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  • Universalharmony, what do you see??? I need a job, not just any job.... You read for me earlier during week, I am a burnt out Hospice nurse, had to leave My jib due to inhumane working conditions,I have had a couple of interviews and have others sched'd

    just wondering if cards show a fullfilling job opprtunity in the horizon? You last mentioned how I needed to commit to either hospice or something else, I am open as long as conditions are reasonable

    Thanx for your time.

  • Hi Universalharmony welcome back,

    I would be obliged if you could give me an insight to both of my Questions.

    Q1. I'm about to undertake a Supervisor Position in my Job , Will it work out both in Moneytry Terms & Success.

    Q2. Will I ever find a True & Loving Partner to Settle Down with. at 62 years of age I feel True Love has slammed the door in my face & long passed me bye.

    D.o.B. 3rd Feb 1947 Time of Birth 04.07am.

    Blessings to You.

  • Goldenhill, I appreciate your interest, but I must say we abuse the tarot's power when we ask the same questions to it repeatedly. I know that in my reading I said that you would be fulfilled when you decide which career path you would like to go into. From there, where you apply and how much effort you put into it is up to you. If you apply for all jobs you want, the chances you will be fulfilled in any of them are high. You have to trust that you have a great opportunity on the horizon or work towards it and you can answer your own question.

    Tartanjock- I am not accepting new requests at this time. I actually just placed the hold on page 28, but you will be the 2nd on my list when I start with new requests, as I have from page 13 all through 28 to work through still. Thank you and if you are still interested then, I will be happy to still do your reading.

  • Universalharmony,


  • Thank you, danr, for being so kind to me. You are correct. What I think I'm truly wondering, is if my husband is making me sicker, with his hurtful behaviors. And if getting away from him might increase my chances of survival. I'm willing to leave if he is malevolent, and I'm beginning to wonder. Thank you, thank you, again, danr.

  • Hello Loanlady1, how are you today? I have done your reading. I shuffled the cards and asked for guidance into this job situation, what may be to come, and where things stand? The card I have received is the Sage of Cups. I see this card speaking more to care of yourself. The cup the Sage is holding is a beautiful one, the Sage has his eyes closed but his head is tilted towards the cup. I did a reading for my boyfriend once and he said it looks as though the Sage (or king) has his eyes on the prize. You must keep your eyes on your desire, I feel if you truly want this job, your chances are high that you will. I also see you as a loving, nurturing, and caring woman, these qualities have helped you in your placement, even if these people don't know you personally and it is helping you greatly in your chances. I would say keep your eyes on your goal, maintain positive thoughts, try to meditate and visualize your goals, and you will see what you wish come true. And even if this state job does not pull through, I see another opportunity lurking in the wings to take its place. But this card represents you need more confidence within yourself. Is there something you feel you are missing or lacking that is holding you back? Face it, deal with it, and be logical and reasonable about it. As the Sage of Cups, you are full of emotion but you sometimes need solid thought to control these emotions. If you feel you have shortcomings, face them, but love yourself still and know you can handle any challenge set forth. You are probably being slightly hard on yourself as well. This needs to stop. Have faith that you have skills, abilities, and experience to help you gain employment. I can not tell you when things will pull through, I get a feeling of a couple of months, but since the future is not set in stone, don't quote me on it lol. I hope you find this helpful and I would love your feedback.

  • Hello all, We been talking about stones and Reiki and chakras. Very Cool, I am going to surf the web tonite to see if I can find anything on clearing away negative energy from you. Does anybody have any ideas?

  • Yes you can clear just like you cleanse but using sage.

  • Destiny9709, you can definitely do what Libraslair said. It kind of depends on whether you wan to clear negative energy out of a space or from yourself. You said from you, so I like to go with incense and meditation. I learned a meditation on clearing negative energy and feelings from ourselves, I can share it with you.

    The Sensation of Mystical Water

    St, Teresa of Avila called the sound of water 'spiritual sweetness.' Just imagine the sound of water running within your soul. Imagine the water running through your entire body, beginning at the top of your head and flowing through your torso, down your arms, legs, and out through the bottom of your feet. Continue to imagine this crystal-clear, sparkling mystical water flushing out all the debris from your body, your mind, and your emotions. Just imagine that this water is cleansing you of your history, of your physical pain, of your stiffness of joints, of your sadness. Now, just pause and breathe in a wonderful sensation of lightness.

