Would You Like a Reading?

  • Hi, I'm new (kind of). Thank you so much for offering to do this. It's hard to pick just one question, but I promise I will 🙂

    I want to join the Army Reserves and I am in the process of filing all the paper work needed. I am unsure if this is going to come to fruition and if it doesn't, I know I will feel lost and without a purpose.

    if it does not come to be, which career will help me realize my full potential?

  • ILoveFish- I can feel it already :). I have been able to get quite a bit done today so far, not on here lol, but in general. I am an all day water drinker, its funny you said that =). And I just got some nice violet/lavender body wash, which should be helpful. I will take your advice. If you ever wanna chat across autumn at yahoo dot com is my email address. First two words, one word. I would love to hear from you, get on a first name basis lol. HA! I'm silly. I love the support you have given and being such a feeling person, you always just make my body feel lighter hearing your words and your energy. I am so happy I found this site too. I have been unemployed for months, out of school for the semester, and I felt like I was doing nothing good in my life. I started my paid phone site but things are moving very slow. I felt as though things were stagnant, no progress was being made, and I was not sure which way to turn. But finding this site has given me something to feel good about, something to make me feel productive and like I am part of something. I always want to be part of something meaningful and true. Now it is easier to accept what is and let the chips fall as they may. I am working to make progress in my life but I have learned that progress comes in many different forms and patience is key for the big things lol. It is so awesome to meet people like you and others, who I can share and grow with.

  • I have sooo many questions.. I will ask you if you can help me in answering this one. Should I grab ahold of him or is it time to let go of him?

  • i would love to have a reading, im basically starting all over what lies ahead

  • HI Universalharmony,

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF MY HUSBAND PHILIP IS CHEATING ON ME AGAIN , AND SHOULD i LEAVE HIM? MY DOB IS AUG 9 1957 AND HIS IS AUG 13, 1967.. Ever since he cheated on me I can't trust him and I feel like I need to leave him , Plus can you tell me if Kenny is for me also.?

    Thank you for your time sassy

  • Thanks, UniversalHarmony...I will be patient in getting your feedback, as my question is on page 41. Deep respect for your reaching out to so many people!!


  • UniversalHarmony

    Thank You Very Much For Adding My Question, (I know you have a lot of them 🙂 I am looking very forward to your response... YAAAAAA!!!!!!! Brrrrr It's getting colder and colder here (in sunny So. California..... hehehe. Hopin he and I will be snugglin this long cold winter we are expecting 🙂

    Blessings Always!

  • Hi I have a question for you ......will I be in a loving relationship with a man in 2010?

    I hope this is ok format.

    Namaste! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Universal Harmony,

    I have been single for two years..

    Do you see any hope for me in the near future?

    Thanks so much ❤ XoXo

  • Hello!!!!

    I was interested to know if you see any changes coming my way for this upcoming new year?



  • Universalharmony

    I thank you so very deeply. You have answered my question and your wise words tell me something that deep inside me i already knew. And you're right, how do i expect someone to love me if i am not loving myself enough. I do enjoy my company but i guess not as much as i thought i did. The Universe is so very wise and I am so greatful that it showed me what i needed to do all along. I really needed this advise like you don't imagine. I dont have enough words to tell you how greatful I am. Thank you so much! God bless you always and everyone.

    Take care. 😄

    Lots of LOVE and light!

  • Please help me! im to the point where all I do is think about this. Im a 28 yr. old young lady Who is ready to start a family and have kids. But I have to know, is DOUG the one for me? AND is he cheating? He says he's not, but lately I've had the oddest feelin-g. I can barely eat or sleep ALL the -while smiling and pretending nothing is wrong! My birthdate is 07-18-1981. Bless u!

