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  • Hello Universal Harmony!

    My question is when will I hear from my friend Chris again?


    Blessed be

  • Hi universal harmony,

    My question is about my career, will I get a promotion in 2010?

  • Good evening Universalharmony! Thank you for your gracious offer to read for everyone. I am new on here within the last couple weeks and find it refreshing how everyone is so willing to help one another and be supportive, whether they have gifts to share or just heartfelt advice. There is a man who is very special to me that always will be. We broke off our relationship a year ago, he broke my heart bad but we do love each other and have remained very close friends, part of each others lives and think of each other as family. There is a new man who has expressed interest but I don't want to hurt or be unfair to anyone and don't know if he will understand my friendship with this other man, that I will always be close friends with him and his family. So my question would be, is now the time to move forward and start dating again? My dob 05/21/64, my friend 07/06/68, all I know of the new man is he was born in 1969. Thank you in advance for any insight you may be able to provide.

  • Atirro42, thank you for your feedback. Great Britain makes a lot of sense for a past place because that is a location where europe, middle east, and africa meets and had many races even in olden times and those are the nationalities showed on the card. I shuffled the cards and asked your second question about your philanthropy vision. Whats funny, I got the Ten of Cups again. The Universe is sending a powerful message that this is the card for you. 10 is the number of completion in numerology and symbolizes the ending of the system and beginning of another. 1+0= 1 and when you reach 9 in numerology, the cycle begins again. This time looking at the card I am drawn to the child watching the adults celebrate their growth, abundance, and harmony. The child is happy and this is a chance for her to gain experience in what she likes, traditions, and seeing others happiness in growth and togetherness. She claps from the sidelines with pure childlike happiness and interest. I feel this is how you need to approach your business venture, with childlike wonder and enjoyment. Also, these children need to stay in the forefront of your mind in this pursuit. Intention is a powerful thing and when you have the best, the best tends to unfold before your eyes. I also see three adults on the card and think of two individuals helping you in this venture, a man and a woman. They may offer you moral support or ideas and opportunities/networking. I see great things in this card if you maintainer inner harmony and an ability to work with others.

  • Taurusgirl1974, I am happy to do a reading for you but I must inform you that the tarot is not a fortune telling tool and not exactly the best to consult in questions of when. I pulled a card for you and the card I have received is the Magician (1). As a major arcana card, this points to this being a very important issue to you right now. The Magician on the card is busy using all his elements, the chalice, the wand, the sword, and the pentacle to create magick, possibilities, illusions, and something new. He has fruit and candles in front of him and the infinity sign is placed in the very front. I feel this as saying that you have all the resources you need to create something new and better for yourself right now. I do not think Chris is ideal for you at this time in your life, to be quite frank, and you the cards suggest that you should pursue creating new avenues and opportunities in your life for change and growth. This is also a card of action, calling on you to take reserve of your innermost desire's and put them into full use to create what you would like. How is your communication with this man? Does it seem limited or strained, not on the top of his priority list? I say that you would benefit from finding things you find enjoyment from while awaiting contact to distract you from thinking of it and you will begin to stop worrying about it once you do these things you like. It is all about you and if he is ready to embrace you, he will. In the mean time, now is the time to use action and your desire's to set magick in motion in your life.

  • Hello sexygem, how have you been? It's nice to see you are still active and posting :). I have done your reading and asked the cards for guidance and advice and if they see a promotion for you in 2010. The card I have received is The Sun (19). I see this as a card of bright beginnings and good fortune shining down on you in the future. I would say that is a yes. I would say to keep this positive outlook and sunny disposition all the way through that time, as you will see the effects it has on others in your job, your friends/family, and yourself. This card displays a naked child sitting in the center of a sunflower, his arms stretched towards the suns and the small multi-colored flowers around him. He is smiling and the warmth is basking on his head, shoulders, and arms. I feel this card speaks to admiring and taking time to acknowledge your inner child. I also feel that since he is sitting cross legged and the light is illuminating above onto his head, I see the cards as suggesting meditation and visualization. These will help you become more centered and pull your goals closer towards you to make them easier to attain. If you already meditate, I would say work on speaking with your inner child and letting it feel the love and warmth that you always have within you. The final bit is that in numerology, 19 is 1 (1+9=10=1+0). 1 stands for leadership, change, and motivation. Drive and determination will get you your promotion in 2010 and you will need to show leadership and motivational qualities to show you are ready and when you get your promotion. 1 also means change and I think this change is positive, your promotion will be a good one that will be fulfilling for you.

