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  • Hi hayleyxsmith, you can save yourself alot of frustration by buying the book from Nancy Garen called Tarot Made Easy. This book is incredibly accurate.

  • Hi, can anyone read my cards for me? I did a arrow of love and ask about if my ex boyfriend and I will get back together. Here is my cards:

    Self image: 10 of wands

    Romantic energy: 6 of cups (inverted)

    Union: Ace of cups (inverted)

    First Partner: the emperor

    Second Partner: King of wands (inverted)

    Romantic future: Page of Pentacles

  • UniversalHarmony,

    I wrote you awhile back on page 28, were you able to do my reading?

    Thank you so much,


  • welcome back i put a request on jan 3rd but ill just put it again here will steve and i reunite? ofor good this time? ...hope you are doing well, thank you for doing this i liked your readings for others xoxoxoxo

  • Hi ictdog can you tell us where to find this post please, thank you.

  • Charmed witchbente,

    How are you? I think i may have reuined my relationship with my husband ...by sending all the letters he has ben sending me , all the while , he iwas with his pregnant girl friend. Did I do the right thing, my intentions were not to hurt the girl friend i just wanted her to see what has been sent to me an di knew she had no clue

  • hi there, can i please have a reading my DOB is 01/04/85 born in monterrey, mexico, like at 10:50 thanks i would really appreciated it, have a wonderful day

  • Knock knock is anyone on this forum still doing readings i posted my question on page 21 on november 27th.. HELP PLEASE.

  • Hi Universal Harmony: Love your name, BTW...my one question.."Do Ben and I have a future together?"

    Thanks so much for your kind assistance....

    Love and Peace, Tiggersmom6

  • i would like a reading please. my name is opal, dob 2/22/73. my question is related to work, i recently took a promotional exam and wanted to know if i scored high enough on it to be promoted.

  • Hello, I would welcome anyone who has thoughts about what I am going through. I was born 9/22/1960 at 11:40am. I have intuition that often gets clouded and I always feel in this space between hanging on and fixing my past with my exhusband and children and moving into the future with a new walk a new path. I have uneasiness about wanting things fixed as in emotions but then I look for a path with a better opportunity a more peaceful walk maybe more exciting more loving and I dont want to be in this space this place I am emotionally. Can anyone relate or give me a reading as to why I cant open the new door of my life I have a son who is married at 21 with 3 babies, a daughter 19 in college with a live in boyfriend and a 14 year old daughter who is highly intuitive and maybe psychic as she sees the ghost of a little boy at times. I work I am between my apartment and my once house of my exhusband who has a lot of issues. I find peace at work but I long for normalcy or understanding I find it hard to know where my place is at times. Thank you very kindly for anyones comments. Kim

  • Hi there

    i would really like to know if i will get through this and be a better person at the end of it?

    Thank you in advance.email

  • I am going through some tough times (part of the deal) and wanted to check if you can give me some insight about me and someone I severed ties with (not very elegantly, I have been severing these ties for a LONG time, but I felt like certain explanations were necessary).

    Would it be possible for you to help me examine the situation at hand, examine my own thoughts, feelings, and actions as well as the attitudes and actions of others involved so that I can thoughtfully consider my course?

    If I have to filter it down to 1 question, it would be how he feels about the whole thing?

  • bless you for the offer.

    my question:

    how does lair feel about me?

    thank you,


  • Thank you for your offer. My question is about my friend who I will refer to by the nickname teaser. He has been hurt in the past and has lead him to be very guarded of his heart. Here goes. Will my friend teaser ever be able to express he feelings for me or will he continue to hide in his man cave unable to live in a happy and loving relationship? Bless you for doing this.


  • My question is the interested vibe I'm getting from a man I know just wishful thinking or is it mutual? I want to keep going w/ this question but you said only one =P dont want to wear out my welcome just yet.

  • Hi Universalharmony

    I know you are very busy and this so wonderful of you too help all of us out with your gift.

    I was on page 18 of your old post i was wondering if you have gotten to there yet?

  • Hi Universalharmony

    I was wanting to know if Tiade is really the one for me or if I am headed down the wrong path.

  • Hi harmony,

    I would love a reading, My question is will anything happen with that guy from work? Thanks so much for offering free readings, I have tried my self, but how can i connect to the cards. I sometimes dont understand the intrpretations and the readings i formulate my self... its confusing..

  • Hi Luv2laf. Sorry I didn't see your question till today as I didn't think this thread was still active. If you and the others have not found it, the name of the other thread is mentioned on pg. 56 along with a reposting of her statement that she is not taking any more requests after pg 28 due to sheer volume.

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