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  • Indigodance- I love it lol :). You have made me smile too. How dare you?!?! Hehe. I'll touch on the reading thing first. It can be harder to read for ourselves than it will be reading for other people, on so many levels. Even the best really find our own selves can really get in the way. I do once in awhile to see an outlook or how to approach something, or what I can do to improve myself. But I don't read for myself as often as for others because it requires a lot of writing and alone time figuring it all out lol. Insight and intuition are great gifts to have. Intuition really can help you in so many ways. You are right though, when things get tough, sometimes it can get clouded. I have always been emotionally expressive, but hard headed when it comes to asking for help so I normally just grapple with it until I figure it out on my own. Which isn't always good lol. It is hard to figure when we should and shouldn't look for help. But definitely when we do it makes us feel more connected and related to everyone in many different ways.

    You are totally right about women being just as horrible sometimes. It is just amazing how on both sides some people can just take, take, take. Which leaves people feeling drained and defenseless. And guys can definitely be more ego driven when it comes to being told a truth they do not want to hear. That is why I address women more on here because even though there are men on this site, there are wayyy more women. I wish more men seeked this type of guidance, it would be helpful for everyone lol. The few men I have read for tend to be pushier for direct, exact answers too. But alas, we can't fix it all in a day. This world has really gotten more selfish in general. If it wasn't there wouldn't be 1 billion or more hungry kids in this world when there are billions of dollars floating around internationally to feed them. Sharing is an aspect of survival in a way but we don't see it as such anymore. That is why it is great to meet other people who love to share and talk and exchange like you =). I think conversation is just one of my favorite forms of communication, in whatever form it takes.

  • 14me- I'll place your name on the waiting list. Thanks.

    Anyone willing to help CharmedWItchBente, that would be great. Anyone with any insight or thoughts/images they may get, whatever comes to mind. You will be amazed how much info. you can get just by closing your eyes and concentrating on the person and then listening. So many people on this thread have talent, so practice some of it and see what you come up with. Just a suggestion 😃

  • Dear UniversalHarmony,

    I asked of someone else in the forum to do this reading for me, but I would really appreciate it if you could do the same for me, as I trust readers on this forum, since you're really out here to help and not for any other purpose. So this is my situation:

    I recently (2 months ago) had a break up with my bf. This has hurt me tremendously and I still can't find the strength to move on. I want to feel better and not be in this mess. I have had numerous readings and most psychics have told me to hang on because he still has feelings for me and that if I am patient that it will work. A lot of what a number of them told me don't turn out to be true. I don't trust them anymore because it seems like they were telling me what I wanted to hear so I would keep coming back for their advice. I am in the position where I think if I keep hanging on I will continue to be tormented by his coldness. I would like to ask you to shed some insight into my situation. Will he ever be back in my life? If so in what time frame? Or is he already moving on? Please also provide insight into what will be ahead of me as far as my love life and career if you can. Thank you boundlessly for your help. Many blessings to you.

  • Lf245706- How are you? I have done your reading regarding T and his feelings towards you. The card I have received is the Ten of Swords. To be honest, this is a bit lopsided from my point of view. Is there someone in your life competing for your interest or in the same area as this other man where he can see his like for you? This card is called the card of ruin in the book. But I do not think that applies at all here to what T feels for you. This card shows the story of Osiris, Isis, and Set. Osiris and Isis marriaged, even though all of them, Osiris, Isis, and Set are siblings (weird but back in the Egyptian days that didn't matter as much lol). Set was in love with Isis too and the sibling rivalry they had already erupted eventually. Set killed Osiris, this card shows him stabbing him not in the back, but right in this chest, with Isis in the background crying in rage and sadness. Osiris eventually is resurrected as Isis is the Goddess of rebirth. What I am seeing is this. This man T probably has just gone through something that has rocked his world, really hurt him. He is coming out of this phase and is just starting to see the glimpse of better and new on the horizon. But is still slightly frightened, afraid history will repeat itself, that he will be hurt again. I see him viewing him as someone who can help him in his healing, who will help him grow and become wiser. But a possible fear may be holding him back. I also think a possible jealousy or rivalry may be holding him back as well. With T, I would say give him a bit of time to let his emotions settle finally. When he sees clearly he will know which path to resurrection to take, to his rebirth and I think if he is seeing clearly, he will realize you can help, lovingly and willingly.

