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  • Thank You Universal Harmony...I hope you can help me. I have been struggling w/my lifes' direction and feel like Ihave been in quick sand for a long time... How do I know which road to take between the 2 decisions?

  • Thank you very much for taking time to answer my ? about my post and what page you are currently working on this meant very much to me ! I am a newbie here and you are the only person who has ever spoke to me on this board so this touch my heart very much! I feel like someone actually cares about me on this board now and it a good feeling ! Thank you so much! I shall wait as long as it takes for you to answer my ? I forgot to put our dob on the 1st ? so i tried to go back to the same post and add it but I had to add a 2nd post our dob is: mine is 08/02/57 his is 05/05/55 thank so much for taking time to send this to me . May you receive many blessing and good karma along with" my peace always favor your sword " and your hearts true desires in this life be receive to you peace, love good health, love, wealth , long life be bloessed upon you!

  • ButtRflykiss- I will add your question to the wait list. Thanks 🙂

    Smallbit- I am working on page 18 now, so don't worry, you haven't missed anything. I hope to get through a few pages this weekend with some more free time. I would say check back in a couple of days. Thank you for your patience.

    KittyCathy- You made me smile. It's awesome knowing that this thread has been helpful and that others stories have been touching to you. I'm not sure if you posted a question earlier, but if so I will definitely work on it when I get there and I really appreciate your patience. Tarot . com has a partnership with the website keen. I have a page through keen. If you search their database my username is naomi harmony. You may have to search twice, for some reason it works funny like that. Thank you for your compliments and I look forward to getting to work on your reading here.

    Purpleiris- I will put your question on the wait list. Thank you.

    Angelique7- You are sweet. I care and I know though others may have not spoken to you, they care as well =). You have a place you can come chat anytime. Thanks for the birth date's, but I don't need them so it's cool. I'm not too knowledgeable of astrology lol, just a little stuff. I appreciate your kind words and I will be happy to do your reading when I reach it.

  • Lovehate22- I have done your reading. The card I have received is Strength (8). I see this card as representing this man, but also you as well. When I look at this card, I see various elements of you and him in this card. I think this man is head strong, he has not yet felt remorse fully for his actions. He knows what he has done, he knows it was not right, but he is not emotionally in a place for these things he knows to penetrate. If they don't penetrate it makes it easier to act as though it doesn't bother him. I think he has put up a fight to it. I am drawn to the snake coiled around a tree in the mid ground of the card. The trees branches have caught fire and though the snake is close to the flames, they have not quite caught on yet. He feels the heat, but not the burn. I feel the snake represents his actions, what he did was sneaky and deceitful, which snakes often represent. The lion I feel represents elements of him and parts of your relationship. The lion is what make me think of the headstrong ways. A lion is definitely one not known for compromise. He is prideful and rightly so. But in humans, these characteristics can go too far. And in his case I think these is what he is using as a protective barrier. The woman in the card is resting with the lion, her hand on his chin. I feel this represents your interaction now, his denial, your ability to kind of softly to kind of ease that feeling. I feel that maybe you don't push the issue with him and I don't blame you, but this is what I see. An ability to have an air of civility and being around each other when you run into each other without a scene. The mouse in the woman's hand is surrounded by a golden and orange light. This mouse is what I feel represents your feelings. You may feel slightly small right now, helpless and unable to change things. He crushed you and it has bruised you emotionally, leaving you feel belittled. But this mouse is part of the real strength in this card. Resilient, resourceful, and full of hope and light. The mouse can recover from hard situations as a wiser being, and the light surrounding him shows his passion, courage, and strength burning around him, even if does not show quite yet. This is within you, you are surrounded by a golden and orange light, protecting, nurturing, and strengthening you. It might help to visualize this. I know anger, even rage is probably lurking within due to this experience. Here is an enchantment from the enchanted tarot book. I used the world spirit tarot to do your reading, but this might help.

    The Enchanted Tarot, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber: Enchantment for Strength:

    Light a red candle to represent your carnal nature. Take a white candle of equal size and touch to it the burning flame. By mixing the white and red waxes together, the pink power of love will be brought into our being. Let the two candles burn down together and repeat the words: "With the loving strength of my Higher Self I will make an ally of my instinctual nature." Keep a small piece of pink wax with you in a sealed envelope to help you remember.

