinks you are quite gifted. Oy, I sure hope this made sense! 🙂

    Ok, so now, how do we find you when we want to PAY YOU for a future reading, like say, when I'm ready to take over Corporate America?

  • Hi again Universalharmony,

    one more thing...i loved the painting you portrayed in my reading with your beautiful and kind words. i am really grateful for your positive energy and gentleness.

    thank you...

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    You are so kind and sweet to offer your help. I'm definitely watching for when it will be my turn to get a reading from you. I have reflected on words you told me earlier and realize that I am the greatest influence in my life. My life will be what I make of it, regardless of who is or is not part of it. I have not felt this peace for a long time. I hope it is here to stay. I really appreciate your kindness. I just can't believe I let some psychics milk me but I stop blaming myself at this very minute too. I was devastated and stupid but who isn't when their heart is shattered into pieces right? I'd just call that the cutest mistakes I have ever made lol 🙂

    Thanks again! And much blessings to you.

  • Hi UniversalHarmony. It’s so great to hear back from you, I don’t know if you could sense it or not, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting your reading! Let me say thanks again for taking the time to be so helpful to all of us. I know that when it comes to relationships—as you said—one needs to look deep inside him or herself to really understand the situation. But speaking for myself, I’ve tried many times to understand the situation regarding T and it’s been unusually difficult. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered difficulties in a relationship, of course, but this IS the first time that I haven’t been able to properly move forward with a clear conscious. Usually I’m OK if I don’t get all the answers because I know I can’t control certain things, and I don’t wish to remain with someone or somewhere if I’m not wanted. However, something about this was just different and that’s why I sought a reading. Even if he and I aren’t meant to be at the end of it all, nothing regarding this has ever felt…complete? Asking you for the reading was to gain insight into this situation that—with all of my own jumbled thoughts—was becoming overwhelming. I wanted to know if I was feeling this way for a reason and you helped me gain some clarity, so I thank you for that. To answer your question, there certainly is a rivalry/competition regarding T---his ex has been vying for his attention as well, and since they have a long history, it’s been hard for me to “compete”, so to speak. I can’t get into all the details for sake of boring you and space, but I don’t fight over men and have basically been trying to do my own thing and let the chips fall where they may. Not to mention this triangle has caused tension between him and I, when before we got along perfectly. I’m currently seeing someone else, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a strong connection b/t me and T still…like perhaps we’re supposed to reunite under better, less stressful conditions? You said that he was hurt, and I think this may be referring to when his ex cheated on him. Because they do have children together, I think that he has gone back to her because sure, there may still be feelings there. But I think those feeling may be more artificial in the sense that he was with her for so long that he is comfortable with her and afraid to move on; I just can’t imagine that he’s truly, madly, deeply in love with this woman. I know this is getting long, so I’ll spare details again. All in all, thank you for your insight. It’s also very interesting that you pulled that card because I first learned of the Osiris/Isis/Set myth about a month ago! Never did I think it would refer to my own situation, lol. I’ll take your advice and give it time. In the meantime, whether we’re meant to be or not I’ll pray for guidance and take comfort in the fact that maybe he’ll find peace and so will I.

    Peace and love!

  • I wish i can find the question i had here or even the answer.Is there a way to find it?

  • Dorluv,

    Thank you and thanks again for considering me a wise person, you made my day with that complement.

    However, I don't feel very wise these days. I sure don't have any answers, just thought and experience, which tends to help others, more then it helps me. LOL

    For many years now, I have felt I am an old soul, that is constantly going in circles never finding who I have been searching for. I picture myself in a Tarot card as the Fool, because, I keep trying to do the right thing, find the right thing, fulfill my souls whole, but never getting in quit right. When I was a girl-child, I always felt something was chasing me and holding me back from finding what I needed to find, Perhaps that is because my mother was a prescription drug addict, my father was abusive and abandoned me and my step father was also abusive. I'm not entirely sure.

    Intuition and insecurities cloud me often, and only time and patients, in the waiting of things to be waited out, seems to work for me, when I allow it to. My problem is, I think way to much and I am always impatient to have things fixed and resolved.

    I am forever, asking for guidance from God and also asking him to take my burdens from me, because I become to overwhelmed. At least that has been my plight for the last 2 to 3 years.

  • I would like to hear what cards have to say to my question: Are my son and his girlfriend going to find their hapiness together?

    I hope to read the answer to my question soon... Thank you for your kind offer!

  • Hello, hope everyone is ok today my ? is on page 24 could anyone tell me if Unisveral Harmony has answed my ? yet, I read that she is working on page 28 and how I can get my reading which page will it be on? I new at this you help is greatly needed thank you all blessed be to one and all my favor always favor your sword and your true hearts desires be full and all your dreams come to past for the best life possible to all thank you!

  • Hello Universal Harmony!

    I am wondering if you see myself and my husband moving to a new place without the "extra" family.


  • hello universal,

    plz do a reading formy general future.

  • Hello Universal Harmony, and thank you very much for sharing your gift so generously with us. I have a relationship question for you today...