  • Heyyouwassup- I have mentioned many times I am not giving readings past page 28 until later, but I can give some insight. If you feel these psychics are stringing you along just for money, they probably are. I feel that if he hasn't come back already, he will not be and by holding on and wishing and waiting is only hurting you more. You can't find strength and move on without first letting go. You must let go. Because even if he comes crawling back one day, by then you will be over what happened in the past and more able to make a decision based on the future. It might be harsh to say this, but now isn't a time to focus on your future love life. Now is the time to focus on you. To heal you and to love yourself. Restore what you feel you have been missing from this man, give what you need to yourself. I feel he has already moved on and if you feel his coldness, this is definitely a sign. Tarot and psychics are not fortune tellers so I would say to avoid any reader who says they can predict the future. This is simply not true. So many things change the course of the future, so it is never definite. Look for readers who specify this to you rather than promise 99% accuracy or some other bull. You have all the answers you need within yourself and I know you are looking for clarity so I will add you to my wait list if you are still interested in a card reading. But this is my gut and intuition talking, and also my professional side talking because I work as a phone reader. Don't trust anyone who feeds off your pain and sorrow. This is disgusting and a shame to do. If you feel you are being fed bull to keep you coming back, drop them immediately. A true reader wants to help you find the tools to solve your problem easily and though we like repeat customers, if it only takes one call, that is great for us too. Don't be lured by the lies and exaggerations. My heart goes out to you in this time and I know you do have the strength to move on and move forward.

  • UniversalHarmony:

    I want to begin by thanking you for any assistance you can give me. In a world that can revolve around greed and selfishness, it is amazing that someone is willing to guide another person in life for free. Thank you so much and I hope you receive many blessings for all the work you do!

    My question is regarding a man I met about 6 months ago. I had initially met him on a social networking website and asked him out on a date. We met, had a wonderful time, and I truly thought it would amount to so much more. He never called so, about a month later, I initiated contact and we saw each other again. Again, no call. He contacted me months later and had a really lengthy chat with me and I got to know him well. Then, he disappeared once more. My question is: should I continue to maintain hope that he and I will develop a romantic relationship? He's the only man I've remained smitten about for this long. If it helps, he is a Capricorn (born on the cusp of Sagittarius, 12/24) and I am a Cancer, born on the cusp of Leo (7/19). Thank you for any insight at all!

  • Oh, I just read your note about not performing any readings after page 28! I'm terribly sorry! I wish you well! 🙂

  • Thank you Universal Harmony,

    Your words help me a lot. That is what I feel I should do too. I would really like to be on your wait list if that is possible.

    Thanks again!!!

  • Gmfergus- How are you doing? I have done your reading. I shuffled the cards and thought of your question, " Is there a future to my relationship with J?" The card I pulled for you is the Ten of Pentacles. As this card is considered the legacy card in the book that comes with it, I think of family. The children in the card having fun make me think of the beginning. These are the two things that are required if you want a future to your relationship, which their can be, it is definitely strongly possible with this positive card and some effort. In the family area, I see either your family members, his or yours, coming into play and affecting this relationship. Maybe someone is disliked or a family member is just trying to stick their noses too far into your relationship business or life. On the other hand, if you have children this may be putting somewhat of a strain on the relationship. I see a need for alone time to work out your togetherness as something that would help your relationship. When I say the beginning, I think that it would serve you guys best to look back to the beginning, or a time where their was less worrying and stress, when it was easier to just be wondrous, interested, and excited to be in each others company. A need to kind of find that teenage or child like wonder in each other to bring more fun and spark into the relationship. Something to ease the stress and take your minds off the outside pressures. As this card has a man meditating on it, I would say meditating for awhile might help you to find some more required answers from within. And I also would say animal companionship may help your relationship, how I don't know lol. But there are two dogs on the card and each party, the man meditating and the children, are enjoying their companies. I hope this is helpful and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Yourprincess09- Thank you so much =). I would be happy to place you on the wait list if you are still interested as I'd still love to do your reading when I reach it. Let me know.

