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  • ILoveFish ~

    Thank you for your kind words and I'm sorry I made you cry. Please don't, I've shed way too many tears in my lifetime. My friends call me their personal cheerleader, lol! The one to go to when things get bad to cheer them up and help them see the positives in any situation. I always want to try to help people and don't like to see anyone hurting and would take it all away put it on myself if I could. I have made many mistakes and a big one was staying with a man in which I deceived myself into believing I was helping him when in fact I was enabling. But life gives us lessons to learn from and to share with others and so we must do what we can to be good and help others. I have come along way from where I was 8 years ago, I've always had a strong & determined nature, though my mom will say it's just stubborness, lol! I was lost for a while but I found my strength again though at times it faulters, but then the happens to all of us.

    I struggle with my son's anger towards his father, though I have never spoken badly of him in his presense, but my son is a very intelligent and gifted young man, excels in school and has a loving & kind nature. But I feel this anger towards his father is building up inside him & I don't know how to help him! We have a close relationship & talk about just about anything & everything but the mention of his father sets him off. His father never calls, sends a card on his birthday, nothing except around the holidays. Last night I told him his father had called me, he calls my cellphone but doesn't have his son's which I have given him several times,anyway he wanted my son tto call him back. My son went off about being a parent is a 24/7 job not just on b-days & at Christmas and besides his b-day was over a month ago. What do you say? He's right, I tell him his father has some problems but I can no longer make excuses for his father. Anyway, I don't know how to help my son and he won't open up to anyone so I feel the need to help others and in doing so hope that by trying to do good, the good will come back not to me but to my son. Don't get me wrong in thinking I don't try to help my son, I just can't reach him right now, I try and try but he's 13 so it's a difficult time for him besides. So this forum has kinda given me an outlet to try to help others.

    I know we are going to be okay, I have great faith in that, just hit a little bit of a bumpy road but we will find the smooth pavement again! My son will get through the rough teenage years, though I'm having to color my hair more often cuz the gray seems to have muliplied! Lol! And one day I hope to find a loving man to share my life with and be a good, positive role model for my son!

    How about you? How are things in your life going?

    Much love, peace and happiness to you my friend!

    And many (HUGS) too 😃

  • Hello Universal Harmony,

    I am well, hopefully. 🙂 Thank you for the reading. I am doing my best to take care of myself. (Sage of Cups....to care of yourself ) I have had some medical issues much like Emereaux, but am uninsured. There may be an enlargement on my ovary and also fibroid tumors, I had a procedure "Uterine tumor embolization" 2 years ago at age 50 and more tumors have developed..

    I had an ultrasound done last week and don't know the results yet. ..unfortunately I have to utilize credit to pay.. where is that darn menopause when you need it!

    I feel you are right regarding loving, nurturing, and caring and this position in the housing department would allow me to use my 10 years of experience in the mortgage business.. I took a test to be on the 'list' just over a year ago, but with the economy they are slow in hiring.

    Also I have kids 26 and 23 that can't really support themselves and my getting an apartment in the city 2 hours away (I would keep my home here for weekends) would be an enormous awakining that mommy can't always be there but their father is also across the country. They have hindered many relationships for me and need to buck up.. (they both work), my daughter is having another baby in Feb. so I'll miss my grankids.. one is 7 yrs old.

    I like the "eye on the prize" I was told by my spirit guides it's all mine to dream up and visualize. I have not really practiced meditating, If I can't do something well, I won't do it.. Darn Virgo perfectionism !!

    I have applied for everything in or near my field, and interviewed a few times, even for positions I am not really qualified for, I feel like I have a lot of confidence in myself so I am not sure what is lacking. Having been "self employed" in the last 10 years (I set my own schedule) I often wonder if these employers (State and county) see me as the true non conformist that I love to be! As for the solid thought to control emotions, yes, I would agree, I can be a bit scattered and very passionate about what I do and who I am. If another opportunity happens that's fine as well. I will visualize focusing in the interview..

    Hard on myself? what Virgo would do that! lol I know I can take on anything but do beat myself up over things especially now, mortgage business is so had and the deals I do close are strenuous.

    Okay, I will stop..

