Would You Like a Reading?

  • Hello All,

    I am back again after a bit of time off. I am offering readings again to all who are seeking. My stipulations:

    1. One specific question, one card answer (example: how does tom feel about me?)

    2. Please don't ask for a reading if you don't intend to leave feedback. positive, negative. Anything.

    3. Bare with me as I know there will be many requests and only 24 hours in a day

    Also, if you have a spirit related question (seeing signs and think it's from a spirit, seeing spirits, messages from guides, etc.) feel free to ask a question. I am not as experienced in this area but I am hoping to gain some experience and help out whoever may be seeking some messages from the cards.

    With Love,

    Universal Harmony

  • Hi and Welcome Back Universal Harmony.

    Im also back after changing id name from Bente Stoker to CharmedWitchBente. I kept my real name so all who knows me would know it is me LOLOLOL

    Anyhews a warm welcome back. LOTS has changed since last and I wonder if you and I can confer OUTSIDE tarot forum? Let me know and I will provide where I am to be found elsewhere than here ;-D

    WELCOME BACK GUURRRRLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you =). Welcome back to you as well. As soon as I saw the name, I thought, Bente lol. Then I read on and was like yay lol. I would love to talk outside of the tarot forum and if you have the way, I am all for it. I know how the site can be about emails and websites but hopefully we can manage around that. You have made me glad to come back, really.

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  • How nice of you to offer to share your gift with us!

    I am drawn to someone that I am sure to have known in a past life. We have spoken briefly (not face to face), but not in depth. We have so much in common that it is uncanny. Does this person feel the familiarity that I feel? If not, am I an empath of some sort?

  • Sorry...one question...YIKES!

    Your answer to the first one will suffice...

    Thanks again, UniversalHarmony!

    (love the name, by the way)

  • what is the explanation to all my bad dreams and nightmares please?


  • Will my Indian cancer b/f contact me soon ?

  • Hello Atirro42,

    It is my pleasure to read for you. The deck I am using for this and all readings is the World Spirit Tarot. I shuffled the cards and asked if this person feels the same connection, familiarity, commonality, or past life feelings as you do? The card I received is the Ten of Cups.

    I feel this card is saying yes, this person does feel similar. This card speaks of harmony with a group or community and one of many different races. Speaking in terms of past lives, I think perhaps you may have been connected in a land where ceremonies and rituals occurred, in a place where many different tones of people lived. You may have shared this experience together at some point in the past, when I am not sure as I know that is vague. This card depicts the fall and I see this as showing a changing in your interactions soon, they will probably become deeper and more meaningful. There is much to be gained in this friendship with this person and concentrate on the pleasure of the conversation and the fun and excitement you get from it, rather than the end result. I hope this is helpful and I would love your feedback.

  • Decorum ladies, allow Universal Harmony time to reply u all in a proper manner. This respects from you patience, at times LOTS of patience, BUT as in past has she been able to deliver.

    Universal : darl if ya need help, lemmi know.

  • Hello Kezza333,

    I shuffled the cards and asked for guidance to help you. I asked the cards, "What is the explanation, root, or reason for kezza333's bad dreams and nightmares?" I would like to actually start the reading to you with a question. Are you experiencing a financial difficulty or loss (or added on inconvenient responsibility) or a threat to your home? The card I received for you is the Six of Pentacles. The pentacles suit speaks to finances, home, and security. The root for your nightmares is a need for added stability and security. There is something in your life lately that has made you feel less in control of your circumstances and this has been replaying in your dreams. The man who is giving or helping the other man on the card is handing him a scale. Balance is definitely needed more in your life because there is something slightly missing here. You have all it takes to turn these dreams around with a bit of reading and practice, but first you must face what you fear the most, for this is the root of it all.

  • Oh thankyou so much that makes total sense. I am having alot of financial difficutly, I am in debt and lost my job, and finding it very hard to get a new one as an apprentice. Also my mother is worrying about losing the house we live in as her husband my dad has betrayed her and cheated with another woman and she is considering divorce so all these things make sense.

