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  • llindieloo: youre welcome by the by i didnt feel he is married ...................so ......




  • we agree and promise to be patient ....

  • Thank you, Universal Harmony. I am sorry that you have heart problems too. Outside of the hospital, you are the 1st other person I've met with these problems. I know you are very busy. But someday, if you aren't, I'd love to hear any ways you've learned to cope. I just had a stent put into the coronary artery, and will have my mitral valve replaced soon.

    Thank you. I know you are correct, and I will put the focus back on getting well.



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  • I am new here and don't know proper etiquette to be put on the list for a reading when Universal comes back from her break. Please let me know if I should just post a question and when she can get to it she will? I think it is wonderful that you do this for everyone...

  • Universal Harmony,

    I love to come to this thread to read all the interesting topics and to feel this great energy that I get. I just wanted to let you know that I'm sending loving blessings your way and I hope you are not too burdened. You are truly a loving, compassionate person, I feel what you are doing for so many is terrific, and some of the others that regularly write have been an inspiration for so many too with their positive words just makes my heart so happy to read and feel all this kindness for strangers. My words can't express the gratitude and happiness I feel because I see the positive impact it has for so many.

    Thank you and have a great day, everyday.

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  • i would like a reading please. could you tell me if the man i have been involved with for 4 years is my soulmate?

  • Rachel ~

    I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself. You have been in my prayers and in my thoughts quite a bit. Although we don't know each other and I don't know all the details of the situation with your husband, I want to share with you a little of my history. It is in no way meant to influence your decision whether or not to work things out with your husband for that is a decision only you can make. It's more about doing & thinking about the things you need to do to heal & recover. You mentioned in your original post that "We know we are staying together" but you have some doubts as you have asked "is my husband really changing? Or should I leave him in case he's going to affect my health negatively going forward?"

    Let me start with the background of a medical crisis 8 years ago and although it was not as serious as a heart condition, it was a turning point in my life. For several weeks I had terrible pains in my shoulder blade area and the dr thought it was spasms due to a spinal injury I had sustained years earlier. The pains continued to worsen until 1 night the pains were coming in waves so severe that I thought I needed to go to the hospital, but my husband told me "your back is just acting up, suck it up & call the dr in the morning." Mind you I have lived with daily pain for years so my pain tolerance is very high & I don't just run to the hospital, but I'll never forget his words! I got no sleep that night & wanted to be at the dr's office when it opened but my husband was tired from being kept awake all night with my attacks & did not want to get our son, 4 at the time, up to take me, so I drove myself. Looking back I see what an irrational choice driving myself was because I could have caused an accident that could have injured others or myself or worse killed someone but fortunately that didn't happen. Anyway the dr immediately sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound and they found it was my gall bladder, ok not so bad. I was admitted to the hospital that Friday so they could get the pain under control and they would do surgery on Monday. But as the day went on the dr had an uneasy feeling & further tests revealed it was on the verge of rupturing which would allow massive amounts of toxic bile & poison to circulate into my blood stream so they performed emergency surgery Sat morning. Ok so I had surgery, gall bladder removed, no big deal and went home on Monday.

    The next few days I was in a great amount of pain but figured it was all part of recovering from surgery. The 3rd day was really bad & I told my husband I thought I needed to go to the dr but he told me pain was normal after surgery. A little later I got up & collapsed and my 4 year old found me on the floor. I could hear him, mommy, mommy wake up but I couldn't open my eyes or speak & I could hear him calling daddy help mommy! But my husband, the one who loved me, who vowed in sickness & in health, who should have been taking care of me, he was out on the porch...with a bottle of vodka! My son, my precious 4 year old son, picked up the phone & used the speed dial to call grandma! I was re-admitted to the hospital jaundiced & dehydrated, the drs detected a leak, bile had been leaking into my blood stream for 5 days & filled the spot where my gall bladder had been, eating at my liver and causing liver damage, so I went back into surgery to put in a temporary stent. Btw, I spent a total of 8 days in the hospital and my mom picked up my son and took him to her home to care for him and my husband, he came to visit me 1 time.

    Please bear with me as I know this is getting long. The stent was in place for 8 weeks then another surgery to remove it. Things at home during those 8 weeks were not good, my husband did not take care of me, nor the house and I was left to take care of everything, of him our son and the house while my focus should have been on trying to recover. My husband continued to drink and relapsed into drug addiction that he battled on & off for years and started stealing my pain killers. Of course according to him & his family it was my fault for having them in the house. Hmm, I had surgery & was given the medication to ease the pain from surgery and it was my fault that he took them! When the stent was removed, the surgeon stayed in my room all afternoon as I don't do well with anesthesia & they have difficulites bringing me out of it. He made his phone calls from my room and talked to my mom, he told her I was to have no stress, that I needed to focus on healing and taking care of myself because my body was not healing properly. Liver damage can be reversed, heal & repair itself if caught early enough but it requires taking care of yourself.