    I realize the time frame is a prediction but I get a feeling that it is going to be fairly soon as well. I can only survive a few more months working part time and unemployment. If I don't find something I will have to cash in my 401k and I am 52! not good.. I really appreciate your insight. The information here on this site is awesome1



    As I stated above, I have similar issues.. I feel for you. I put up with looking 4-5 mo pregnant for several years and I am in fairly good shape for 52 and it was a real negative body image thing for me. not to mention the color white ! I would have heavy "accidents" and still am not 1 year without the cycle to officially be in menopause.

    I hope you have succes in what ever you chose. I always felt the hysterectomy was too drastic and chose the non invasive treatment. Be well.


  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    I am relatively new to this site, I enjoy reading the postings. I would like a reading, but I will give a bit of background so you can see what the nature of my question is:

    An old friend and I have reconnected after many years (35). In the process of talking about old times, we discovered that we have loved each other since we were children (he,12, me 9) Our fathers were Air Force, we spent our earlier years overseas at the same time. After moving back to the US, We all lived in New Orleans in the same apt complex, we used to spend many hours together just talking and enjoying each other's company. My family soon moved to a permanent home later, and his family a couple years later moved to the same town. (co-incidence???) We went to high school and were in the band/orchestra together. We talked all the time, each one afraid to tell the other how we felt, then he went on to college. I graduated 3 yrs later, I left for college too. We had lost touch long before then, but both kept wondering and kicking ourselves about the other over the years. Now we are talking and that old love appears to rekindle, but I am unsure of what is really going on here. He is a wonderful person, we have had similar lives, all the way around, I am divorced and have had another bad relationship (not married) with a man who fathered my 2 younger children ( I have a grown child from my former marriage) I am wondering whether this is real or our wishful thinking. He says he is married but that they don't have a "real marriage" (no intimacy or warm feeling at all) They go separate ways and do separate things, but he is only there because they have a son still at home. I don't want to find yet another bad relationship, but I really loved this man, and he, me. He seems a kind, gentle, loving and spiritual person, all qualities I wanted in my mate. However, my young children's father is attempting to come back. (he's an alcoholic currently incarcerated (again)and I left him after trying for 9 years to deal with his alcoholism and legal issues.) He thinks I'm his soulmate...... I say no chance in hell. Crazy story, eh? Anyway, I would like to know what is going on with this new/old relationship (good/bad?), deal with/stay away from kids' father again, or just stay away from both and wait /see.

    I would appreciate any help your reading can give me. My dob(07/09/59) Old friend (02/11/56) Kids' dad (03/16/64) I'm not looking for all the answers from the reading, just enough info necessary to assist me to make the best decision for me and my kids, who are affected the most by my life struggles.

    Thank you for taking your time to do this for folks like me. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Will I get this job I am applying for?

  • Hello,

    Glad you are back,

    Please help me with my Career Direction.

    Sept. 19, 1962

    2:39 p.m.

    Thank You So Much.

  • everyone - I noticed you are giving a date to universalharmony. Does that help her? If so, I will tell mine. Thanks!

  • Thank you I would love a reading as I am so lost. My question is "How does David feel about me?" thankyou

  • dear Universal harmony,

    I posted my original question on page 22. I didnt know if u needed the birth dates for myself and this person. It is 12/02/79 and 3/27/78. Thanks again, I just noticed in other pages people kept giving u that information so I thought I would provide it.

  • Hello Universal Harmony,

    If and when you have the time, I would love a reading as well. I have posted twice regarding my situation on these boards but no response...yet 🙂

    I am a Capricorn (Jan 4, 1985) torn between two Taurus men. An older one (May 19, 1971) and a younger one (April 25, 1983). I do not know which one is for me.

    Let me give you a bit of a background regarding this situation: I have known the older Taurus for almost 2 years, that is actually how long we have been together.

    The younger Taurus, however, is an ex-boyfriend and we have known each other for almost 8 years. We have never really lost touch. You see, he is only an "ex" because I moved out of state and we never pursued starting the relationship again due to being so far away.

    I have loved him ever since we met and he feels the same way too. I feel in some way that this man is my "Jack" and I am his "Rose" (me and him used to say this in reference to the movie Titanic! 🙂

    Anyways, with the older Taurus, I love him, but not as deeply as I do the younger one. I cannot stop thinking about the younger Taurus and I want to know why.

    Am I meant to be with him? Or is my plcae with the older Taurus, even though we have problems that desperately need working out (jealousy issues, control issues, all on his side)?

