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  • It is very generous of you to share your gift and your time with everyone. Thank you for that. My question is

    Is it necessary for me to go there?

  • Sorry to bother unicersalharmony, just a quick question do you offer readings that are concentrated on maybe finding love? If I will find it soon? I ask because I have had such bad experiences, I dont know if its me? Or if I am attracting all the wrong men, at this point im not sure what to do anymore! I would be so grateful for your insight on this matter.

  • Danr- How cool. Sometimes, you are just meant to find certain things. I like the meaning behind each object, I hope it brings some extra happiness to your day 🙂

    Luna11987- I don't want this to offend you in anyway, but I would like to point something out. You say you have found yourself in a pattern with men and you keep meeting the wrong guys. You acknowledge that Antonio can lack sensitivity, is stuck in his ways, and can be a little cold. In your own words. Yet you still want to be with him. Despite these all being qualities you probably don't like. Sometimes, we meet the same men over and over because we let the same things slide. You need to let these men know it is not all right to treat you like that and then maybe you will meet men who don't. Even if you have put your foot down in the past, I am sure Antonio knows that if he asked you out right now, you would say yes. You will find the right man when you are ready to meet him. Once you break past this cycle and can stop seeing the same problems and character flaws you will know that whatever it is within you that helps you to seek these kinds of men out has been worked on and moved past. Until you figure out why you keep drawing in the same kinds of men, you won't know how to draw in the right kinds of men. You desire love and say you are on a search. Sometimes what we need is right in front of us and we are too frantic searching to see it. Take some time to love yourself and only you, when you do this, you will find what you have been looking for, love and a partner within yourself, a companion of sorts. If you turn your search towards yourself and within yourself, all the answers you ever need will be there. You will know where to meet the right kinds of men and how to approach them. You will know if they are right for you. And you will know how to set boundaries and let them know how you would like to be treated. Then love, real love, will be drawn to you. Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

  • I'd like to get a reading, My question is, What does the coming year hold for me? If that isn't the sort of question I should ask during a reading, please help me to ask it in the way it should be asked. I was born on 3/28/1968 at 6.03 p.m. in Cincinnati, Ohio. I don't know if that matters or not.

  • Hello Universal Harmony. Please can you tell me if my eldest son is safe, well and happy. He hasn't been in touch for a while and is something of a wanderer. Many thanks.

  • Ajahny- How are you? I have done your reading and pulled a card for you. The card I have received is the 8 of swords. I feel this card as saying that your husband may not be coming back, and you are so stuck wondering and scared of this possibility, that you are not moving forward accordingly. In my book that accompanies this card, this card is called paralysis. I know that separation is a scary experience and I feel that this is an emotion you are experiencing. The woman who is tied with cloth, hands behind her back, tied around her legs slightly, and blindfolded, she is walking through the woods all alone. There is a snake hanging out in the tree ahead and an owl looking over the scene. A bat is silhouetted by a large moon. 5 swords lay in front of this woman and one lays behind her. Two more swords marking the clearing stand a few feet before her. The first sword behind you is the separation I feel. The blindfold suggests you are entering unknown territory and in essence you are. The five swords ahead of you represent obstacles you may have to overcome or overstep in your path to "getting out of the woods". I know that you would like for your husband to come back, but you should use this time for you. To move forward, go over what has transpired, what has led to this point. Focus on your feelings and thoughts at this present time. The swords represent the element of air. Air represents thoughts, speech, communication, and truth. You may come to a point where you will seriously have to discuss the future with your husband, no matter how painful. I feel you have been placed on hold, unsure of where to move or turn next. But let your intuition guide you. Do you truly know what is best for you? Does it gel with what you want in your relationship? Now is the time to think of you alone because you are truly the only one who can navigate yourself through this. At this time, I do not seeing your husband coming back now. I see you having to deal with being separated for awhile and that soon you will have to have a serious dialogue. It may be painful, but it may be another thing to help you move forward. I wish you the best as I know this is a painful time, but I truly believe you can make it through. You are strong and can overcome many things.