    Rachel, my body was trying to recover but I was taking care of others instead of myself. I was sinking into depression, not knowing what to do about my husband that I had spent 20 years with, finances were bad as my short term disability was not enough to pay the bills & my husband was not working & I felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown! I was physically sick, depressed, thinking about everyone else & knowing that I couldn't pay the bills. I was in such a fog, I couldn't think clearly and I really didn't know what was going on...since I could no longer pay the bills & my health was not good, in fact getting worse, my parents intervened. They decided to put all my things in storage, that me & my son would go visit my dad & stepmom for a month so they could help with my son while I had time to recover & my husband moved in with his parents & was going to look for a job and find us another place we could afford. It was only going to be temporary & as much as I didn't want to leave my husband behind, I just went along with everything.

    My life changed that day me & my son got on that plane! I think my son saved my life, not just by calling grandma but in getting me & him out of an unhealthy, disfunctional situation! If it were not for putting him 1st, that is after my health was restored, I might still be in an unhealthy situation, trying everything to help my husband change. My husband didn't get a job in that month so we decided that my son & I would stay for the summer. I began to heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually! I realized that we couldn't return to the life we had before, I began to see what I was in denial about for so many years, my husbands on & off struggles with addiction & ADD, he also has a genius IQ but the choices he makes are not healthy ones and I could not change or help him that he had to change for himself, that it was not healthy for me more importantly my son! I enrolled my son in school and we have remained here (in another state). It took me 3 years to file for divorce because I kept hoping that my ex husband would change, but to this day he hasn't and it's not my responsibility to help him do so, that is his choice to make! I know addiction is not the same as bipolar, but if someone's disease if negatively affecting your health, especially a serious medical condition, if they are not caring for you & putting you 1st in what could be a life threatening condition, sometimes you have to take a break from that person and their disease to focus on getting yourself healthy and getting some clarity. Only you can decide what is best for you! But I would suggest you surround yourself with people who love you that can help take care of you in your recovery especially since you have another procedure to ahead of you!

    I didn't mean for this to be so long or to go into so much detail as it is a very emotional experience to relive! Thinking about and praying for you and my son's angry outburst last night about the time his dad left me on the floor, just brought all this back to me. I don't know if you have kids but these things affect them too. I let go of my anger towards my ex a long time ago and me & my son are so much better, physically, emotionally & spiritually but I still get angry at how he affects my son, but that's another story! Lol!

    I started this post thinking I was going to share with you a little of what I have experienced to help you make whatever decision you need so that you can see you need to put your focus on yourself and healing your body and preparing for the upcoming procedure, that it is not selfish to put yourself 1st when your health is at stake. I'm not so sure now if my experience is meant to help you or maybe someone else that may be in an unhealthy situation? As I said before, I don't have the "gifts" that others here do, but UniversalHarmony made a comment that we have gifts in the life experiences we share with others so I hope sharing my experience might in someway help someone! Again, I suggest you surround yourself with those that love and will take care of you! It is not weakness but rather a strength to be humble enough to know when you need to ask for help! Someone told me to picture a palm tree, it is tall and narrow and looks weak but in the winds of a storm it is so very strong because it knows how to bend itself almost completely in half, its palms leaves brushing the ground until it looks as if it will snap & break but it doesn't and when the wind dies down it returns to stand tall & proud again. Then picture a big oak tree that has a wide base and looks so strong but in the winds of a storm it is weak, it will snap, break and tumble to the ground. Sometimes what appears & looks to be weak is in fact strong and something which appears & looks to be strong is in fact weak. Just something someone told me that has stuck in my memory for when I think asking for help is a sign of weakness when in fact it is not! If you have any doubts that your husband's ability to help you and take care of you in a life threatening situation may be impaired by his own disease, please make sure you have a support system of those that can be there to help you. I personally have not had experience with someone that is bipolar but I do have a friend that was married to someone with an extreme variety of the disorder that went off her meds with almost tragic results, I'm not saying your husband's case is extreme as I do not know but this is why I am so concerned that you have loving people around in your healing process!

    You are in my prayers Rachel and will continue to be! Wishing you & everyone much Love & Blessings!

  • hi im ravenlight i am new to the forum and would love to know if my new crystal healing business is going to go well? if you want a reding back let me know i could do with the practice i start doing shows next year. thankyou ravenlight lol

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    Thank you kindly for the reading. Its quite spot on, i feel as though, mostly him being gemini there is always that other side of him thats seeking something else, something new. Yes he is very charming and flirtatious as Geminis are. I had learned to accept that but now that this has happened it makes me looking over my shoulder the whole time, you know and im sure you are well aware how good geminis are with words, just not sure if they are sincere yet!

    We have been together for 8 yrs and have a son, many many good times but many bad too. Trust is hard to earn back but he says he is determined to do it. At this stage we are living apart and i think we will see where it goes. This woman is someone he loved when he was very young, i think its safe to assume its his first love, just don't know if i could compete with that all the time as your card suggests.

