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  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    Do you see any changes in my financial situation in the next year ?


  • Thank you, for your generosity, Universalharmony... My question is this; Will it benefit me financially to gamble when I go to Las Vegas in two weeks?

    Thank you ahead of time for your care and attention~


  • I would love a reading. Is my Cancer man (18/7/1968) the one for me (17/3/1967)?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi everyone. I have to note that I am declining readings after page 28. I will keep this list and remember everyone who has requested one after that page for when I start out again. Please try to read the previous pages to keep up with the notices I leave. They are not just for me to see my own words, rather to help you know where I stand.

    I am on page 15 now and will be starting work again shortly. I will be starting the readings from that page and responding to all the feedback and comments. Thanks 🙂

    Universal Harmony

  • Thank you Universal Harmony. It is very generous of you to offer so many readings.

  • will I ever get my dog back alive?

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  • UH, I sent you all the details privately. I hope you received it. Thanks again!!!

  • You know what, I didn't mean to imply that nobody here would help about the dog!!! Just thinking of time constraints and drained energy and all. Besides, I'm sure somebody here specializes in animal communication???

  • Dear Sunshine7579,

    I am a nobody, but I came across your post. I have taken the road not travel in life though for a long time, and as a result, I feel I might be able to offer you something maybe and I am going to be honest. First off, though this man says they go their own ways and he stays just for his son, here are two things that just jumped out at me. He is so concerned about his son, then why is he putting himself into a situation that could damage the child he wants to protect? If he needs to keep up a happy facade, what happens if the son finds out? He will be hurt and heartbroken. I would just stay his friend and get to see what the real him is like now adays for a while and see if he leaves her. As for the alcoholic, does he go to aa or have a sponsor, or shown any interest in recovery? He should not be worried about a relationship with u right now if he is doing what he is suppose to be doing which is working on himself first. Alcoholism is a selfish disease, and if he is not doing anything different, then I would not set up the kids for the undependableness that comes with the disease and witnessing a progressive disease first hand. I would let him have supervised visits with u and the kids and set the boundary that he can not come around if he has been drinking and it will have to be rescheduled. Alcoholics need to hit bottoms. If he truly is alcoholic, and is ready for help, he will be willing to do anything to be restored to sanity. He will take accountability for his actions, and his actions will meet his words. If he is thinking about recovery, and is trying to do what is right, he will be concerned about his sobriety first, finding work, his own place to live, and doing the next right thing.

  • Don't worry about it Ictdog. You said it just fine 😃

  • "A positive attitude and an optimistic outlook can awaken you to so many new possibilities and opportunities that self-doubt and negativity completely obscure"

    Good Morning Everyone ~

    Wherever you live and no matter what the weather outside, I send to you wishes that you may feel the warmth of the sun shining within, lifting your spirit and bringing unto you a beautiful day full of love, peace, happiness and an abundance of possibilites and opportunities for your heart, eyes and soul to behold.

    Many blessings 😃

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  • Tellstar- How are you? Thanks for your patience. I have done your reading about you and your teenage love. The card I have drawn is the Ace of Wands. This is a card of opportunity. There is a definite spark here. I see lots more communication and contact through email. I would say that this will be a tough one for because I see there being an opportunity presenting itself within this. I see communication will grow, possibly change into more interactive means. But with that, you will be dealing with the fact that he is married. I will say that this will be hard for you, but keep in mind it will probably be harder for him. I see a lot of energy, movement, thought. You have brought back a ton of old feelings and memories. Things that he has missed and thought of from time to time. This card speaks of creativity and a need for an outlet. While the two of you should continue to communicate, I would say take it slow. Don't rush into anything you will regret. Just enjoy talking and catching up. You may need to find something to help outlet some of the excitement from your talks as I see a giddiness almost, a feeling of elation and teenage happiness when you speak at times. You find something you enjoy doing, writing, painting, listening to music, whatever, to help get some of the energy ad excitement of what may come out. I feel the obstacle will be his marriage and it is up to you to bear with him as he decides what he wants to make of this relationship. At least I see a beautiful friendship. But at most, I do see a ton of potential for the future. Because there are other parties involved, I will not get in too deeply to all that but just say to take small steps and think each thing out thoroughly. But smile 😃

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    My question is:

    Will my husband and I have children?

    Thank you for taking the time to do this! It is much appreciated.

  • Hello Universalharmony,

    I met a wonderful man online a little over six months ago. We talk everyday and he has become very important to me. We have yet to meet in person, so my question is, will we meet in person soon? My DOB is 1/18/73, his is 12/28/65. Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

  • good morning universal harmony...my question is: is this person c meant to be in my life temporary or ? Thank you...have a nice day...I am trying to think positive thoughts today...

  • Hello Univeralharmony ,

    Thank you for offering your services and time . We all appreciate it ! I would like to know if ,( and when you can get time to answer) ,,,if I will be moving onto a new Job anytime in the near future , or better yet being able to quit working altogether . Have a great day !:O)

    Take Care and God Bless


  • The futer of Taz and my relationship. Please

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