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  • hi, universal harmony...my question is whether merritt has feelings for me. thanks for your time.

  • hi, universal harmony .... my question is whether merritt has feelings for me. thanks for your time.

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    I could hardly wait for your reading and it felt like weeks but it was only several days. I'm lucky. You're in such demand. I read your reading and every word of it is true. We do have that connection that I've never felt before. There is something to value in that we both have not faded away from each other's thoughts after at least 30 years and marriages in between. The civil unrest that separated us which he and friends thought I was dead was so unfortunate. I wonder had it not happen could we have ended up together? I know his answer for he told me, that if we opened up our hearts to each other then we would have 10 children now. I realize his circumstances and it would be difficult for me to continue, more so, as you said, for him because of his situation. In some ways it seems cheating to communicate and I am confused about it. We email, and yes there's the childlike thrill about it. Time turned back almost like real life when we saw each other and he whispered "you're not a ghost." Our distance thousands of miles apart makes it impossible to see each other again although he plans to come back to see me - don't know when. Why he came back and reconnected is precious and fantastic (like a war romance) and yet bitter sweet for now he knows that I'm alive and we are looking at each other seemingly from the outside looking in. Waiting between emails seems so difficult. But, in fact, the frequency is probably normal, would you say?

    Thank you. I will take it slow. Thanks for validating my feelings about this. Pray that I will tough it.


  • Tellstar, I'm SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks VelveteenRabbit (nice name). Actually, it is a waiting game but sweet in the sense that we confirmed our feelings which we shied away from when we were much younger and without complications on either side.

  • Hi Universal Harmony - When I read your example of one card questions I had to laugh because that is the exact question I ask on here all the time.!!! Except I don't really know how to read the cards. I'm going to take it as a sign to ask you! So....How does Tom feel about me?? Thank you for offering to share your gift with others! Never knew I could get a reading here!!

  • oops.. sorry I did not read the earlier post that you are taking a break after page 28. I will check back another time! Love & Light to you!

  • charmed, you're such a sweetheart!!!! I appreciate the way you keep helping out and keep encouraging us...I might have THOUGHT of giving up if I hadn't read what you just said. I wouldn't know if she'd be able to finish (I know that I couldn't have the stamina she does) She's so good, isn't she?!! I am new at this and had no idea what to expect. I'm in awe at the kindness here... but, charmed, thanks. 🙂

  • Hello to ckdgh703

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate hearing from your perspective. It actually took a lot for me to even post in here, but I can answer your questions. First of all, I am not trying to rush into anything significant with my old flame. Anyway, he lives in Mississippi now and I live in Pennsylvania that would take too much effort that I am not ready to put out on a maybe. As for my children's father, I really feel that he is not really committed enough to quit. I have always thought he hit rock bottom at least 4 times that I can count, but he always seems to justify why he got back into drinking once he leaves jail. Guess he hasn't served enough time, but I don't believe his sincerity is real, so I don't really want to re-kindle anything with him, really. I would rather not let him see the children, because it is hard on my 8 yr old daughter for him to come and go out of her life like this, he never cared particularly about our young son, who is now 5, so he never attempted to bond with him. He brings chaos with him and I would like to keep him at arms length.

    I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and I take what you say seriously. Many blessings and much love to you, and I hope to talk to you again soon.

  • Hello Universalharmony,

    Will you please look into my question related to my long search for a job. As a result of huge changes in my former company I was laid off thiss summer. It is difficult to find a job in this tough economy and it makes me feel discouraged. I want to get my life back on track. I had many telephone interviews and a couple of face-to-face interviews. However, I am still without a job. I love my profession and have many great references. Here are my general question When I will I be hired? Will I need to relocate because of my new job? My DOB is 12.26.68

    I appreciate your kind response.







  • hi universal harmony,

    its me again......right now im feelimg like breaking down and crying and i dont know why. i have learned some things about who i am but nothing seems to be going right for me. What am I to do now that I have become aware of this knowledge? 8-20-82 if you need this information.

  • I too am waiting for a response from UH (back to page 19 ??) I have been following the treads and my heart is going out to so many of you all. Firstly please remember in essence we are all one - we feel each others pain as well as share each others joy.