    I just want to get back on my own two feet again and have some financial freedom,! I live in hope! but Thanks

    Pisces Kezza 🙂

  • llindieloo, how are you? I have pulled a card for you in regards to your question, "Will my indian cancer b/f contact me soon?" I have received the Ace of Cups. This is a card of many emotions, but the key word is emotion. I would say you have a lot of emotions behind this question and have been experiencing them while waiting for him to contact you. I feel this card symbolizes opening and though this card can represent the opening of heart I feel it represents you more. In regards to him, I think it speaks to an opportunity is open to try and contact him, if you have not already. This is a question of free will and he will call when he wants, but the advice given here is to reach out and be open with him, to not lean on waiting for him to reach out. If you have done this already, don't put too much of your feelings into this situation as you deserve peace and happiness and to sit waiting for contact from anyone loved or not is not an ideal situation unless this person has good reason. So to sum it up I am saying don't wait, reach out to him, see what happens. And don't invest too much in the outcome either way.

  • Welcome back Universal Harmony!

    I have missed our conversations and wondered where you went off to!

    I would like to ask if you foresee a romantic committed relationship between E and me in the next three months. I'm 8/2/1970, he is 1/21/81. Thanks luv!


  • Kezza333,

    I really can say I feel for you in this situation. I know how hard financial difficulties can be and I myself have experienced nightmares because of them. The card you received has lots of hope in it and you might have to take a totally new approach to finding some income but I think you will fix things up eventually. You will find your financial freedom if that is what you truly desire. Thank you for the feedback, it was very helpful for me 😃

  • thanks to you too you are welcome! : )

  • Hey Sacogirl, how have you been? I definitely have missed talking to you too, it is always fun. I am happy to do a reading for you. I asked the cards if there will be a romantic relationship between you and E in the next 3 months? Now as I should always mention, the future is never set in stone so nothing is definite, as actions change consequences all the time. The card I have received is the Seer of Wands. What I see here is the obvious age difference. This is not a bad thing but an obstacle. The Seer is a young woman, with a wild and roaming side. Since you are out of your teens this side has been subdued and controlled more and is exhibited in the card as the cheetah who is standing by the seer's side, letting her pet him. But the cheetah is quick, fast, and hard to tame. I feel he represents E. The suit of wands shows action and passion. Potential is definitely there and I get a sense of past history as well. In order for a relationship to happen within the next three months you will have to see if you can merge your lives together better. His differences with you are a turn on but unless you guys can find a way to come to an even page somehow, things will not progress. The potential of a great journey with E is in this card, but it has to be cultivated and worked on a great deal with communication, expression, and acting on how you truly feel. Remember that he has to act with you in this if you expect to see results, but if he does, you can find yourself starting fresh with long term potential within three months.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you Coffeegem. How have you been, have things been looking up? I definitely thought of you while I was away. My studies have been going very well and I feel like so much growth has happened in such a short period of time so I am back and rested and want to say hi lol.

  • Thank You!

    Everything that you said resonated with me...

    I was told that we were married in Celtic times (probably in Great Britain, West Europe and/or America) and our life together was hard, even volatile. I feel that we are meant to balance out the karma from this past lifetime by possibly helping and aiding one another (as we are both starting philanthropic endeavors involving children).

    We are not on a first name basis at this point, as we connected through his online webpage, which attracts many. He answers questions and briefly interacts, but that's it...

    The last part of your reply really hit home, as I long to have deep conversations with this person already (we are both spiritual seekers). Yet, the time and place are not right. And yes, I feel that we are meant to be friends in the near future and I need not focus on the end result 🙂 The energy I feel with him is quite strong, but very spiritual in nature...

    Thanks so much...I give you an A++!!

    If I may ask another question...what do you see for me concerning my child-related endeavor. Is my vision gonna take off? (hope I am not being too greedy):)

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