Feng shui for cats

  • can anyone offer help or advice about using feng shui to help problem cats


  • hahaha. Oh, sorry I must laugh. Feng shui for cats? I am sure there is an answer to this, and it is a good question. It is a very interesting question. I would be curious to see what the answer to this one would be. What about feng shui for you? If the leader of the flock, you, are in peace, then the cats would adjust to your state. And submit under that state that you are in.

  • glad you are amused 🙂 but my question is a serious one. cats are very sensitive to sublte energy changes that we humans sometimes miss.

    In an attempt to help a very nervous cat I will try anything and as i have had good results with Feng shui in the past i just wondered if there was a practioner on this forum who would be able to give some hints and tips


  • Hi Catwhisperer, I don't know about Feng Shui but I can tell you that I had a very nervous cat. i found her at a shelter and she was frightened of everything. She lived under my bed for about three weeks when I brought her home. I pretty much left her alone. I would talk to her and put food out but I never tried to scare out from under the bed. I kept the door to my bedroom closed so that she would feel safe when i was not there to explore. Finally, she started coming out from under the bed and slowly but surely she would let me pet her. Once she seemed to feel comfortable moving about in my bedroom, I opened the door so she could begin exploring the house. It took awhile but now she is an absolute love. Comes running when I call her and she loves to be pet and brushed. I still can't hold her and she won't sit in my lap but I never force her to. If I pick her up and she squirms to get down, i put her down instantly. Anyway, i don't know much about Feng Shui and you may know all this anyway but I would just keep a nervous cat in a small space and let them grow confident there first. I hope that is helpful.

  • cats are very intelligent beings and do sense our nervousness and those of others, i have a little jackrussel, not a cat, who for some reason is very jumpy, i got her thru the ranger, her owner died she was one of eight doggies, she also is like your cat nervey, its taken me some time to get her to where she is now and beleive me love is the best medicine, once they gain your trust they will follow you everywhere, as a suggestion, try some very soft and meditative music, sit the cat on your lap and stroke the cat, pat it, just relax yourself also and do this, every day and see what happens, try it at the same time each day for as long as she will sit their, cats have a mind of their own, we dont own a cat the cat owns us, she needs to be handled gently and quietly, hope this helps, buy her a cat basket with a cover over the top so she can climb intoand go if she feels safe.best of luck

  • Have you heard of a product called nutrivet? it is a diffuser that emitts pheromones that keeps cats callm, you can get it at a pet store. Its helped my cat a lot !

  • I googled it and come up with a lot

    sorry I don't want to add the links here admin has been deleting my links

    I have to actually write xxx dot xxx dot com

    to avoid them being deleted but too many in your case 🙂

    google feng shui for cats

  • Cats whom I love, seem to develope thier own comforts and changes according to yours(:

    Adaptable tho stubborn n set ways Just stroke them a bunch and arrange the housde in tune with yu and Cat wil follow(: Elfie

  • There is a wonderful woman who does animal healing on this forum keep browsing...WalksWithSpirit is her online name I'm sure she can help you. Try rescue remedy? I have a very neurotic kitty skittish

    temperamental. We just let him be himself and when things are calm he calms. He still hides when a new person shows up (especially men) but mattering on that persons energy,

    Best of luck, this kitty is blessed to have you!

  • MystoBlueStars, how old is your dog? There are two things I would advise you on with the little guy (I bet he's adorable!). The first is, he needs to learn that his kennel is a positive place for him. If you're not already doing so, leave the kennel out in an area of the house where there is alot of traffic, i.e. where he can feel that he's a part of the family. Dogs naturally like dens, but they need to feel that it's also safe and a "home" for them. In the wild, "dogs" (wolves, foxes, etc) can be very, very picky about their dens, and the den that they choose has to be "just right". Put your dogs favorite blanket in the kennel, along with toys and treats. You can even leave his food and water dish right outside of the kennel, so that he begins to associate the kennel with all the comforts of home. Don't close the door on him, but allow him to explore his den, become comfortable with it, and come and go from it during the day as he chooses. If you make this a way of life for him, it will might help to ease his anxiety when he's closed up in it when you go out.

    Another thing you can do is take him for alot of walks. Dogs need to relieve stress and energy through motion. Being in the house just isn't enough for them. And your mix comes from two different breeds that are very active and need activity. All dogs need activity for emotional balance, but some breeds need it more than others, because they are naturally more energetic. When you come back from your walks, leave a treat for him inside of his kennel, and make sure he knows it's there. Reward him every time you come back, and do it in association with his kennel. Do the same when you come back after going out without him, so that he begins to associate your leaving with "when they come back, I'm getting a treat!". Don't try to bribe him with treats when you leave...he will only associate "I'm getting a treat because they are leaving me", and the treat will not be a treat in his mind, but will become a trigger for anxiety. Stick to this religiously...make it a normal part of his routine...dogs love routine, too, like children. It will take time to help him come out of is anxiety, but don't give up.

  • catwhisperer, I'm not really an expert on feng shui, so I can't offer much there. But I do know animals from working with them, and if a cat is nervous, then patience, comfort and kindness are the best things that they can receive in order for them to feel comfortable and safe, and help them to relax.

  • MystoBlueStars, they're both adorable! I like the look on Buddy's face with his little tongue sticking out..how precious, lol! Terriers have such great personalities...they think they're 10 times bigger than they really are...all heart. You're very welcome for the tips, and I sure hope that they help. 🙂

  • CatWhisperer, have you tried an animal psychic? I hope nobody thinks I'm off my rocker, but I had one of my dogs "read" after she was hit by a car. She survived but was very depressed for some time, and I was willing to try anything to help her. The psychic was AMAZINGLY HELPFUL. Her insight was tremendous, and my dog began to recover in leaps and bounds after "talking" to the psychic. I also know several animal people who have used psychics with great success, from horses to dogs.

    Good luck with your baby!

  • Mysto they're sweet really. I wish I could help with your cats catwhisperer, but as I've only ever had rescue cats I only know that sometimes it helps by letting them go back to kittenhood, I had a very nervous one who I slept with in my bed curled round her like another cat....shock horror....UNDER the covers, hubby thought it was funny at first, but he was used to getting to share the bed with cats I wouldn't have married him other wise and there would have been no chance if they hadn't liked him or him them it's unfortunate that our bunny doesn't like that she just digs and chews holes, in the bedding

    Good luck

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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