  • thank you, danr! I love this and am wondering who I can give one to...besides me, of course:)

  • ajahny, I came back and was reading page 34, with the list of things and responded to it....when I read universalharmony's reading to you, I cried for you. Not because I thought you wouldn't be okay, but because I just hurt for you. I went through this and in my case it was obvious he was gone and with someone else. I lived in a house with pine paneling all through it, even the kitchen cabinets...I was afraid of what I'd do if I left the house. So I took the white paint in the garage (I don't know why he bought it, but there it was - a lot of it). I painted and cried and painted and cried until I was too exhausted to move and I'd put the brush down, lay back and cry myself to sleep. I'd wake up and do the same thing, for three days I did this. Later I was sad that all the beautiful paneling was painted white, even the kitchen EVERYTHING was white. But it was, I believed, better than what I'd have done if I found him. After that third day, I was alright, mostly. It took me a few years, but I didn't shed another tear. the reading you got was SO true, gracious, and believing in your strength....I know I won't ever look back and laugh, but I'm glad it happened. Somehow, that sentence in your reading about what you need and knowing in that deepest part of you that the relationship didn't have it is key. I wish everyone could have these readings, and early in life.... thank you universalharmony for your generous heart and wisdom....AJAHNY, she's right, you are strong and you will be okay.

  • Hi Universal!

    I wanted to know if J is the one? my dob is 1/12/89 his is 7/3/86.

    Thank You

  • Hi Universal,

    Can you do a reading for me please? What does the coming month hold for me?Will I get back my love? My D.O.B. is 5th Dec 1975. Location : Kolkata, India

    Thanks so much.

  • Hello All I am a solitary wiccan for 8 years and love everyone anyway to the woman who does readings, I have been doing my own readings forever but this one has me stumped my husband and i are separated and I have no plans on reconciliation, my cards keep showing me a new love ,,a great and passionate true love which is something in the three marriages before I have never had, and it is sopposed to be happening real soon what can you tell me? Am I finally meeting my soulmate.....it is kind of hard considering I do not go anywhere I do however talk to a few people online. Thank you in advance and blessed be.

  • Hello Universal Harmony,

    Thank you so much in advance for offering your insight! My questions is:

    When do you see my husband finding a job?

    Love, Light and Blessings to you!


  • Good morning again UH... I know you're very busy with these readings. Your insight is very welcome. I've enjoyed reading your responses to others. I left my question on page 15 and am wondering if you've responded and I've missed it. Thank you again for all you do.



  • Hello! I'm new to this site and been reading through threads and finnaly found the guts to ask few questions lol. Hi UniversalHarmony,thank you for allowing us to see things through with your readings on this site. I would like to ask you a favor as well if i may?A reading perhaps? I need to ask you if you could see future in this partner in buisness when it comes to realstate with John Rodriguez?I need to know if this guy will be true and honest with me money wise?I need to know also if i will be able to pay off my credit cards by the end of next year 2010. I hope i'm not asking to much of your help.Thank you in advavance((((hugs))))).

  • Universal Harmony -

    Please disregard my request! I just read on Page 28 you have asked for no more requests at this time until you are caught up!

    I will re-ask my question at another time that I feel is right. 🙂



  • UH : Hey babes!

    Today Monday Im at last over the worst of my flu, i still have a slight snotty nose n a coldsore on my lower lip but hey at least this time i didnt get bronchitis lol

    Ive begun a course so i wont be as active as i have been. Right now my brains kinda done in, too muich information yyiiieesssttchcczzzz lol

    Check ya mail UH LOLOL

    toodles ladies

  • Thank you so very much Universal Harmony as much as i refused to believe i must do what is the moment presents to me ...thanks for the advice and for your generosity god bless always....

  • Dear VelveteenRabbit ,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and yes i will overcome this obstacle i know its temporary and as much as i hurt it will make me stronger than ever...yes i cried every single day since he left but i created this problem and must face it head on...it will take time...god bless and hope to chat with you...

  • Dear UniversalHarmony,

    Thank you so much for your insight. As with so many people these days, money or lack thereof, is my obstacle. Not only am I hopefulinAL, but I feel stuck. I relocated here to be my mothers' caregiver after 2 bouts of breast cancer. Thankfully she is on the mend, and I promised her I would stay until she is fully healed. Unfortunately, we are in a very rural area, and there are absolutely no job opportunities at this time. Once you are caught up (so many requests!!! good luck) and if you have some spare time, I would really appreciate another reading, that is only if you have some time. I have this topic saved and will check periodically or if it isn't to inconveinient, my addy is hockeyfan39@aol.com. Again, thank you for the reading. Much love and light to surround and envelop you! Sue

  • Will I be safe giving birth to my baby in my midwife's home office?

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