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  • Kay aries u make so much sense. I confuse my insecurirties with intuition too. for example i invited my my lover to a comedy night and everything he did after I invited him portayed that he was not interested to come. So I started to make plans for myself and other people to go I was so sure he did not want to come and I was not ging to ask again, and then I woke up and got an email saying he couldnt wait to see me later and was missing me. I was so shock because i really didnt see this coming. Everything i was feeling said otherwise. but im so used to people letting me down. it is second natute alomst . Im sorry but its the truth ur saying.

  • Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.

    My family has been going thru major turmoil the past 6 months, serious issues and I want to know if I'm making a mistake in staying or if this is the universe telling me its time to get out and start over?

    Seriosly losing it

  • vinandyang I dont really know the answers myself but I Know one thing expressing myself here makes me feel better. and as a wise woman once said Her name is Kay Aries " Time is the revealer to the truth". but some situations u have to get out right away becaz it may be too dangerous. I just go through Whatever process I need to go through and I dont deny my feelings. if I feel like crying I cry. We will be here for u just know dat ok

  • My question is...Is Bill the one for me?



    Hello Everyone,

    Sorry for the delay and lack of readings the past couple of days. I got hit with such an energy drain I couldn't do much of anything for a bit. This happens sometimes, I will start off excited and with good momentum. But then the energy, the emotions, the feelings, surround me, catch up to me, and knock me off my feet a bit. It is something I am still trying to get a hold of lol. Plus, now more and more I am using some psychic intuition or clairsentience, audience, cognizance. Which is coming easier but is tiring. Thank you for all the interest and comments. To everyone I have read for so far, thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. You have all really touched my heart and helped to uplift me. It is truly a great feeling. As I have said before, you can feel the positive energy in the room. Though many people are sad and you can feel that too, you can feel the love and hope others wish to bring to each other.

    To everyone else, I know I am repeating myself but I am only working on readings up to page 28 for now. The first time I did this, I never got so many requests and it is taking longer than I thought. But I will be working on many today and this evening so bear with me. In the meantime, talk, chat, enjoy each other's company lol. Everyone seems so wound up to get their reading that they forget you can still have fun even when you don't have all the answers. And again, for women who keep asking, how does H feel about me, or how does T feel about me. It sounds rude, but if you really have to ask, then he probably does not feel strong enough. And why don't you know? Where is the communication with this individual? Too many times I find women give themselves so easily to men who don't even tell them how they feel, only to find out they are just using them. Stop the cycle. Talk to these men. Do it for yourself because you will continue to have to get readings on that issue if you can't ask the question. Love and light to everyone πŸ˜ƒ

    Universal Harmony







  • Dear ALWAYSBAD - Not if you consistently use the name ALWAYSBAD will you develop a less stressful life. Words and thoughts are invisible material energy which when reinforced enough with speech and thought become tangible reality. The name I use is Almalena. Alma means soul. Lena means light . To me that is a visibly lit - up soul - or a clear soul. And clarity and self understanding HAS been happening for me. So try giving yourself a positive meaning title. In a while you will see changes for the better.

  • Dear ALWAYSBAD - Not if you consistently use the name ALWAYSBAD will you develop a less stressful life. Words and thoughts are invisible material energy which when reinforced enough with speech and thought become tangible reality. The name I use is Almalena. Alma means soul. Lena means light . To me that is a visibly lit - up soul - or a clear soul. And clarity and self understanding HAS been happening for me. So try giving yourself a positive meaning title. In a while you will see changes for the better.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am back on for the day and will be working on a few more readings. I am currently on page 16. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. And patience lol =). I will be getting to it shortly.