    He says being away from me he has realised how special what we had was and how happy i did in fact make him and he was stupid to think he could get it by someone else. Its a constant struggle of emotions as i know how hard a work it is to keep a Gemini interested but i guess its the same for me being Aries so this relationship although very easy alot of the times is also very hard work but i guess the question is what relationship isn't?

    I will keep you updated and thank you for offering this, its just reminded me not to be blinded by love, remove the blinkers so that the whole picture can be seen.

    Love from South Africa, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but i hoped everyone had many things to give thanks for!


  • I have a question, and thank you very much for the offer to read a card. My question is: How does Steve feel about me? I haven't figured out how to read feelings from cards, especially ones that are not cups.



  • Danr;

    I just read you latest post and it made me cry. I have been reading your other post as well they are filled with positive support, genuine caring for others and the time to help. You are so dear, so precious to share of yourself, to open up, bring back the hurts in your life to help others. You are very special and by all of us sharing and caring in this manner we are gathering strength, wisdom and faith that we can prevail and remain positive. We need each other.

    Thank you dear heart.


  • Blessings and thanks Universalharmony!

    Yes, you are right on all counts in my reading and I thank you for the hope and positive energy you are sending my way. You were able to confirm what I have been feeling in my heart as well - to be patient, centered and positive - and trust that the tools I need will be there for me to use for healing. Frankly, I've even been surprised by my own peace of mind and serenity around this issue, that's what led to me asking for a second opinion - to make sure that I wasn't in denial within, and was seeing all that needed to be looked at. I thank you again for your gracious and hopeful response. If there is anything that I can do in return for you, please just let me know.

    I know that feedback helps you to hone your craft, it's amazing the symbology you touched on - But first wanted to let you know that yes, I am seeing a doctor - and having tests done - in fact, tomorrow at noon, I go in for an MRI, then on Dec. 8th, I go in for a consult on surgical options. I've been diagnosed with an enlarging abdominal mass which they believe are uterine fibroids - the worrisome part is that I am in menopause (I'm 52) - and normally fibroids shrink because of the lack of blood flow - mine have been growing and I currently look about 6 months pregnant. (there is no way that I am!) Amazing that you brought up children - about a month ago, I had one of those dreams that don't really seem like a dream....I was talking to someone who said, 'It's a shame you never had children'....You also mention the heart area - 3 weeks ago, I had a lump in my breast biopsied - all is fine there.....Fibromyalgia/arthritis - yes, everything seems to be in an uproar in my body. I have a pinched nerve - no doubt from the abdominal mass, and moving around and standing can be painful. Meditation has been my saving grace.

    10 Pentacles - OMG - I keep getting this card too! I am currently helping my parents who are in their 80's. I cook for them and help them in any way they need - they are very independent, and I am always aware that I can overstep if I'm not careful. In return, I have a nice place to live - and the ability to follow my creativity - I'm an artist (painting, drawing, floral work), and while most of my artwork isn't very commercial, it nourishes me, and I trust that I will find a place to show and market it more successfully when I have a little less on my plate. I have been thinking about end of life issues and my parents wonderful lives and legacy - between what I do for them, and my current medical uncertainty, it seems that my own life has come to a halt and I wonder what I will leave behind. While sobering, none of this seems like it is unbearable or fatal.

    It's amazing that you mention Wicca. Blessed Be...need I say more? I am constantly reminding myself that I need to ritually center myself as I start my day, no matter how centered and serene I feel upon waking. Just last night, I was wearing a necklace that I use for pendulum readings, just because it felt good and made me feel stronger - it's a deep purple amethyst with progressively lighter layers - on a silver chain with a few other charms.

    Lastly, I do have a cat, Cashmere, who has been with me 15 years. She truly has been the light of my life, and I feel so blessed (she has a bit of arthritis and is taking kitty condroitin).

    I will take your advise and eat more fresh fruit and all of the other wonderful suggestions you make to keep positive and balanced. Thank you once again Universalharmony for all you do, you are truly an angel.

    Grace and Peace!

  • ...how beautiful and true....if one never took anything else to heart, this would suffice....thank you

  • Emereaux, what a lovely person you are! After reading your response, I feel I know you. Never having read these posts, I'm totally new to it and feel as if I've come home.....thank you, all, for allowing people to come, create an id, and be a part of this wonder. How strange to me, and I didn't realize this when I made my ID (my favorite children's book not read when a child) but like the velveteen rabbit, I'm here to learn. This is the best schooling I've ever had.... thanks for sharing your wealth, universalharmony, emereaux, everyone...

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    Thank you for my reading. I'm not sure how to take it so far. I hope it's wrong - lol!! I have been using the Rider Tarot Deck. I've never picked the wheel of fortune card. Thank you for sharing your input and knowledge with me - I appreciate you time and efforts. What you said did make sense. I will keep you posted on how things transpire.


  • Hello , I am new here, but would like a reading. Is he the love of my life?

  • Thank you Velveteen Rabbit! I feel the same way...truly the best schooling I've ever had.


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