  • Patricia1970- I have done your reading. Thanks for the patience. I normally don't handle birth dates, but I decided to calculate your life path number, it was calling to me. You are a 7, which means your life path is destined to be of spiritual nature. Number 7's are more internal type people, they prefer working alone, and tend to be intelligent and analytical. They desire spirituality in their daily lives and as their line of work and have the potential to bring that type of peace and blessing to themselves and many other people. I figured I would give you that background first, as this is what is in your numbers, a part of your destiny, or an area to use to your advantage to maximize all your other qualities. The card I have drawn is The Chariot (7). Astrologically speaking, the Chariot is related to Cancer. Cancer is a water sign and ruled by the moon. I feel this speaks to you having very intuitive qualities, just as you spoke of. Moods can be quickly changing which makes it hard to grasp when you get that feeling and make sure it is right, or even if it isn't just your moods changing. But this also speaks to you just being naturally in tune. It is something you need to connect to more to decipher where these feelings are coming from, but this will be easier than disconnecting, it is like these feelings will always be there. I see many light elements to this card and I think of your exact question, will you be full of light. Yes. The positive and calm nature of this card shows that with practice and control you can reach the place you desire to go. Many gold and orange like small pieces are included on the card and the zebras that control the chariot are very bright white and very dark black. This is contrast. We all have light and dark elements, it is more about balance. You can be full of light and love and positivity. But remember everyone has darker aspects to themselves, this is not a negative thing, as balance is necessary, especially in matters of gifts and abilities. The chariot speaks to passage and journey, to a desire, a destination. The chariot represents controlling emotions and internal aspects of self, of Higher self, to reach that destination. The chariot in this card is at rest and I feel now is the best time to contemplate this as you have been. You will find when you listen to yourself and how you want to approach nurturing yourself and the talents you have, it will come easier. Answers will start to float up from deep within you. And soon the chariot will be moving again, composed, rested, and reassured, happy to continue his journey. You will begin making progress soon, you will see the benefits in taking the time to survey your inner self and where you want to bring your abilities too. You will need to go deep but it is all there. This card is part of the major arcana and it represents how important this is to you and how deep these parts of your life will affect you. This is a card I feel will represent a lot of you and your spiritual path.

  • Said12- How are you? I have done your reading. The card I have pulled is Temperance (14). When I see this card the first thing that comes to mind in your situation is patience. You are trying to balance things and make them work and this is going to end up in your benefit. I feel you have a beautiful future ahead of you and this is a time that is trying you in many ways. This testing time is helping you develop skills that will benefit you for a long time. This card represents harmony and balance, an ability to mix elements together to make one beautiful thing. This card has an angel on it, a gorgeous angel with multi-colored wings stands on the bank of a river, one foot in the water, one on the land. The sky is puple behind him/her and around the angel's head is a headdress of gold/yellow and orange stands that look almost like fire sprouting from his head. In a time of sickness for your husband, I see you being a healing force for him. I know things are maybe harder on his end in terms of separation. But all these emotions and the patience you have had are bringing you into a higher state of being I think. I think of a saying I saw on a page about the description of the card. It said something about blending and molding things together, even under extreme heat, to get to the true gold beneath the dull and not so pretty stuff. I feel that is what is going on. I think this card is telling you to begin trying to find ways to enjoy yourself while you wait, until you can move forward as you wish. Now is the time to find ways to bring peace and serenity into your life even while this separation is being roadblocked. Know that you hold power in this situation as well and you may have to exercise it. I see a calm after the storm coming soon and you are not stuck in your situation forever.

  • hi, my request for a future reading plz. what happens next?

  • hi stand deb, sorry not getting back to you sooner, didn't realise your question was for me.

    I have a thread going at I WOULD LOVE TO GET A READING OF ANY KIND and have done quite a few readings there.

    if you would like to post and I will try to answer your question there as this is really universal harmony's page and I wouldn't want to interfere with her energy as she is beginning to now do readings again.

    amazing insight btw and great name U.H

    I hope you understand .

    love and light crystal

  • Happy Saturday to you Universalharmony :^) --

    If you'd be so kind to offer your response; will I be able to afford elective surgery this coming spring (and if so will it be successful)?