  • Hello danr, I have read your situation and before I even shuffled the cards my gut was screaming yes. I feel like before I even do a reading that now is the time to move on and continue to date. If this man has broken your heart in the past and now you are friends, he will understand that you want to move on and start anew. And you deserve that respect and should command it. If this new man is showing interest and you like him, I already say go for it. I pulled a card for you and they confirmed it. The card I have received for you is the Sibyl of Pentacles (queen). I feel she is speaking directly to you. The queen is sitting in her throne, engraved with a pentacle and wrapped with a rose and she is looking down and out towards the ground. She is deep in thought and you probably are too. You are thinking of all the possibilities and avenues that may open in front of you if you take this chance and move forward. Some bad, most good. But I feel you have grown accustom to depending on his friendship because you still love him. Is this the case? The sibyl is a loving woman with a kind heart and the potential to be a great lover. But she loves her home and those close to her, sometimes to the point of dependence, which needs to be let go of healthily. Her throne is in the foreground and behind her are full grown crops of corn, abundant, healthy, and in full bloom. The Mayan temple awaits on the horizon and the sun sits showing slightly at the very top of the card. I feel the corn representing your many possibilities and room for good to come into your life if you move forward. It will be difficult at first, but you are a strong woman and can do this. Take time to spend with yourself and listen to your desires, as you are a woman who probably likes the stability of a long term relationship. Find love for yourself and love from others will come pouring to you. I hope this is helpful and I would love your feedback.

  • Universalharmony, can you pleasevtell me what you see in regards to future job possibility

    I am a Hospice Nurse seeking favorable working conditions for a change.

    Thank you for your time

  • Thank you so much Universalharmony for offering up your time. As it's precious, I will keep it quick.

    Will I ever have a meaningful relationship with Ryan?

    Again, thank you so much!

  • Hello again Universal Harmony! I have actually been quite good and thank you for asking. The intensity of things have seemed to settle down considerably and I am moving forward in my journey. I can see that you have been moving forward as well and progressing terrifically! I love your disclaimer, and of course I know that the free will can always change the outcome of a reading, so that I am definitely understanding of that! I am of course happy with the outcome of the reading and want to let you know how on target you are. Yes, there is a major age difference, and yes to my wild and roaming side! It has been mellowed significantly but I can still be very spontaneous and adventurous. He has a wild and roaming side as well, but I believe he is beginning to feel more than his age and has tired of that to a great degree. Your comparison to him as a "hard to tame cheetah" sounds about right. He is very steadfast in some of his ways and isn't likely to change many "spots". I think our biggest challenge will be finding balance between his need for solitude and "alone time", and our desire to "be" and "do" together. He needs a cave he can crawl into on a frequent basis, which I don't totally understand, but to a degree I do. There is a tremendous amount of passion in our relationship and you nailed it in regards to past history. He and I were together for nine months, prior to my last relationship that recently ended. I feel that we have both made positive change since our last time together and are much better able to communicate and share our feelings, thoughts, and ideas with each other. Hopefully this will help us to overcome the potential challenges and help us grow into the relationship that I know we both want! Excellent reading my friend! I most appreciate your time and energy and look forward a great deal to future discussions with you 🙂

    Many blessings to you,


  • Goldenhill, I would like to make clear something up before I do your reading. Do you want to know if their will be favorable work changes in your current position or if their will be favorable changes in seeking a new position? Just so I know which way to focus, thanks 🙂

    Sacogirl, I am so happy to hear that things are going well and that you progressing on your journey. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am so glad that the reading has held true to aspects of your relationship and I think you know and have everything you need to make things go the way you would like. Even if he has his moments of wanting to be alone and such, if he can find ways to better communicate his needs for solitude at times, you can get past that too. I think you know what you are doing lol.