    Practice this exercise often and regularly. You may even want to practice it around water - perhaps in the shower - and add music to it. This is a fantastic exercise to distract your senses and allow you to go deeper into your soul.

    Caroline Myss

    I learned this in a class I am taking. It is really for a variety of different things but I could literally see the dirty, gritty water washing away from my feet and down the drain while doing this meditation. It makes you feel lighter and way more positive. I will look some things up about good incense to burn for clearing negative energy. But I like sandalwood or indian made incense best, they bring a real calming and positive sense to me. Visualizing white light or golden light around you or this space may also help in protecting self and healing negative energy. I think it is cool many people are interested in reiki and chakras and talking about them, as they are fascinating subjects.

  • Soapmaker, how are you? I have seen you a bit on the boards and you do post very helpful things for others to benefit from. Nice to run into you =). I have done your reading. As I am sure you know, the future is not set in stone and when doing a reading for a second party's request the energy connection may not be as strong. But these are just things I feel I must inform everyone. The card I have received is the Two of Cups. This is a good card, I see a time of peace coming. A time of end for perhaps some turmoil? The future will be holding a chance to nurture what I would like to say is a current relationship, familial or romantic, but my feel is more towards family. The couple on the card is dancing in harmony, toasting to this beautiful present moment. A see a breather, a sigh of relief on the horizon for your mother. My eyes are drawn next to the snake in the foreground, shaped in an infinity sign. There has been a lifetime of luring of some kind in your mother's life, people wishing to pull her away from her beliefs or temptations. This presence is always lurking in most people's lives, but I feel the future will bring a time where your mother won't have to be on guard as much. Two is a number of balance, compassion, sharing. Sensitivity. Your mother may be experiencing a softening in emotions in the future to come, if she has not already, a bit more receptive to others, but also perhaps a bit more sensitive in their comments. The God and Goddess's Pan and Kuan Yin bless the top left and right of the card and they represent pleasure and peace. I see these things coming to your mother's life and good fortune making its way in. I see more friendship, harmony, and peace entering her life in the future months. Closure of some kind from a situation perhaps. And a spark of romance maybe, with current or new flame.

  • Now Libra you just chimed in when I was thinking of you! Lol! I was going to recommend that Destiny ask you for advise & suggestions on the stones.

    Destiny ~ I would be interested in hearing anything you come across

    8housecancersun ~ thank you for the advise & I will definately do some research on it. I was born in May but it's funny you mention because there was a mix up on 1 copy of my birth certificate where the military reported my birth as being in July. Don't know if that means anything other then a paper mix up?

  • Dear Universal Harmony,

    I hope that all is well with you.

    Please do me a reading regarding my work.Is it time I make a complete change?

    Looking forward to your insight.


  • hello new friend! my questions is how does he really feel about me? please asker me back! i really need 2know! im sick n tired of getn hurt! i m a gemini n his a scorpio!!!!!!!!! please anwser

  • Universalharmony,

    I would greatly appreciate a reading, and yes I do alway's try to leave honest feed back! My d.o.b. is 2/1/81 born at 2:02 A.M. and Here is my question;

    What is my spirit guide (Amanda) trying to say to me or want's me to work on?

    Thank you very much for taking your time and helping out so many fellow tarot friends, blessing 3 x fold to you!

  • part of my question,

    Is this messages from my guide or spirit's ?

  • Hello and thank you for the kind offer UniversalHarmony!.........If you have time I have a question about the Scorpio I have been seeing....He is taking things verrryy slow with me and I would like to know:

    Will him and I end up together... as in a serious relationship?

    Thank you!

  • Rachmm7, I have no great gift to offer you but I too have a defective heart. I can't fortell the future but I can tell you this, if you heart isn't woking there isn't much future. This is not the time to be dealing with anything that you don't absolutely have to. If there is even the slightest chance your husband is melevolent, and if you're feeling this you're probably right, treat him as such. You need to be around people who care about you and can help you now and if he is not stepping up to the plate, he needs to go, for now. You can deal with him after you're healed, if you even still want to. I'm sorry if this sound too harsh but we're talking about your life here.