    Universal Harmony

  • Ictdog, Indigodance- I am sorry if I offended either of you in any way. I agreed with what Leonida had said and I just want to clear that up just in case. I know neither of us mean anybody is weak, or some reluctant, flimsy lady. Guidance and clarification is always desired in all aspects of life, so why not in love and feelings? These can be confusing issues and I understand that. But when it comes to consulting tarot and other people, I always get concerned when they put others feelings above their own. Or if they have even talked with this individual about these situations or problems that occur. I only speculate because you would be surprised the amount of calls I get where people would like to know about situations they have little or no connection with. I am a firm believer of using the tarot or psychic guidance as a tool of inner insights to help you in outer and inner situations. But my own wish is that more people communicated better with each other. And ask how they could stimulate this conversation. How to improve communication, how to gauge when someone is lying, how to cut through to the truth. I feel that relationships, friendships, family, lovers, have so many troubles due to communication that can be learned and developed. And I believe everyone can learn and incorporate that into their life. So when I say if you have to ask, I feel your inner self is in turmoil from seeing clearly. I have been there before. But we want to get to the root of why and I feel this is more concerning than the top layer of the problem. Most of them can be solved by going deeper and by finding how to communicate these feelings to different kinds of people. I know so many times, the other person has their own issues, their own communication problems, their own walls and conflicts they have to overcome, but when we think about what we want and how we feel, sometimes we don't see those things as well. And sometimes these men are just plain horrible at letting people know where they stand. Which isn't cool on their part. Sometimes its problems, sometimes its something else and it can be confusing at times. But some people let that persist in hopes of them coming around. You can't change anyone who doesn't want to change but we wish we can, its natural. But that is the truth of the matter. And our hopes sometimes surpass reality. Looking at the threads I know there are many people who have asked many other people the same question in different forms, unable to accept whatever advice provided until it sounds like the advice they would like to hear. And I am not pointing any fingers. I just feel we should point these things out so people think deeply about their questions so they know which answers will be best for them too. And which questions they can handle the answers to. I can't remember where I read it but I remember the saying stuck with me. "We never get the wrong answers, we just sometimes need to ask the right questions." This is my philosophy in tarot and many of these other types of insights that everyone so graciously provides on this board and this is what I would like people to stick true to. My own selfish desire lol. Just giving my two cents and stuff just in case I hit a nerve with anyone. Thank you both for your insight because it helps me to understand your points better too.

  • Good afternoon UniversalHarmony wat is my approach with James? Peace and Musch Blessings

  • HighPriestess3- I would love to read you or read for you. I just want to clear up if you just want me to pull a card and see what I see about you or if you have a question too. I would love to still give you your reading if you wanna just let me know.

  • Toledo51- How are you? Thanks for patiently waiting, I really appreciate it. I have done your reading. The card I have received is the Five of Pentacles. The gut feeling I have to J coming back is no. I am sorry to say this. But I have the feeling that he left originally and that he has no intentions of coming back at this time. This card speaks to hardship, as this time will be a tough one. The card displays a person huddled at the doorway of what looks like a church or a beautiful house. Only a small portion of the house is shown but it is beautiful because of the color stained glass windows with the five pentacles in it. It is cold and there is snow all over the ground. This individual has a cloak but it looks thin. On the other side of the door is a glow of a man, staring out of the door, or perhaps with his back turned. It looks as though the person outside the door has knocked and no one has come to help. This is a sign that it is time to start a new, solitary journey. This journey will give you independence, it may be new and slightly scary, but it will teach you new things about yourself. Normally this card can represent finances but it also represents people you may have once depending on letting you down. This is what I feel this card speaks to more. Follow your path as it is leading away from J and remember the beauty of a stained glass window. It is multi-faceted, beautifully colored and looking, brings hope and light, as they seem to shine even in darkness. You will find new discoveries on this path, new people, and a new way to support yourself and find happiness. This is not bad. This is a chance to grab the wheel and steer yourself in your own direction, without needing the help of anyone else.

  • Universalharmony~~I would appreciate any insight for my current relationship. So I suppose my question would be...Is there positive, lasting relationship potential with David? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  • PrettyBear, I will place you on the wait list because I am not taking any past page 28. All others will be done after that. If you want you can read through the thread and see what you may come to expect and the awesome guidance others have offered in here as well. Thanks.

  • Hello UH, I did smile at your comment about men sometimes being horrible at not communicating properly πŸ™‚ They forgot to tell us that mind reading should be compulsory part of the relationship game !!!

