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  • Universal Harmony! Thank you for your time ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I hope to hear from you soon, my post was a few pages back lol. Have an amazing thanksgiving!! and Good luck with the cooking!! Thanks again!

  • Hi Universal Harmony, first of all thank you for the offer and my question is, will any of my guides communicate with me in a way that I will be aware of. Love and light x

  • Monyna, how are you today? I have done your reading about your situation. A little bit of what you wrote is slightly confusing, as in is he still with this other woman? And I guess in what capacity does he help with work, since you are in different departments? The card I have pulled for you is the Lovers (6). This is a major arcana card and this points to this being a major issue in your life. The lovers card speaks to feelings of love, longing, desire, and cooperation. To mention the first part of your question with the job, this card displays it perfectly. Harmony and cooperation are exhibited in this card with the lovers embrace and the gods approval/helping hand in the top corners. He has a desire to help you where he can because he cares for you. There is some kind of pleasure he finds in it. I also see this card saying that even if he is still in another relationship, he still has feelings towards you and somewhere in his mind, thinks about you as a couple as well. I think the mutual attraction and camaraderie are definitely shown in this card and he feels the same way you do. Despite the awkwardness of this situation and a usual feeling in my heart to tell women to be wary of men who are not upfront or playing games with other women, I do not really get this hear. Even through all of these things that have happen, I think the connection you felt is completely mutual and this is why you feel a longing or loss for him. There really is a spark, a true string that ties you together, and looking at the Gods smiling over the lovers in the card, I see this as a situation that was meant to kind of be in your life, even if it does not end in a relationship. I can't tell you what to do but my advice would be to try and find a comfortable way to get to bottom of this. Since careers are tied together, this is a delicate situation, but I do see a real connection at the base of things, which has caused some of the distress. You can find the strength within you to move on either way, with or without him, as this lovers card is still a call to love ourselves, to find a mirror image of ourselves in our mates. If they are a loving individual, normally that is a sign that you are a loving individual, if he is happy, you are happy. But you have to find these things in yourself first and you can handle any situation thrown your way. I would love your feedback and I hope this is helpful.

  • I just wanted to take a minute to share with everyone a message that was sent to me today. I feel it is a message meant for all of us!

    "Today you have a cause for celebration. Today, you should celebrate what an unbelievable life you have had so far: the accomplishments, the many blessings, and, yes, even the hardships because they have served to make you stronger. Just as a gem cannot be polished without friction, nor can a life be perfected ...without trials. Take a time to acknowledge your life and to praise yourself."

    In taking to heart what this message is telling us, we can all, in someway, benefit from celebrating ALL the experiences, both good and not so good, that have and will continue to provide us with the lessons we need to help us, to guide us in our spiritual and personal growth. To be and become who and what we are intended to be and to share a part of ourselves with those we are meant too.

    Many blessings to all ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Scorpioblonde, thank you for your patience. I have done your reading, asking the cards for guidance into whether you should keep this man in your future or let him go? The card I have received is Strength (8). A short answer for this would be to say I think this is saying you should let him go. You have the strength and everything you need within yourself and he is not giving you anything that you need, riding on an emotional roller coaster. My eyes are drawn to the tree with a snake wrapped around it. The tree is burning, but the woman on the card is not upset or even really paying attention to it. I feel this tree as representing this man, temptation, a lure to the past, and someone who offers a quick good feeling that only get replaced by tougher emotions. He has a flash of something better but once drawn in, it is not what it seems. The woman on the card is resting with her lion, who normally are wild animals, but he is relaxing with this woman. It represents your inner animal instincts, your wilder emotions, and your strength and will. You have these things in your control in this card and this is what you need to call upon to help you move on and past this situation. You know what is really best for you. Do you truly think this man is it, or that you deserve better? I know it seems scary being alone or having to meet new people or being unsure when real love will walk back into our lives, but the journey can be a great one and when you use your inner strength and goddess, you can conquer loneliness and find an abundance of love. I would really appreciate your feedback.

  • Hi Universalharmony. I think you commented on a thread of mine in the past, so it's nice to see you back on here. Idk if I've ever seen anyone offer readings before (or not in a while!) and the readings I've got on here I've always appreciated, so thank you so much in advance. My question is simple enough...how does "T" feel about me? I can't help but be curious, so if you have the time I'm looking forward to any insight you have to share. Thanks again and don't work too hard! To you and any others who may celebrate Thanksgiving on this forum, have a great holiday!!

  • hello universal harmony-

    i generally do not post only read these forums periodically. However I do have a question...

    is there a future to my relationship with J?

  • Yellowrosekim, how are you today? I have done your reading on your question. I asked the Universe whether there is love with an englishman or moving to the UK in future? The card I have received is the Eight of Swords. The first thing I think of is what is stopping you from making that move, why do you need to meet an englishman to move to the UK? This card displays a woman, she is blindfolded and bound with fabric, with her hands pressed against her body and behind her back. This woman is standing in the woods, scared and unable to move. If she just put one foot in front of the next and trusted in her instincts, she would find that though their are swords on the ground as her obstacle, she would also find the clearing out of the woods into safety and security, lying just a few feet before her. It is night time and the moon shines bright. I feel this card as saying you need to follow your intuition. It is not simple to just pack up and move to another country, but if you feel a calling at the UK, look at what obstacles are stopping you from getting there? I do not see immediate love in the future in this card, as swords speak to thoughts, communication, and truth. But I see the advice here being to analyze your desires, use rational thought and logic, and make a plan for what you want. Stop standing in fear or waiting for the right man to just walk into your life, and take this moment to make a move yourself. This will also increase your probability of finding love as you will be in the UK, with plenty of englishmen to choose from lol. I hope this is helpful and I would love your feedback.