  • Hi Kordelia, how are you? I have done your reading and I shuffled the cards asking for guidance and if you will ever have a meaningful relationship with Ryan. The card I received is the Ace of Wands. I see firey passion and desire on your part. You really care for this man. The wand is one of the largest parts of the card sticking out of the stand and towering over the pyramids, its flaming tip burning bright. Sun and moon are both in the sky to show balance. I think you can have a meaningful relationship with Ryan if you guys can find a way to work together. This is a relationship that will take work as wands represent the element of fire and fire can represent action. You guys will have to take many steps with each other to make this relationship work. Because Ryan has free will and it is up to him to play his part, make sure you have open conversation about where you want this relationship to head. Are you on the same page in wants and desires? With action comes great results when you put your mind to it so I see that you can find a meaningful relationship with this man. But if he is being slow to communicate his feelings you need to act and see where things stand. I suggest a subtle approach as the power of the Ace of Wands is huge and you do not want to intimidate him. But in a way that makes him comfortable and at his pace, find a way to get to the truth of the situation so you can both move forward. If you can do that, then the flame will keep burning and get deeper and warmer.

  • Universalharmony, tx for quik response

    left old abusive environment sooo now seek favorable work conditions

    don't know whether will be cont w hospice or something different

    had great interv recently w a hospice not enough of case load to hire at present

    they r keeping me in mind

    tx hope this helps

  • Universal Harmony

    R u using Spirit World Deck?

  • Hello Universalharmony 🙂

    Welcome back, while I am still fairly new to the forums I have seen that you are a big part of many topics and offer some amazing advice 🙂

    I would love it if you could do a reading for me - my question is how does darren feel about me??

    Thanks in advance - I offer an absent reiki in return for sharing your gift!


    Talisa xx

  • Thank you so much Universalharmony, I'm doing alright. It's true, I really do love him, and also true that working together is no longer our strong suite. We're on completely different wave lengths, where before I could have sworn that he was the one I was meant to be with. He no longer speaks to me much, and when he does, he's cold and intentionally hurtful, or that's at least how I see it. I'm not sure what to do about him anymore. I love him, but he's seeing someone else, and no longer seems to care at all about me. Still, I really felt your reading connected with my situation and it's given me hope that my feelings aren't completely unfounded.

    Thank you so much, again, for all your help, and I look forward to speaking more with you in the future!

    Be blessed,


  • This post is deleted!

  • UniversalHarmony,

    You are amazing!

    I cannot see the post to reply sentence by sentence, but I can say that you are right on point about everything concerning my children's endeavor. Thanks, also, for the confirmation! The child cheering from the sidelines sounds actually like me, being that I have so much passion and excitement within me to bring this vision to pass; but is meant to bring joy to children and enlightenment to parents. And yes, it does represent harmony and togetherness and children will always be at the forefront of this cause. It is very spiritual in nature...it has great meaning to me and will hopefully to others! Yet again, I thank you!

  • Goldenhill, thanks for clearing things up a bit for me. I am using the World Spirit deck, which is created by Jessica Godino and Lauren O'Leary. I love it because it has all different nationalities from around the world and from ancient times all the way to modern times. The illustrations are very colorful and they seem to hold such a balance in past, present, future, I love them. Since I work as a phone advisor on keen I find it great to have a balance of races, genders, and times because I get callers in all stages and areas of life. The spirit world deck is very nice though. I have found myself drawn to it more and more as I am becoming more interesting in doing spirit readings and gaining more experience in that area with the cards.

    I have done your reading. I asked the cards for guidance in your job future and if you will find more positive employment. I received Two of Swords as the card for your reading. Right now is a time to retreat a bit and make some serious decisions. You mentioned about how you are unsure of whether you want to continue in hospice. I think this is a decision you need to make before you can truly commit to a positive job future. This card depicts a man blindfolded in the dark of night, he is standing over a gap between two ledges and there is a snake pit below him. He holds a sword in each hand and balances himself steady in the quiet of night. A rabbit watches right next to him because he is so still. You need to decide, will you be truly fulfilled in hospice work or is there something else on your mind you heart is calling to? I think you do have something else you have an idea about, something you may want to give a try that you may have some talent in but are unsure about going for. Think it through at this time, weigh your options and then move forward. This card tells you to guide yourself with your intuition, what feels right. Listen to these gut feelings as they are normally true and untainted. I know you desire employment but think about whether you want another job just to make an income or if you want to spend the extra time to find the right job so that you won't have to find another one for a long time. I hope this is helpful and I would love your feedback.

  • Kordelia, thank you for your feedback. I think that if now you guys are not on the same wavelengths, then you need to let him travel his path. If he is truly just going through a phase of fear and rejecting someone once they get to close, he will come back and it will be up to you if you want to work with him again. But the ace's potential for you is boundless and you can find so many new outlets to make all of your relationships meaningful, especially the one with yourself. I wish you the best of luck as I know you will come out on top.

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