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  • Hello, I am new to this. My question is, 'Why am I having difficulty lossing weight?" Is if from this life time or past life times.

    Universal Light to all.

  • Universalharmony:

    I just came back to read again your reading for me, it just makes me feel so lifted, so incredibly happy, so positive to finally start going in a new direction without worry or fear. A huge burden I had placed upon myself has finally been lifted with your words. Amazing!!!!! For so many years I have been down, I've been looking for answers, I've been really, really down. But what you wrote to me was so spot on, and especially your second response to me, it was exactly what I wanted in my life, what I need in my life, what I had been telling others I needed in my life, I've stated those exact words to myself, those exact words. SO that is why I'm so incredibly relived because if you can state something I have been saying and feeling for so long, then I feel confident in your abilities because I finally feel everything will be fine. I will do as you suggested. Thank you from my entire heart.

    Peace and Blessings to you. You're very gifted!!!!

  • Danr: I just wanted to "Thank You" for sharing your special words. It just is a great feeling to know there are so many wonderful people out there whom genuinely care about others. Especially when times are so hard, strangers trying to help others feel positive. What a blessings.

    Peace to All, Love to All, Blessings to All.

    In Love and Light!

  • Hello. Thank you for sharing you gifts. My question, "What is the reason I am unable to loss this excess weight?" Is it from this life time or past life time?

    May the Universal Light shine upon you.


  • Hello Universal Harmony and all. I'm sorry, I'm new to this and did not know how to use the site. I would very much like a reading as soon as you could, Universal Harmony.

    My sweetheart packed his car and left the first day of May. No warning. I happened to come home early from work that day when he was just getting ready to go. He said he was going to leave me a note, gave a bogus reaason for leaving, and refused to say a whole lot, visibly very angry inside. Just before he walked out the door, he sat down his bag, looked at the floor and said I love you, (my name). Then he slowly picked up his bag and walked out. I did not try to stop him but could not help crying the entire time. (He does have a wee bit of the actor in him so not sure how much true feeling was in that gesture though it felt true at the time)

    You see, I have always loved this man. Deeply loved him. I thought about him, often, through the years, hired an investigator and found him just after the investigator had about given up and I already had. We had been together 4 years, nearing 5, when he left. We met at a Baptist University and met, again, after 27 years. Everything that had between us years ago started all over again. This time, though, he was an alcoholic with a long history of leaving. 3 wives, 4 children, jobs, lovers, countries, responsibilities, and I was going through the final realization that my 20+ year marriage was over. After trying 2 years to keep it together, following my husband to another state, and so on, I realized that it was over and there was nothing I could do to fix it.

    The years together, this time, were good, really good, and really bad. He's a Scorpio and I, an Aquarious. We moved my mother to our home 2009 October. She died this February. He took care of her while I worked (came out of alcoholic rehab to do that which now I am SO SORRY I asked and let him do. I should have found another way). My mother loved him immensely and no one could have taken better care of her than him, not even me and I am a hospice nurse. Just before she died he sang her a song her daddy used to sing and a few moments later she just quietly slipped away. Hers was the sweetest death I have ever witnessed and I know it would not have been if not for him. He was the 'only one' who helped me. The bad: he broke my wrist in 2006, when he was in a drunken rage. How I didn't know he was drinking is beyond me. Anyway he stayed in the state where we lived and went to counseling, faithfully, he allowed me to talk with his counselor, and took care of his legal obligations (court) for A & B/Domestic Violence. Nothing of the sort ever happened again but I believe he was and had been drinking before he left as he was very depressed, sleeping alot, and starting to be intermittently verbally abusive. I had told him a few days to a week or so before he left that I would not live like that and be treated that way and that I might never get married again (our wedding day was set for the umpteenth time for October. I have repeatedly over the past few years put it off not because I didn't want to marry him but because every time I thought we might really be able to he would do something negative (e.g. drink while driving, lose his job, be verbally abusive, etc.) which made me pull up short.

    So, now I'm going to counseling (grief), and for myself (my things I've hidden from), and to try to learn how to be a better mate and friend to a man as I've never had a good relationship with any in my life except my brother who had Down's and that is what I want, very, very much.

    I've been told I've done remarkably well in my life (looks that way) despite my childhood and events of my adult life. But inside, I know, it is all a very good cover-up for a still, very broken being. Perhaps, that is why I feel I understand him, at least in part. I was not without fault during this relationship. He has it in him to be a good man but .doesn't seem to understand that it takes years to change yourself and gives up before he reaches the day.

    I've done everything a woman should NOT do: cried, called him probably 10 times just after he left until his phone was shut off the next month, emailed his son several times with messages for him, thought about trying to find him again but just couldn't as I know he 'expects' that I will and it would only give him the opportunity to be cruel to me. (See, a smidgeon of pride). I do love him and I do want him for the right reasons. I've never loved another man as wholly as I have loved him though I have been married 2 x. Nor have I ever found another quite like him.

    I look forward to your response.

  • Universalharmony

    My question is "Does the man I am having a long distance relationship really love me?" He's acting like it's just physical, but he came back to me after 13 years.


  • hello, this is my question, what's holding me back in finding someone right for me?

  • Universal Harmony,

    Thank you so much for your reading. Your response gave me much to consider and meditate on. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving,


  • Hi, yes I would like a reading. How does Sean really feel about me? Many thanks.


