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  • hello universal harmony,

    this is my first time being on here getting a reading. I have been having these dreams lately about a male friend and it feels like i am actually there talking to him. we are both the same sign which is leo. I do not have any attraction to him but i feel there is some reason behind him coming to me in my dreams. Am i right about this?

  • I noticed some of your postings and was hoping you could help me with my situation. As background info, I met someone, R. (08/22/1972) in April. There was an instant camaderie, a rightness about the relationship, which was starting off as friendship, only to find out later he was involved with someone else, so I shied away. Since then two things continue to occur that make me stay up late at night wondering.

    One, since we met K has continued to help me very discretely with my career, we are in the same profession, working at different institutions, but involved in the same professional organizations. Two, I pine away for him as though i lost my soulmate, which I sometimes find hard to believe considering we have only had brief contact with each other.

    Can you please let me know what his situation/feelings are with regards to me?

    Thank you !!!!

  • I would really appreciate a reading right now. 2 months ago my boyfriend wanted to sever ties, but is still calling me, etc. He's a Cancer 6/27/53 & I'm Scorpio 11/1/53. Do you see a future with him or should I let him go? I'm tired of the emotional roller coaster.....Thanks!

  • What is your reflection of my (I am a virgo born on the cusp 9-22-1960) wanting to meet and fall in love with an englishman is this possible considering my future, will I ever move to the UK or will I stay here in the US?

  • PLEASE......go to the thread "Wondering about the holidays" and give some support to a woman in need. A few minutes of your time, but will mean so much.


  • Wenchie are you still up? Goodness girl you are going to be dragging tomorrow. Talk later. Much love.

  • Yeah, I know I will be well and truly paying for it! But, sometimes, you just need to do what you can do to help someone else in need. I am supposed to be getting up for work in 4 hours.

  • PLEASE......go to the thread "Wondering about the holidays" and give some support to a woman in need, Kay. A few minutes of your time, but will mean so much.


  • CharmedWitchBente,

    Wow, thank you so much for answering my post. You are so right on the money. I do live in fear and in a strange way its nice to know my husband is going through the same thing so we can deal with it together. Thanks for your advice it was extremly helpful. Have a wonderful holiday and may you be blessed.

  • Hello Universal Harmony,

    Thank you so much for offering this: He's a Capicorn 1/15/1948, I'm a Pisces 3/9/1959, in a relationship for over 6 years, very complicated, very hurtful. What do you see happening between us. I only want the hard, honest truth please.

    Thank you so much.

  • I was gone before you answered me. I don't know if mine sounded all that helpful. I'm not always all that eloquent when trying to get my thoughts across. Ok Wenchie I hope your sleeping now.

  • Charmed did you become friends with Wenchie on facebook? Look at her friends and you will see my picture and just click it and go to mine. I will see. I don't know your name and I don't remember if you put your picture on the thread on past lives so I will mail Wenchie to find out which one is you darlin.

  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    i think i'm in love with this man "J". cannot stop thinking about him.

    does he feel the same way for me? do you see us being together?

    is he the right guy for me?

    thank you and bless your heart.

    happy holidays! love much.

  • Hi Universal Harmony

    I am not sure how much info you need, I was born 1980/04/05 and my partner 1981/06/15. He left me a month ago for another woman and has now come back to me.

    Should i take him back? Do you see harmony is this relationship for the future or rather cut the ties....

    I am so confused, please help!

    Thanks a mill!!!


  • Charmed I found you.

  • Good Morning all, I am new to the forums but have been using this site for years. I love it! I am a Libra with a Scorpio moon. I started readings last year. I am still learning but the few readings I have done for others have been scarily accurate, so I took that as a sign to keep going. I read for myself frequently and usually trust them but right now I am in a state of flux, I cant concentrate or clearly understand anything it seems. My kids have gone back to MI and I wont be with them again till June of 2010. I will be moving to Fl in less than a month and starting over again. I guess I was wonderin if you might be able to share with me if this move will be profitable, in the best interest of my family? my birthday is 10/21/1971. I appreciate your time. Universal Harmony it is very kind of you to offer such a nice gift and you are one of my favorite zodiac signs. Happy Holidays and many blessings to you!

  • Dear Universal Harmony, thank you for the generous reading offer and welcome back. I would like to know how Josh feels about me. Will Josh or a new man come in my life?. With regards to spirit I do keep having this feather and bird thing and not sure if it is a spirit sign. I also feel sometimes like I get a ringing or some discomfort in my ears and it is not a problem with them, so I wonder sometimes if the spirits are at work. Thank you again. I do know the Josh thing is maybe 2 questions. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all.

  • Welcome back, UH.I would love to have a reading - my biggest concerns right now are finances and when and if they will improve. Thank you so much in advance, terry131

  • Libraslair, how are you? Thanks for being patient. With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, I will be bouncing in and out so much. Cooking a ton lol. But I have some time now and couldn't forget you :). I shuffled the cards and asked what advice, guidance, and activity is going on in your life? The card I drew is the Sibyl of Swords. Wise, mature, and having experience some hardships that have made her stronger in the past, she looks towards the future. She sits in front of an igloo type house, with her pet falcon sitting beside her, waiting to carry messages to the outside world. She is honest, blunt, upfront. But underneath all that she is lonely. The cooler exterior is hiding the flame within in. I feel this card as saying you may be waiting for some kind of message or something to arrive to you. Is this true? I also think that you have a fair amount of stability in your life at this moment, but do you feel as if something is missing? The sibyl of swords is notorious for cutting through lies to get through the truth and you do this well. With this level headed side to you and an ability to think and reason, your life can become what you would like it to and I know you have already been thinking about the future. Keep doing this, but living in the present, and you will love the day when the two meet.

  • Hello Kialish, thank you for your request. I have pulled a card while asking the Universe what is the source of your unhappiness, and for guidance the Universe has for you. The card I have pulled for you is the Six of Pentacles. This card is making an appearance a lot in my readings. Financial troubles, issues with people losing their houses and jobs is running rampant, the economic times are really sucking people's happiness dry. I feel that money/home has rooted reasons for your unhappiness, but I also feel that you are not so vain that this is what is ruling your unhappiness. This is a card that is called Charity in the book that accompanies the deck. I think you feel let down by people in your life, you were looking for support or guidance from someone close to you or around you, and they have let you down. You desire someone to share with, to truly share and grow with, and I feel that perhaps you may be lacking that and this is a source of your unhappiness as well. The message this card is sending is to give I think. Give yourself to something you gain even just temporary happiness from. If you persist doing something that gives you happiness, the feelings will grow until they follow you into your daily activities all the time. The act of giving has its own rewards. You will find you will receive just as much as you give and this will be a great feeling. Not only will you feel as though you are helping others, you are helping yourself and your emotions. I see this will restore a sense of balance in emotions, and even finances because once you give yourself freely without reward in mind, you find many financial gains align with you or opportunities suddenly present themselves. Keep strong and hold tight because with this card I sense things will look up.

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