    If you could provide me with a reading regarding who am I best matched with, that would be great? Which one would I have the better relationship with? (What I am looking for is a true love and not something temporary -- Sometimes I feel it is just a physical thing between the older Taurus and I).

    Thank you and I apologize for this being so long!

    -Megan 🙂

  • Hello Guys,

    I am still no longer taking new reading requests until I can catch up to the numerous I have left to do, up until page 28. I will let everyone know when I can start picking up new requests. Thanks to everyone who has been sharing stories and helping each other out, it is great to see. Reading all of it is a great experience for me and many others I am sure. I can feel the loving and positive energy cycling and I always want to encourage it to continue =). Everyone on here is really touching my heart in one way or the other and for some reason, I can't stop smiling lol.

    CharmedWitchBente- Thanks girl. You always know how to get straight to the point lol. How you doing today?

    Rachmm77- Thank you, but I as Ictdog mentioned she is the one experiencing a similar situation. I think her and Danr definitely have some great insight on your situation though. I do still plan to do your reading though. I am going in order but I already read your question and it really has touched me. I have been thinking about it a lot lately, even without drawing cards and some little things have come to mind. When I reach your request, I will add that and your reading, so thanks for your patience :). And chat it up with the other ladies, I think they all have some great things to offer. I am happy you are going to focus on getting well though, this is what is best for you.

    Soapmaker- Thank you =). I wish you the best and send all my love.

    ILoveFish- Awww. You are part of the reason why I keep smiling every time I come on this thread. I can really feel your positivity and love. Thank you :). I really appreciate your kind words and you have made me feel really good and warm.

    Ictdog- Thanks for clearing things up a bit. I really hope things are looking up for your health situation. It is so nice of you to share your story and I am sure many people can gain some insight from it. I am going to get to your reading soon as well, so I wanted to let you know.

    Danr- Wow. What a story. I felt a range of emotions reading it, from sadness, rage at your husband, pain, and eventually hope and happiness. You really have put your heart into that and it has already touched so many people. Thank you for sharing with us because it takes a lot. I really learned from your story. I love the idea of picturing the palm tree as well. See you do have a gift. A gift to make others feel with you, look deeper within themselves, and to give great guidance and a piece of yourself. These are all gifts that help many people, that make you unique in your own way. Being a kind and caring soul is such a blessing, especially in the world we live in today. Too many people do not live that life, unaware that they have that within them, we all do. But you really have learned to let your love live all the time in your life and share that with others. That is so nice to experience and share with others 😃

  • Oh yea, you guys don't have to give a date. I don't do any astrology unless something comes up that I feel is significant. And I am not using numerology unless it is involved with the card. One day perhaps, I will offer numerology readings, but for now, you don't have to leave your d.o.b. or anything like that. Thanks.

    Universal Harmony

  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    Is my turn closer? I think it is. Thanks for the effort you are extending to everyone of us.


  • Ictdog (Michelle)- I have done your reading. I shuffled the cards asking how David feels for you and any Universal guidance or wisdom that may be available. The card I have received is the Seer of Pentacles. When it comes to David's feelings, I think he is deep in thought about how he feels about you. There are feelings of longing involved, but I feel he is a deep thinking man at times. Sometimes, he over analyzes situations and takes a long time to make a decision. Perhaps he has a bit of sadness in his life that is also clouding his feelings. Deep down, I see feelings of peace, happiness, and a desire to work with you and make things grow. But on the surface level, I feel that there is something holding him back? I can't put my finger on it. I feel emotionally it is something important, but it is involved on the material place. With the suit being pentacles, normally this would represent finances or home. But for me, I feel that there is something else here going on that is holding him back. Money and home is not his main issue, rather another obstacle of some kind. Please let me know if can shed some light on this or if I am off, as I can not place exactly what it is. The Seer is female, but this card as all cards with men and women on them, can represent both still. The honey bees that are flowing out of the trees behind the Seer remind me of David's thoughts, buzzing and swirling about his head. The pentacle is in the Seer's hand, staring at it, still and thoughtful. But I also see looking beyond it, past it, through it. In short, I feel David does have feelings for you, good and loving feelings towards you, but he has something going on in his life that is holding him back from perhaps moving forward, or trying to make things better. There is potential here, but I see that it will only unfold is he gets past whatever issue is in his life. He can put his heart and soul deep into something and be sincerely dedicated when he wants, but he has to put this thing past him to really put the effort into you.