  • Universal Harmony, Thank you so much! Kinda Funny, Thatis exactly how I felt about the situation @ hand. It will be either a make it or break it time! and to be truthful I think that because I know how crucial it is to stay focused it will keep me from the depths of hell itself! I have been negative lately and I realized it in the car yesterday, I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, in making your own future. It is just so easy to get swallowed up by day to day life. I greatly appreciate your insight. You even touched on something else I have been thinking about, You are amazing, I hope I can cultivate my ability to read as well as you do. I see how many readings you do but if it wouldn't be to much to ask, could I ask one more thing? Mike my first love is in Florida. He found me on classmates.com about a year ago. He still has the ability to light a fire under me lets just say. I get so excited I find it hard to breathe when I know he is telling me something important. He broke up with me all those years ago for a variety of reasons, I didn't want to get married, I was stubborn as hell. Anyway his divorce should be finalized before I even arrive to Fl. He is the one man in my life that I truly believed loved me and then he goes and finds me after 12 years. In my heart I know we belong together, He is a cancer and I think it is because of my scorpio moon that makes us so good together, the libra in me can sometimes drive him crazy but he usually looks right past my indecisiveness and cuts to the chase of the matter. I realize this is getting a little long, I guess what I need to know is if we will bring comfort back into each others lives? After a divorce it is hard to feel deeply for another person, being that you feel so betrayed by someone you once loved so much. The timing for us might be a lot better if it was next year after he hashad time to mend his wounds but I cant wait to break into Fl until then the time is now. Maybe my real question is there something I shouldn't do or should do to help our relationship grow? Thanks again UniversalHarmony. I think I will keep trying to read for myself I just didnt want to abuse the source of knowledge because I am not clearly linked lately to anything.

  • charmedwitchbente. Thank you , and answer to your reply. Up to now i have not heard from my indian cancer b/f , But its only been a few days since you told me this . Would you have any idea as to when he will contact me .? I know this is a tough question and I shoulde't really be asking you that . I'm sorry . Do you think he has married this girl his parents have aranged for him ? llindieloo xxxxx

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  • Hi

    Will I have a relationship with the man I want at work,


  • 8housecancersun ~ How wonderful you are to encourage & support UniversalHarmony and to provide advice to help her take care of herself! The calling to help others, I'm sure, can at times be demanding and can be both physically & emotionally draining and the wisdom of those further along in mastering their gifts is greatly appreciated! I am curious about the stones you mentioned...where does one find these stones & how do you go about choosing one? I have also posted a thread on seeking information on Reiki & Numerology, if you have time, I would very much appreciate any input you may have. Thanks and many blessings to you!

    ILoveFish ~You are so right my dear, it is a wonderful feeling to know there are many caring souls out there...especially in difficult times! While I don't have the "gifts" of others here, I do believe in prayer, positive thinking and helping others. I like to share passages I come across that have meant something to me and hope that it in someway helps someone else...even one person! It's all about trying to do good & help others and in doing so, helping yourself. Blessings to you my friend!

    UniversalHarmony ~ I hope you are doing well today my dear! I am thankful for all you are doing here and the many people you are helping in finding some peace & clarity! I read through all the requests & your readings as there is something to learn from everyone. The insight you provide to others has also given me some things to think about & apply in my own life! Thank you and keep up the great work! It is much appreciated by many! I do have another question, though I know you begun this by thread with the stipulation of 1 specific question, and I respect that. There are many that have not had the benefit of your insight yet and they must have the opportunity first. When things slow down a bit & you have time (though I don't think that will be anytime soon, lol!) let me know if I may ask another question & I will give you the details, Thank you and many blessings to you my friend!

    Libra ~ How are you? I hope things are going well for you sweetie!

    Take care everyone & much love & blessing to all of you 😃

    "Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance"

  • danr check for new age stores around your area or who told you to get some stones? I am just next door in Baja Tx. I can send them to you if I have them. Your in a heavy bible book area and I don't know if they are easy to find there. Let me know what you were told to get I can help. Healing stones are what I deal in.

  • Everyone who comes on here if you don't love yourself go get or send for Rose Quartz. Just the stone and it doesn't need to be polished that has nothing to do with it's strength and carry it everyday.

  • Rachel ~

    I have added you to my prayers that your heart will heal both physically & emotionally! I am not one of the "gifted" on this site, but I think now sweetie, your focus needs to be on YOU and restoring your health! Please don't take this in a negative way as that is not my intention...It's difficult to have someone in your life who suffers from bipolar but at this time, whether your husband changes or not is not your main focus....your health is!!!!! If you don't take care of yourself, you may not walk this earth to see any changes that may or may not happen! I do hope all works out , but right now, my prayers are for you and your healing! Much love to you 😃

  • LibrasLair

    I am also in a heavy bible belt area. Where can I get some rose quartz? Low on self-esteem issues here too....

  • llindieloo : U asked it already. i didnt feel nor saw when he woiuld call just that he would. u need to be patient.

    spirit guides has no sense of time as we do so it can be 2 weeks 2 months 2 days of 2 years for all spiritguides think. remember, good things comes to those that wait patiently.

    now day he called n said he married, then what ?

  • summer where are you?

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