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  • Hi Universalharmony I would like a reading please. Dwight hasnt contacted me for a week now . I would like to know how he feels about me. I need to move on but I cant. he is June24 and I am May16 . Plz i really need your help. If you need anymore info Please leave in the commnet for me.

    thx so much.

  • Hello Universalharmony, im new to this site and have stumbled across your thread, i have a question that i would like answerd if you dont mind thank you.

    I have met a guy who is a Libra im a Taurean, he seems nice enough but something is holding me back, and i cant put my finger on it !!!! We get on well, he has a strong work ethic and i think hes quite cute. i was wondering if you could see any reason??

    Thank you in advance xx

  • Norwuud, I have done your reading for you. I am sorry about the hard time you have been going through. My heart really goes out to you and I can say things will get better. The card I have received is the 5 of cups. This difficulty can be seen in the card, the woman is bent over, hand over her face, clutching at the ground, at the loss of the five cups of water that have all spilled. So many things have been lost as you have said. But my eyes are immediately drawn to the unicorn standing on the horizon, a blaze of orange and yellow trees behind him. This is a sign of hope, a sign that things will get better. These colors represent strength and resilience here and I think you have that. It is okay to be sad or upset or disappointed sometimes, as life will hand us such things that can be all of those things. But once you feel and let those feelings out, you will know when to move on. I think the time up until the new year will be a time where you will be going through your losses, taking account of your feelings, and deciding how to move forward to a bright future. The colors on the horizon are bright and bold and I think that things will get better for you, but you will still be experiencing some grief. Don't get upset with yourself over this, as these things take time and emotions have to run there course. Just continue to live each day knowing that it will all get better and happiness can be found in many little things if you can't find it consistently. When we start adding small things into our routines that make us happy when we are feeling down or mourning, we find happiness becomes an easier part of our daily routine. Feel and don't be afraid to feel, and you will really get past this.

  • Universal Harmony thank yoiu thank you thank you for your reading. It calms me down so immensely much, and it shows i am where i am supposed to be in my life. Further that the choises ive made for meself are the right ones. Thank you so so much.

    U rock guurrrrrrlllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ro1179, how are you? I have done a reading regarding your question. Because it has a slightly medical base, I would like to remind you that this is based on my intuition and the cards, not any medical knowledge. And you will have to keep whatever medical factors you and your partner may have into account, if any. The card I have received is the 5 of cups. I know the reading before you has the same card, but I shuffled the deck really good, so I assure you, that is just how it has happened. In this case, I see that with your partner and you, having children may be a difficult experience. Since I have no medical experience, I can't say for certainty what may be the problem but this card signifies loss and the grief one experiences from loss. I think of miscarriage, but really what this means while trying to become pregnant it would do best to go over medical history and the likes with your partner and plan it out well. Take ovulation and all those types of things into account. You have to stay positive and keep your eyes on what you desire, but also know that love surrounds you all the time. I see children possible for you and your partner, but not now due to whatever surrounding factors. Please do not take this as the be all end all, just as something saying to keep in contact with your physician or whoever you are comfortable with in these issues and stay in constant communication with your partner.

  • Thanks Bente =)! You know you have great intuition, you can lead yourself on the right path. It seems you already have lol.

  • Dear Universal Harmony, I hope you are well. I would just like to let you know that your reading was right on the dot, it's spot on. To recap this is what you said...

    UniveralHarmony to VirgoCookie reading - I think that the obstacle of the living situation is what is slowing down his proposal, as with pentacles it almost always involves money or home. But I think he is truly genuine in all you guys have been talking about and when the time is right, you will find a way to make it work. I am happy you guys have both been so open about these things and there is no reason to think he will let you down, after knowing all this. I wish you the best and hopefully you guys can find a way to make your living situation work so your love can continue to grow 😃

    Since then I have received a couple of emails from my boyfriend and this is what he wrote

    I wanna be with you. Living in Australia sounds fantastic, living without my family does not sound as good. But I was not happy in Germany. Maybe you are my key to finally being happy.... I believe that it will work out with us. Because you make me happy and I have not one thing on my mind which makes me doubt or think negative about you... I am just thinking about all the other stuff, not about you being the right person. But I don't need to this time. I am just wondering if I have the guts to live in Australia!<

    UniversalHarmony, thank you again for giving me an insight. I am now at peace. I don't feel the need now to ask or know anymore what is to come. I want it to happen naturally. In fact I'm excited and looking forward to the future whatever it brings. Deep in my heart and soul I know and there's not a doubt in my mind or whole being that he is the one. I really do believe that 'when you meet the one, you will know' and it's a pure, honest feeling coming from the soul, from the deepest part your heart, your core not driven by thoughts nor emotions or false misconceptions and desires. I will attest to that.