  • Highpriestess3- I almost forgot about you back there since I had to ask you a question lol. I got lost in all the pages hehe. I have done your reading. Thank you so very much for being so patient. The card I have drawn for you is the Four of Pentacles. In terms of you and who you are, I feel this card saying you are the woman tending to the child, a baby. Not that you have a young baby right now, but I feel you are a mother and even if you have no children, you have the essence of a mother. Many people come to you for guidance and comfort. You are loving and honest. You can be stern and instill discipline if need be. I think people can really see this in you. This card shows a scene from older times. Women gather topless in beautiful cloth skirts to gather water out of nicely colored jugs, each with a pentacle out of the front. One woman is gathering water, the other beside the fountain or well tending to her baby with a smile and waiting, her other child, a very cute young girl, holds onto their jug and waits her turn. They look happy. There is a man in the background balancing his water jug on his head and two people through a doorway to what looks like a nice grassy area who seem to be enjoying what looks like a lovely, sunny, warm day. The one catch to this card is the last woman. She stands in the right corner, the middle ground. She is dressed like the other women, they are all from the same area, but she hugs her jug tight to her, looking over her shoulder as though someone may take it. I feel this woman represents someone in your life who may be a not very giving person. Someone who is much more comfortable taking than giving. And someone who has a pretty good life, but can't stop and look around and see all the positivity and abundance in their life. These other women embrace it with happiness, but this woman looks on envious, filled with greed and almost a slight paranoia. Pentacles can represent finances, home, job, and health. Maybe this shows a need for a bit of a shifting of views in finances, or perhaps a survey over what you have, to remind you just how grateful and lucky you are. But I really feel this card speaks more to the scene shown, at a face value. A time in your life that is generally fairly peaceful and without conflict. A point in time where you are generally satisfied with most things and with yourself. There can be rooms for improvement, as in anything, but you are not upset about this and are happy to work and move with the flow knowing what is needed will come and what needs to get done, will get done too. I feel that their may be someone in your life right now who is trying to rock the boat, stir up that sense of peace a bit. Someone who may just be giving you are strong negative vibe or leeching off you somehow, one way or another. Perhaps a not as grateful as they should be kid or a friend who takes more than she gives, leaving you shouldering a lot of her problems. Either way, I feel you have the ability and the know how to rise above. All in all I feel you have been dealing fairly well. Communication and letting your view be known are important, but sometimes in cases like this, you just have to let this person be in their own world. They will get an awakening that is surprising for them in their own time. This is what I am picking up from my intuition and the card. I would love to hear your feelings 😃

  • Dar niversal Harmonyy

    You write beautiful prose....poetic prose and your images are also beautiful. You have caught the essence of me.....I have 3 grown-u childen, a gorgeous grandson and hoping for more as time unfolds. The envious woman is probably my elder sister ..I also have an identical twiin... the eldest has always plagued the two of us because we are two. I also had trouble with my twin in the past,, but since her awful ex husband (boy did he hate me) is no longer about, we are a close as when we were childen. Our parents are a bit lacking in backbone and the eldest bullies them too -sounds like a fairytale - and yes, people do ask me to do charts and things.. ...could I do yours? You are a genius I do believe...your readings, just beautiful and alive. Thanks so much...please stay in touch..

  • THank You U-H, and everyone for love and spt.

  • Hi Universal Harmony! Wow! You have tons of reading requests! and they are still coming in too! Bless your sweet heart! I actually posted on page thirty somthing after reading about half your posts and missed the most important one from you that you were not accepting anymore requests at that time a few pages before my post. Sorry!

    I do have an idea for you that might help!! I am new here and aren't sure how it all works so forgive me if this won't work. I thought I could at least offer an idea to help since you are being so generous to share your gift with everyone.

    What if you stop from this point on posting on this thread. Maybe you could put the final post directing anyone who already has in a request up to whatever page you wish, to a new thread for the results for their reading and for them to reply with feedback for you.

    Then you start the new thread and be sure to name it somthing like "Your Readings as Requested by Universal Harmony" or whatever you like just so at first sight of the title, it doesn't make those seeking a reading think that it is a place to get one presently.

    I just thought this might help you catch up the point you wish to stop. This way this thread "Would you like a reading" won't have anymore posts and then it won't be on the latest topics and hopefully you won't get so many new requests thinking without reading all the posts that you are still taking requests.

    I hope this makes good sense, may be jumbled and confusing to everyone if they aren't familiar with it though. Good Luck and May you be Blessed for your Kindness!!


  • Fairyjaye, thank you very much. I think that is a very good idea. You telepathic lol? I was lingering on the thought last, unsure of exactly how to approach it. Your idea is a great one, it makes sense, and is probably a very good idea. I think I am going to do that. I really appreciate it. I'm going to include your reading at the end of the new thread 😃

  • Please, no more reading requests. I am going to continue to work on the readings from page 19-28 and I started a new thread for those who are on those pages to go and check up on. The title is drawing so many new people in and I don't want to keep getting anybodies hopes up. If you would like to get in touch with me, I have my information on here, I think a few pages back. But I'm also on here a lot too, as you can see lol. So thank you everybody for your requests and I will be able to do the ones on my waiting list at a later date, I will let everyone know. Thanks for all the support.


    Where is the new thread for us to keep checking. My request was on page 26.



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