    Thank you so much - peace and love,

    wavyg 🙂

  • Hi Universal Harmony..

    would really love an answer to my question of relationship with man I feel very deeply for (cry everytime i think about his not being in my life)Can you give me a hint as to why we would feel deeply but not have relationship go anywhere...?? Thank you so much for your time

  • How does Dave feel about me? Glad you are back we all yearn for Universal Harmony and you must have the answer.

  • how much does it cost for this?


  • Hi UH, if I am lucky enough for you to find time to do a reading for me, my question is on page 19 (you cant be far off it now). May I add a little more to the original question. I guess by now with other comments I have made, I am truly worried about my friendship with Tom in LA.

    Tom is a friend - just that, but we were/are exceptionally close (until an exgirl friend came back on the scene). She has dictated that he has to sever contact with all women friends if he wants her to let him have sex. He was distraght at losing our contact, but so not to upset bunny boiler, he stipulated certain condidtions on our conversations. WHAT!!!!!!!!

    Now I am totally horrified at such manlipulation, and to be told that our conversation was possible going to end because someone else dictated it I was totally taken aback at such bad manners.

    I work with domestic and emotional abuse, so I know the signs of emotional manlipulation - also with my empathy skills I knew she was isolating him from others for her own purpose. But he cant see this (also to add to the problem he is married with sick wife hence seeks sex outside the marriage - he tells me that is all it is, nothing more) hence you can see why I was so angry.

    I let my feelings be known and it nearly cost us our friendship. I said he had given more power to his lover than his wife - he was mortified that I didnt approve of his actions (he thought I would accept what he did as we are such close friends).

    So my orginal question is how does Tom feel about me (hoping we still have very good friendship - it is spiritual love - very strong bond), but my main concern now is bunny boiler, her intentions if this is going to last, and how much more damage is she going to do - she has done masses already.

    So, I send love to the universe to help my friend - is this some sort of karmic return ?? In my vision (mental picture) I see this ending very badly.

    Blessing dear friends and love to all - hoping you find peace in your hearts as well.

    Carole xxxx

  • Hi Universalharmony, I am "on the list" back on page 24. I am still very much looking forward to my reading from you, but given your incredible demand here I would like you to know that I am quite content with just a general reading on the relationship I spoke about. I might have been fairly detailed in my original request, and I don't know if that makes things easier or harder for you. So I want you to decide what is easiest and go from there. If you want to go with an overview of: "what do you see with my relationship with R?" that would be just fine with me and I'm sure insightful as well. You are so awesome the way you contribute you time, love and gifts here. Thank you!

  • Hello Universalharmony, Do you see a windfall coming my way soon? My dob is 1/23/74 Thank you for your time.

  • Hello Universalharmony,

    I'm just coming on to tell you I'm thinking about you, I know this is very overwhelming, the response from so many. I am saying a special prayer for you, hoping you keep up your energy, please don't let this overcome you. I'm sensing that you are such a sensitive soul, that you are trying so hard to respond to the many that it is taking a great toll upon you. Please rest, take care of yourself first, your family second and then when you find the time to help the rest.

    Peace, Blessings and Love to You.

  • Dear Universal Harmony 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank-You So Very Much, your reading was more that worth the wait, I felt such light and love as i read it, it left me tingling from head to toe and in awe.

    what a truly Beautiful gift you have,your light shines in every word and on every page.

    and dito on what Ilovefish said,it could have not been said better.PLEASE do take of yourself and your family.

    I will also send special prayers and blessings to you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Peace & Blessings

    Love & Light

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • What a gracious offer.thank you in advance. I am physically and financially challenged and I'm facing foreclosure and bankrupcy. I'm requesting a loan modification from my lender, wells fargo, whose been dragging this along since feb, 2009. Finally they respond wiith a no. I asked again. They asked for nearly $3,000 and then say NO again. I want to know if I should keep up the fight or just let all this drama and frustration go and take the siimpler life the universe seems to be offering. The house has no equity at this time, so I can't just sell it.





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