    I wish you all the best. May the generosity and kindness you give be returned to you many times fold.

    Peace and God bless.

  • Awww, VirgoCookie, what a great email =). What a nice way for him to reach out and let you know how he feels. Such honesty and sweetness, I got a big smile. I agree with you completely about knowing who the one is. The man I have been with for five years, it was like, bam, no questions lol, even though it doesn't come like that for everybody, even over time more and more things just add on to that feeling that yes, this is it. And I am happy that you have a new sense of clarity. You can probably relax a bit more, I hope lol. You have made me feel good, thanks for the update too.

  • Summerbutterfly, thank you for your request. I don't do this much but I have to say I don't feel comfortable reading into this issue. I think that you know your friend and are probably better in judging what is going on with him and his behavior. But personally, the feeling I get when I think of doing a reading on this area is not so good. When it comes to addiction, I am not a specialist. And also, I think it is up to this man to get his own help and I don't want to pry into personal demons of someone who is not consenting. If you feel he is in danger of hurting himself or someone else, then I would say seek out the authorities or a doctor. If you would like a reading on something else I would love to give you one.

  • Thanks for the insight. You know when adversity comes you pull from some place inside and you fight! That's all I can do.


  • Hello Universalharmony:

    My question to you is what type of feelings does C have for me?

    Thank you in advance for your time. 🙂

  • Hi, I am a newbie, I would like a free reading from you 1? My ? is : is mike going to gome back to me after all these yrs.? ps I need some one to tell me how to pick up my answer please. I am so glad you are willing to share your gift with us hope you receive alot of good karma thank you very much!

  • Hi there, I'd like a reading too if it's not too much trouble. 🙂 My question: how does my ex feel about me? (we recently cut off all contact, and I still love him, but I have no idea what's going through his head.)

    Thanks. 🙂


  • Universal harmony,

    Thank you for the response. I see your side of the issue, and want you to know that I respect it. Yes, I have considered confronting him, if only for his own sake and hope that he understands that I am asking, it is only out of concern and friendship.

    Could you possibly answer the following question for me?

    I'm 38 years old (09/15/71), and my biological clock is ticking. I love children, and while I would like to have a life partner, my heart is begging for a child, but I still haven't met anyone? Do you feel or see this also?

    Thank you so much.

  • aloha

    universal harmony

    this is virgo@sunrise

    is it true that the universe will

    repay in kind all good deed?

    blessed be


  • Hello all

    My questiaon if possible is it really over between me and my kid father?

    Thanks again

    Stay Blessed

  • Hi Universalharmony, do you see me meeting a potential love interest this year ? I'm single .Thanks.

  • Universal I got word you were looking for me. I got your addy from Bente.

  • Hi Universalharmony, I've been reading your thread and I like the positive energy in your readings. I'm in a conflicted state over a relationships I've been involved with for nearly a year now and wondered what you might see in a reading about the present state of things and where the relationship is going. I can offer you more information if you need it. I've had two other readings on this matter, one positive - but elusive as to the outcome, the other rather harsh as far as motivtation in the relationship and equally vague as to outcome. I guess I am always wondering if I am wasting my time here as I so often find myself feeling anxious and unfullfilled with the current state of things (he is married, although obviously, unhappily). When I am with him, it's perfection, when I am not I always gravitate back to trying to sort out whether I should let my heart stay with this or let my mind rule, face the obvious obstacles in our relationship, and give it up. Take a chance on the unknown for a new and different relationship, or give this one a chance and see what unfolds? Ultimately, the future of the relationship is dependent on what his real intentions are and what decisions he is going to make to bring us together. On that note, any insight on his feelings about our relationship would be helpful.

    I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for sharing your time and gifts with all of us in the forum. I am so grateful for people like you on the forum because of the great insight and growth (and "yes" even added confusion, lol) it has brought me. Somehow it is all moving me forward I think. Question always seems to be, "but am I moving forward on the right path?" Lol. Thank you Universalharmony.

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