Sick of dreams yet? B/C I have one needs interp'd

  • Sorry if this topic is getting boring. I was hoping to get some input from this insightful forum.

    I had a dream the other night and woke up perplexed. I'll give a little background first.

    I recently broke up w/ someone who I was extremely drawn to and thought the world of. I thought we were soul mates. We essentially had irreconcilable differences but still love eachother very much.

    I dreamt that ha and I were in a big house w/ a bunch of other people (I couldn't identify any of them individually, but felt very comfortable w/ all of them). It felt like a group vacation in a big rental house. I had the impression that my ex had something to say (something important) but we couldnt find any privacy in the house to talk. I just kinda shrugged and said we'll talk later. I then found myself in the bathroom, naked, about to step into the shower and I turn and he's standing there. I was a little shocked, but not self conscious about my nakedness. He said it was the only time he'd be able to talk to me privately, but when I was ready to listen to what he had to say, he just sat there looking like he had no idea what he should do. He looked sad and torn and reluctant to speak.

    That's it. Not sure what it means but am willing to hear anyone else's interpretations.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, I think your not afraid to speak your mind. Maybe he is. The people around seem to block the communication between the two of you. The fact that your in the bathroom and ready to bathe is a good omen. There's a communication problem. All in all, not a bad dream. I think the only one that can solve this is yourself. I think you can work thru this. There seems to be a big question with him tho. I don't know if your hoping for a reconciliation but this dream is telling me that your better off without him.

  • Well, thank you for your response. I'm not hoping for a reconciliation, but saddened by his judgemental nature. I'm assuming the shower is a symbol of emotional cleansing and the fact that he stops me before I get in makes a lot of sense. He doesnt seem to want me to get over him, and seems to want me to pine over him. I think the lack of communication could be the fact that he can not admit when he's wrong or say that he's sorry. I feel like that's what he's trying to say in my dream, but won't allow himself.

    Thanks for the insight

  • I think your right because you know him. I guess on the cautious side of this dream is not to overexpose yourself. You are being upfront, he isn't.

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