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    I see that you have done so many readings. Cud you please guide me. I am new to tarot.com forums and am very happy to reach here.

    My name is Nikhil Dhar, born on 26-7-1984 at 01:15 am in Srinagar(city), Kashmir in India. Please tell me why has my life been so hard till now and got what i deserved and will it continue ?? Do you see anything where i actually succeed to connect to higher level and get free....

    A nice reading wud be greatly appreciated.

    Blessings !~!

  • Emereaux, how are you? I have done your reading. Before I continue, I must state that I am not a medical professional, not licensed in any way or practicing or extremely knowledgeable in any medical areas. My reading is based on intuition and the cards and not anything that should be taken as a medical opinion. Normally I decline to do readings like this at all, but I felt like this one would be okay. I have to note these things ahead of time though and would also note that if you are looking for a real second opinion, it would be best to look up a new physician or practitioner (medical, holistic, or otherwise) to get it from. My first thoughts are to ask about your medical problem. My first thoughts are centered on reproductive area (pelvic, ovaries, cervical), heart, or joints (arthritis, fibromyalgia). Are your concerns in any of these areas and what may be the general situation surrounding your health if I may ask? Are you slightly ill or just been diagnosed? The card I have received is the Ten of Pentacles. My immediate thought still centers around reproductive areas, but also the healing nature of children. This card makes me feel that you will benefit greatly from the support and company of children, young especially, if you do not already have this in your life. In terms of your health, I see this as now being a time to take account of all of your health aspects. You are concerned also perhaps you are reaching a point in life where some things may be catching up to you as a result of past action. Now is the time to take account of these things, lay them all out, and think of uplifting and positive solutions to better each of these things in whatever ways are in your means. I see fruit beside the man in meditation, who is wearing a pentacle across his neck and hugging his dog while meditating. All of these things I see to benefit you. Meditation and centering techniques, visualizing your healthy self, fruit as a consistent part of your diet, an amulet or necklace with healing properties, and an animal to give you love and affection (if you don't have one already). I am not one to make diagnoses but I can see that perhaps this issue may be serious to you. It may have you taking account of your life and its worth, what may be left behind by you, and the impact you have made on this world. It may seriously thinking of life and after life issues, frankly put. This card is called the Legacy in the book it comes with. Which means someone has reached a point in there life, or needs to find this point in there life, where they take the time to think about the impact they want to leave on others lives, on there own life, family, and the things surrounding that. But even though these issues may have been plaguing your mind, which is natural anytime we may be having health concerns, I see much hope in this card. I see healing and renewal, positivity and even ritual. As someone who really agrees with a lot of Wiccan views, I can see the symbolism of ritual in the card. The large pentacle is cast out on the yard, a feather, a pipe, flowers and a chalice with water sit inside the circle. Children sit within the circle and share with each other and look on with wonder as they play with a dog in the circle. Now noting this, I don't mean you need to do any large drawn out ritual or something involving Wicca, rather I am saying a daily ritual to help you feel gracious, hopeful, and healthy will be great to incorporate into your daily life. There is magick here in this card and you have this flowing within you. Harness this energy to help you in healing. I see you have a support system of some kind, people or someone who are willing to be there for you, help you through the hard times, and care for you regardless. Remember this at all times. I see this as a time for reflection and living as if, living as if you are healthy, happy, and otherwise good. When you live like this, your mind, body, and spirit begins to believe it is true. To be honest, I am truly still learning this but I am experiencing the changes and beauty that does come with it. Healthwise, I see you having the ability and energy and power to help heal yourself. Look into speaking with your doctor and getting opinions into options, but always keep hope and never listen to grim predictions. Make plans accordingly and be smart, but always stay positive. I see you getting through this and learning greatly from this. I also see you have wise ways and a kind heart, which will advance you further than you can imagine.

  • Aloha! This is my first time and I am very interested in a reading from "Universalharmony." Not very good at this stuff, except for e-mailing. So if you can give me a response back, I'd be grateful then will ask my question that I am so eager to find an answer for. Thank you.

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