    How does Keith feel about me? I am looking for something that rings of the truth.

    I will patiently await your answer. Thank you again.


  • Hi Universal Harmony 🙂

    Curiosity got the better of me so just thought of jumping in for a reading myself ! Here goes :

    I see changes occuring in my relationships with others (some of them negative)...Why???

  • Than you Universal Harmony for my reading

  • Hello every one... over the last few months I have been going through my own emotional pain. I have never written poetry before, but my dear friend does as hobby. So I sat and wrote this whilst I wait for him to think about our friendship (it has been damaged by another woman who does not want us to be friends).

    I give to my lovely friend my time and my heart - unfortunately for me, he has ripped it apart.

    I give back to my friend my time and my heart - I cannot nor will not let my pain keep us apart.

    I stand here with my wounds so open and hurt; his words were so cruel, un-trustworthy and curt.

    All I can do now is stand here and wait; that is all I can do, I stand here and wait.

    I wait because giving without my heart is not really giving at all.

    Again, I offer my time and my heart ....while he contemplates what keeps us apart …… and I wait with love in my heart.

    I love my friend and still give him my time and my heart. I do a lot of spiritual work in my own way, and empathy has been with me all my journey in life. My friend is very special to me – he gave me his heart – we beat as one, HE IS THE ONE !! – so at the moment all I can do is remember those special memories.

    Yes I was emotional when I wrote this, but it seems to speak volumes... so I share with you....

    I did not tell him I wrote this - I sent it to the universe with love.

    Love to all, Carole

  • Angelique7- I am working on page 18 now. I am working from the top and making my way down from there.

    Indigodance- I like your poem =). Thanks for sharing it with us. Poetry, no matter how we want it to come out, is always good in its own way. I really like the repetition and the rhyme. As someone who loves to write and to someone who just started writing, that is great for your first time. I would say keep it up, get those feelings out.

  • Dear Universalharmony, Thank you so much for your reading, I really appreciate your time, love and energy. I’m glad you enjoyed my question. I have had a lot of emotional turmoil recently which made me go deep inside to meditate as I hate turmoil and when it happens I have to go inside in order to find a way to let go and accept that my experiences are for my own good, even if that’s the last thing I feel…….lol! Over the past few weeks I have felt some very calming moments and funny enough they have happened while I have been admiring nature. I often see the sun rise on my way to work and lately whenever I witness it I get this lovely deep feeling of serenity and joy. I pass a lot of parks too and love looking at the trees, a particular tree that has awed me during Autumn was very colourful, very bright and yellow. I like to buy flowers sometimes (don’t do it often enough) but lately when I am out and about I keep getting this feeling almost nudging me to buy them so now that I know my guide likes them I will be leaving them about as a gift for him/her.

    Yesterday, I was so shattered that I thought I would give the computer a miss and have a relaxing and early night. I was lying there meditating and thinking about the question I had asked you (and all the ones I thought I should have asked….ha, ha!) and I had a real feeling that you were either contemplating or doing my reading. Then quite out of the blue I found myself thinking about the person associated with my recent turmoil, I got a very strong feeling about him which made me feel argh! I thought I had let go of all that. Then my phone rang and it was him, I hadn’t been in contact with him for some weeks so it was a coincidence? It was just some contact but I wasn’t expecting it at all. I am so touched by your reading. It helps me to realise how complicated I can make my life when really it is the simple things that move me the most and I am glad to know that any signs I receive are joyful and simple. Yes indeed I do get some lovely moments when I am alone which make me think where did that come from? So thank you once again and I hope you are doing well and taking a break when you can. Love and light x

  • Danr:

    I just wanted you to know I started a "New Topic" to write back to you. You can find it in the Tarot forum, but you may need to go to a second or third page to get it. It has your name as the topic. I hope you don't mind.

    Peace and Love to you.

  • Good Day UniversalHarmony!!!

    My question is.... will Tomas and I bring our relationship into a deeper, more commited level soon? We've only recently become intimate, but have been dating for sometime. Or should I move on, I don't want to waste any more time, like I did with my past relationship.

    Thank you and many blessings to you this Holiday Season!!


  • Dear UniversalHarmony, i hope you are having a good evening Wow you have a lot of readings my question is on page 21 i hope i didnt miss your answer to my question but you are really busy so i know u will get to me when you get caught up Thanks i will check back in a few days.

  • Hello again!

    well, after going back and reading posts, I would really be willing to wait in line if/when you are you feeling up to reading again. You have true talent. And I look forward in getting a reading from you. Someone asked a question about a paid reading. Is this something that can be done thru tarot.com? I would also be interested in that. Anyway, I wish many blessings to you. And to all those on these boards. there are some really inspiring stories here. I have enjoyed reading them all. I think I was meant to be here tonite. This week has been really hard for me. And while I still have a very heavy heart, I do feel a bit lighter after reading a few of these post. I like the one that was writing the poem.. How very pretty that was. Also the other one with the paper she found with the lists. That was truley inspirational. Again thanks to all who are here. Blessing to you all.

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