  • Thank you for such kind words !!!! I hope your day goes wonderfully, and I completely understand if there is a delay in answering. Today on turkey day, cooking comes first =).

    To shed some light on the situation, we are both pharmacists, however we work in different institutions. He is a high ranking heathcare executive with a little of clout in professional organizations. While anyone can become a member of these organizations, it's all about who you know when it comes time to becoming a council or board member. He has helped me by nominating me for positions, and I have done my utmost best to live up to those expectations and have gone above and beyond in my work for these organizations. Not only bc he nominated me, but my area deals with improving care for patients, and if you knew how we treat our children here with regards to insurance and healthcare you would understand why I am such an advocate ( I work as a clinical pharmacist with children with cancer) and having been given a chance to help my little ones goes straight to my heart.

    Regarding the relationship, when I met him I was told he was in a relationship ( had bought a house and was living with N.) Still I couldn't shake the feeling, although I never made a move, bc it wasn't the right thing to do, a relationship is a relationship. Three months later I found out he had gotten a common law marriage with N 2 months after I met him; I was devastated. To make things worse, 2 weeks after finding out he had gotten "married", I was told that N. was 6-7 months preganant and the baby was due at the end of summer. Everything was very dark for me for a long time; to me, babies are gifts from G-d, so even though I still hadn't even made a move I now had absolutely no right to even wait for him.

    However, a friend of mine, who is close friends with one of his friends, told me that the baby was a surprise to him. That he and N had not agreed to have children yet, that N did this to"keep" him. What is even more odd, is that two different people, both psychics and empaths,on different occasions, have told me that the child is not his; that he has been betrayed and it won't be long before he figures it out and then he will leave her of his own free will. That it is up to me to either continue waiting for him in my heart or to let him go. Do you see if this is true?

    Thank you so much for your time, kindness and insight, it means so much to me as well I am sure as it does to everyone else here. Have a beautiful day with your loved ones today !!!

  • UniversalHarmony,

    No question... I just want to say, THANKS again for being so gracious. I have not stopped thinking about the reading that you gave me...

    Enjoy your day!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to All! Enjoy your familys! Light & Love

  • I am cap female and I been in a relationship with a scorpio man for 2 years and about 3months ago he found someone else and he did not tell me cuz he did not want 2 hurt me and they are moving in together. I still come in contact with him and he act as if nothing is going on. I am so hurt Does he even feel bad about what happen with us cuz he doesn't show he cares at all about me.

  • Dear UniversalHarmony,

    I was wondering if you could pull the cards for me too?

    10/16/70,born in hackensack,n.j.

    i've been told that i'm psychic,and that i just do not know it.

    I have always felt the pull and knew that i had some ability.

    i can sence things very strongly.

    even when i have been told that i'm wrong about something that i was senceing,it turns out that what i felt was right on.

    my ? is will i come to full light or be nothing more than a helpless helper?

    Thank-You so very much for sharing your gift and time as i have read that you are very busy,you must just melt at the end of the day.



    DANR,what you posted was beautiful,we all do have alot to be thankful for,Blessed Be....


  • Hi Harmoney!

    Would you have a moment to pull some cards for me?

    November 13,1972 - Ottawa, Canada - 11;30 pm

    I have a very unusual question. It's about my love life. LOL. ๐Ÿ˜„

    Seriously though, it is about my love life and present partner. He's having health problems (among other things) and our separating keeps getting put off. What I want to know if this is EVER going to happen. I know we will always be connect, we've been together for along time have a child etc ...... but do we have to live together, always? LOL.

  • Dear Universalharmony & CharmedWitchBente

    I will do both your absent reiki healings over the weekend once I've shaken off the "work" mode/mentality!!!

    Thanks both again for your time and your gifts ๐Ÿ™‚ I am blessed to have crossed paths with both of you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Universalharmony - Yes, Darren is a man with dark hair and a strong/sturdy face. He has a gorgeous soul but has been brainwashed with negative thoughts since childhood.

    CharmedWitchBente - I will ask similar questions to what you have posted and see what my lesson is. I believe I am here as a lesson to him as he is part of a lesson to me

    Blessings and love to you both xx

  • talisa72- Thanx guurrrrll lol I for me am not cmpletely sure what Charles lesson is with me, nor fully what mine was with him. its a dang puzzle, but he did opened n teach me a thing i will forever love him for. is also why some part of me still want him in my life, even as just a good friend. Today i reached out n i made sure his "wife" knows it aint at all whatever she thinks it is i want, n not to be so way off base. Weยดll see if he response. if not then i know where i stand bc i tried one more time.

    So good luck with ya spread n let me know what came up. LOL


  • Oh well, I am probably to late to get in on this, but what the heck:-) My question would be "What does Chess feel for Marianna at this present moment"(we are not involved). Thanks for your kindness.



  • Forgot to add my DOB is Oct 18, 1972 and I am from Toronto, Ontario.


  • Hello Universal Harmony...thanks for your offer. My question is...what direction should I be going in business to be successful? If this is too broad a question, let me know. Thanks, MMack1

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