    Universal Harmony is giving the gift of her time to help those (like me) who are struggling with our thoughts and minds. I am yet to have a response - but even if I don’t get one now, just knowing my thoughts and concerns are wrapped around such a loving environment such as this place - brings loving and healing energy of its own to my woes...

    Dear friends - I personally understand how it feels to have ones emotions so overwhelmed with such worries. But can I put forward one thought for you to consider - and that is the essence of "expanding consciousness” We all have this ability - it’s how we find our higher self. Take some quite time and space to sit and contemplate on your issues. You may find some (not all) of the answers come to you. Then another step in this journey we call life had been done.

    I would also like to add, that there is an awful lot of planetary movement going on at the moment which will be compounding these issues for us. But as I keep being reminded - we are fulfilling the steps of our path for ourselves - painful - yes very. Just keep within you “faith” - that you as individuals in expanding your own consciousness - we are collectively one. Can you imagine if we all collectively merged our love as one - the power and energy that would hold. A wonderous thought to consider.

    Love to all, Carole xxxx

  • HI,

    my name is crystal, I also read tarot cards using the rider waite pack. (using a seperate pack for myself)

    I am still learning so still not that good at giving readings for other people yet, but if anyone is willing to let me I will give it a go for you.

    Please be aware though that the readings I give may not always answer your original question as sometimes the cards and the spirits will address a situation they feel is more important.

    incidently if anyone would like to do a reading for me I would be very grateful.

    My main question is will the courts believe my children and I ?

    Thank you for reading and if anyone decides to go ahead please be willing to leave feedback, even if you need time to work out what the cards are saying.

    I offer a basic reading or a six month reading,however please be aware that the six month reading does take some time to do.

    I will also need your first and last name, d.o.b and rough whereabouts.

    love and light crystal

  • i am wondering if the first name will do? debra 10/14/55/i live in In. i would like to know please will i purchase the houjse at 4830 washington thank you have had several blocks

  • crystal that post was for you the house on 4830 eashington

  • my birthdate is 8/02/57 his is 5/05/55 if this is helpfully in answering the ? I have been patiently for my answer to this very special ? I really need to know asap thank you and blessed be hope you get a lot of karma good credit for doing all this hard work for all of us for free that is a very special underfull gift you have choise to share for free with us thank you very much!!!( orgininaly ? was will we ever be together agin after all these years I Know and have been told several times we are true soulmates and we do have a child and 3 grandchildren he really did not have a chance to raise with me due to us both being told lies so i hoping the answer is yes,thank you

  • Hi. I would like to know how J. feels about me. Many, many thanks.

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    I understand your request to answer all your pending readings which is until page 28. I'll patiently wait until you finish them all before I post my questions too. More blessings to your kindness and generosity in helping other people...

  • Hello Everyone,

    Sorry for the delay and lack of readings the past couple of days. I got hit with such an energy drain I couldn't do much of anything for a bit. This happens sometimes, I will start off excited and with good momentum. But then the energy, the emotions, the feelings, surround me, catch up to me, and knock me off my feet a bit. It is something I am still trying to get a hold of lol. Plus, now more and more I am using some psychic intuition or clairsentience, audience, cognizance. Which is coming easier but is tiring. Thank you for all the interest and comments. To everyone I have read for so far, thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. You have all really touched my heart and helped to uplift me. It is truly a great feeling. As I have said before, you can feel the positive energy in the room. Though many people are sad and you can feel that too, you can feel the love and hope others wish to bring to each other.

    To everyone else, I know I am repeating myself but I am only working on readings up to page 28 for now. The first time I did this, I never got so many requests and it is taking longer than I thought. But I will be working on many today and this evening so bear with me. In the meantime, talk, chat, enjoy each other's company lol. Everyone seems so wound up to get their reading that they forget you can still have fun even when you don't have all the answers. And again, for women who keep asking, how does H feel about me, or how does T feel about me. It sounds rude, but if you really have to ask, then he probably does not feel strong enough. And why don't you know? Where is the communication with this individual? Too many times I find women give themselves so easily to men who don't even tell them how they feel, only to find out they are just using them. Stop the cycle. Talk to these men. Do it for yourself because you will continue to have to get readings on that issue if you can't ask the question. Love and light to everyone 😃

    Universal Harmony

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