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  • was born on the cusp of Sag & Cap!! Whew, I already do know........ I feel somewhat torn or divide alot of the time in decision making, i am very competeitive when it comes to work, i am very outspoken and upfront regarding love and my feelings, i am not usually shy around any type of personalities, but i do tend to be somewhat secretive about my own personal intentions as far as love or my feelings and this action does tend to create alot of unneccesary drama and or events that i would rather not have present. I am very social, and have high expectations of my friend, family, and all loved ones, but sometimes i feel that my expectations may be either out of line or even unacheiveable to some. I currently am in a monogomus (well at least i thought so) relationship, But lately i've been feeling unapreciated, and let down in this area of my life. So let me know of any important advice that you may have as to the reasoning, or choices that may help me to overcome this recent slump that i am in??? Here is my astro-Info.......

    D.O.B. = 12/22/1981

    Birthplace= Cleveland, Ohio

    Birthtime= 5:18am

    **** I come from a generation of Pagan and/or Wiccan ancestors so i obviously already know my Birth Chart, and about how the stars and alignments and elements all contribute to my emotions, and personality, But i guess i'm just digging for some deeper insight right now!!!


  • Hi Karla.....Are you a practicing Wiccan or Pagan now?

  • I'm aware of a Wiccan and Pagan community's a relaxed pressure.

    I'm sure that someone can give you guidance from there.

    If you're interested......Post it and I'll give you the link.

    Good Luck

    and Blessed Be

  • Hi, I'm Aquarius w/Cap rising. Also, a bunch of the planets are all grouped under this sign or house (whatever). A lot of the qualities that you mentioned I can relate to. I am the same as far as keeping a lot of feelings personal. I am social, but not a social butterfly so to speak. It seems that Capricorn is very dominant. Socially it seems that maybe Sag may be. Also, this past week, I have felt strange. My reasoning is that I feel uncomfortable around someone because I feel that they may be interested in me and I don't want to feel this way. So, there may be something going on w/Cap's romantic house--it seems.

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