  • These readings are beautiful. I feel like a spy on a romantic date, LOL.

    I'd like one, as well, when you get time.

    My DOB is 7/8/71 and my question is this:

    WHat do I need to do to make myself more attractive to love? Meaning, what do I need to learn, should I change anything, that kind of thing. I don't have anyone in mind, I'm actually in the process of a divorce, but I want to be able to attract True Love when the time is right. Thanks for any help.

  • Universalharmony, David and I used to work together. We still both work for the same company. He is in a position of authority over me and there is a fraternization policy that could harm him should the wrong people get wind of our friendship. Could this be the thing you can't put your finger on? There are also issues at home and financially although I'm a little surprised to see you don't feel those are the foremost issues. Thank you for this reading. It means so much just to know I'm in his thoughts as much as this! You and CharmedWitchBente have made my Thanksgiving the most memorable in years. I'm uncomfortable going into too much detail in such an open forum, partially because of what I've mentioned above but I do want to give you more feedback if you need it, please let me know what I can do for you.

  • I just moved from Florida where I had lost everything I had worked for. I am a single woman who had done well until I went there and the economy took me down. I recently moved to NC and found a job and now that company may not make it. I am being offered a job back down in Florida but want to know if that is truly going to be a good move for me. Help...I am down on my knees praying to God for anything to help me. I don't want to go back there but I don't have anything left and it is a good job offer. I know logic says go but please help me know if it will be right? Thank you for any insight...and prayers!

  • Luna1187, how are you? I have done your reading about the relationship regarding you and antonio and if it will progress to bf/gf status. The card I have received the the Seeker of Pentacles. The Seeker is a pretty simple man. He is not too flashy or over the top. He is fairly humble and hard working. He believes in working for the things he desires. He also has a deep concentration while working. But I also sense he is stubborn and set in his ways. Once he gets an idea or something rubs against his usual routine or lifestyle, he is not happy. He may be so set in his ways sometimes that it can drive others away. In regards to a relationship, I think that whatever has caused the two of you to break up may be strongly on the forefront still. He may be stuck to his side or his view of who was right and who was wrong. He is a proud man I would say. At this time, I don't see the two of you starting a relationship other than friends. As a friend, I think your contact and communication can stay consistent and grow and this will be good for you two in the long run. But I feel that he is concentrated on other things, possibly his work, and the rift that caused you two to part each other. At this time it may be best for you to just focus on what you enjoy and what makes you feel good. Try not to worry so much about where your relationship will head and let the flow take you. The Seeker is riding on a horse, who looks as though he makes slow and steady progress. Take your time and enjoy that time rather than focus on the outcome.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh my, I'm posting again! Lol! I've been in an emotional place today but something just happened that is really cool & I wanted to share. Along with the read requests, there are others like me that read thru all the posts as there is so much to learn from everyone's experiences... we all learn from each other. Here's what happened, I picked up a piece of paper from the ground & instead of just throwing it away, I flipped it over and read the following:

    A Survival Kit For Every Day Living

    1. Toothpick - to remind you to pick out the good qualities in others

    2. Rubber Band - to remind you to be flexible, things may not always go the way you want, but it will work out

    3. Band Aid - to remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else's

    4. Eraser - to remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and it's OK

    5. Chewing Gum - to remind you to stick with it and you can accomplish anything

    6. Mint - to remind you that you are worth a mint to your creator

    7. Balloon - to remind you to pray when faced with problems, decisions, sin or seeking guidance. Squeeze balloon, and as you release it leave your prayer request and let go an let be

    8. Penny - to remind you of the value of your soul and thoughts, big and little, and to share your thoughts with others

    9. Tissue - to remind you to see the needs and tears of others. This is also to remind you that at times you need to weep

    Wow! I've never heard of this before but how inspirational! This is so cool! I got a plastic baggie and I am collecting all these items to place within it along with the tattered piece of paper so that I may carry it with me, to remind me 😃

    Peace, Love & Blessings to all

  • Thank you for the reading UniversalHarmony, You are correct when you mention he is a proud man. He is very set on his ways and was a little cold. I have been going back and forth on this situation and I have not been sure what do to. He was someone I really liked and his lack of sensitivity at times really surprised me, I have been on this search for a a partner and have found the same type of guys over and over again. I am not sure where to look anymore

    😞 or if I will ever find him.Thanks again for your insight, Hope your holidays were wonderful.

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