    Heyyouwassup- It's my pleasure. I hate hearing about people being taken advantage of like that. I will definitely place you on the wait list. I will put a message up with the names and such, and when I do you can specify your question then. Thanks.

  • Monya- Thank you so much for your feedback. It was really helpful for me. I think in terms of your jobs and his actions there, he does still like you, your work ethic, and care about your well being. But when it comes to this other woman, despite what others may have said, it will be up to him to decide whether he will leave or stay. I mean, it's a half and half chance, as the divorce rate is pretty much there. What type of psychics do you talk to, and do you pay for them? I know psychics can have good insight, but I think it is amazing that they would speculate on the paternity of this child. Personally, I think it is invasive privacy wise, rude, and frankly, bull because they are not doctors and have no paternity test. That's just me, there are certain things I wouldn't touch. But I question people who say things like that, especially if they are getting paid. If these things are true, he will lead her of his own accord. I would say move on and live your life anyways though. This way you are not stuck waiting for anything not guaranteed and this may make him want to more lol. You aren't stuck focused on him, you are free to do what you want, and him to do what he wants. It will make you feel more free and he will get the point that you can't wait forever. My two cents 🙂

  • Atirro42- How has life been treating you these last few days? Thanks so much for the continuous support, it really has been helpful and inspiring.

  • UniversalHarmony- Yes, I would greatly appreciate being placed on the waiting list! Thank you so much! 🙂 Hope all goes well!

  • Thank you, I'll do that. I read the first 8 or so pages already..figured I'd seen enough to engage your expertise 🙂

  • So true UH, so true. Which is why I have stayed away all this time, trying to move on. A lot of things in his life do not make sense, but I can't hold on to these flimsy things; it's kind of like wishing on a star. I agree with you that it's hard to believe that a psychic may be able to have a say about the paternity, I doubted it myself, until two completely different people told me the same thing. Yet what makes you think somewhere in his mind we are a couple?

  • Hi UH. I will definitely wait for my reading too. Thank you for taking the time to do everyone's!

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    Thank you so much for my reading. I really appreciate your kindness. I am going through such a painful time with this, and I just can't stop crying. My heart is so heavy. I was hoping that I would at least understand why a person I was so close to would just stopped talking to me. It would have helped me so much if I knew that it has nothing to do with me. Can you tell that at all?

    Thank you again for being so kind...

  • Hello UniversalHarmony,

    I would very much like for you to give me a reading when you have the time. If you could please add me to the waitlist...I will appreciate. Thank you!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years, if I don't hear from you before then.

  • Dear Universal Harmony-

    Thank you for the reading-I gave the barest information as I wanted a clear path for you. The 10 of pentacles being the legacy/family card definitely is appropriate. We met because of a trip my my mother and I made together and formed a strong bond. Continued the realtionship long

    distance and spent time together twice more,I am the caretaker for my mother which prohibits

    my leaving where I am to spend time with him. When we spent time together this past year we both put up walls because of this.

    We have gone through an incredibly rough patch, I asked for the reading because I know that he is an imprtant aspect in my life , and needed to know if now that I have recentered my self if I should keep the door open. You have answered that question. My mother has begun the process of letting go , and once she has moved on I will be able to spend time in his company without strain, and at ease. I have begun to re establish less stressful communication between us and your reading lets me know that I am moving in the right direction. My stress in my day to day life overflowed to our realtionship, that was in its begining stage, I now recognize that and am working on mainting balance and patience with this path.

    Thank your for the insight- Should anything else come to you I would welcome the insight.

    Many thanks again- best wishes in heart-


  • Universalharmony,

    I just want to thank you for your continued help to all us on the forum.

    If you are still accepting new requests on this thread I would love to make use of your guidance again. I don't know if your remember my situation from past posts but I have a question concerning the future in relation to the situations I am in with my relationships. Things are still in a transition period, however I honestly feel things will work out for the best. The specific question I have is, should I be thinking about the house in FL as my future?

    Thanks again for you past guidance and any assistance you can offer with this question.

    With Love,


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