    It was beginning to feel a bit negative around some comments coming in against men – and as I am a person that likes every one to look at the responsibility they play in their part of a relationship – hence my impulse to add further insight. Us women can be just as bad, hence I felt the need to express a different way of thinking – to give an alternative way to look at the same problem. Like you say, many ask the same question over again in a different way, hoping to get a different answer.

    I have had many a man crying to me in turmoil as they couldn’t understand what was going on with their women friends – but to tell them they were being taken for a ride was not what they wanted to hear. Male ego is worse than female emotions believe me when in turmoil !!! So it’s always difficult to find balance.

    Your comment on never getting a wrong answer, but asking the right question is very true. A lot of problems with communication could be resolved if our societies didn’t give so much credence to one's own ego and selfworth – and did more to promote our shared connectedness.

    I make a point of not being offended at things, I just see them as a challenge, and by exploring our challenges we get stronger each time we ask a question –– but that is what its all about, and that’s were wonderful people like you come in – to offer your loving support to those who could do with some light and insight.

    I am a beginner at tarot, but far too emotional with my own issues to read for myself (then again I was always told it was not really a good idea to do that – emotion gets in the way). Most of my skills are with insight and intuition – I am not usually wrong, but when emotional turmoil sets in – we go off in the wrong direction – hence seeking out kind and loving friends.

    I know my friend in LA does care for me, my issue is how much?? To read all the listings is a great insight to how we relate to each other – and we all are connected with the same theme – to find love in our hearts and share it πŸ™‚

  • Hello Azure2. Thanks so much for this question as I was hoping to get some like this. I am fairly new to spirit communication and I feel I should let you know. I shuffled the cards and asked the Universe and the spirits and your guide what signs should you be aware of, what knowledge might appear to be from you, and what information am I allowed to tell her? I always like to ask the spirits permission as they act as guardians, teachers, and so much more and sometimes wish for us to find out things on our own. The card I have received is the Four of Wands. This is beautiful card and one of the favorite in my deck. This card is considered the celebration card in the book that comes with the deck. I see this as your spirit guide being a joyful spirit and communicating to you most in times of joy. Or in happy nature related signs. Rather than communication through talk (in images, visions, words, etc.) I think at the time your spirit guide is more comfortable leaving signs as you asked about. And they are out in the open, so I feel these will be signs you can notice. My eyes are first drawn to carnations, there are three beautiful bouquets of them on top of the three poles wrapped in pink silky looking ribbon. A cute black/brown dog that looks like a terrier or something has the same bow/ribbon material on his/her neck. The final pole or wand is in the center of a beautiful field, multi-colored ribbons wrap around the top of the pole and people from the community come together, dancing and holding a ribbon of their own, circling happy around the pole. I think of trance and the movement of going around in circles, swaying and swaying until you have become slightly hypnotized. I feel deep meditation will bring across meditations from your spirit guide. The signs I see looking for are possibly pink and/or yellow in color, they may be seen in flowers or trees (or perhaps your spirit guide loves those flowers and can be called upon easier when you leave them a gift). The main thing I see is to look for the signs in happiness, in human interaction. Small "coincidences" between people you are hanging with, people around you mentioning similar thoughts or interests as you, a feeling or air of something joining or bringing you together. And when alone, you get the happy or smiley feeling for no reason, that is your spirit guide as well. I feel she/he works in a way to keep a positive energy around you, to bring an air of celebration for life. I hope this makes sense to you and feel free to ask any questions.

  • Dear UniversalHarmony

    ....yes please.. I would be grateful if you would .just pull a card (or as many as you like) and see what you can see for me. ((fingers crossed) That would be great...I love your readings!. If you would like your own chart done I just need date, time and place and I'll see what I can see. Thanks very much. Peace and love.

  • hello thnx for sharing ur gift with us, i have one question: i cant help the feeling i have about Eric whom i met 6 weeks ago, but he hasnt called will he?


    If any of you do reads as well on this thread, would i love one regard what man is for me and love please. I ask for description of the man, facial, hair, height, profession he does did, nationallity maybe, sunsign, when n where we meet etc.

    Further now that im at it, i need you also to look into a new profession for me as im currently unemployed n has all options open that im going slightly mad considering them all.

    Thank you for your time and help before hand


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