Update to previous issue with forgiveness

  • For those of you who missed out please read the thread... Will my cap ever forgive me

    Okay, so I had decided to not call, contact, anything, since he seemed to be in total silence. Then today an odd number of things occurred. This morning I had a very vivid dream of him. He was kissing me not once but 3 times and smiling. Then I was busy doing my work when I looked up and the clock said 11:11. I did notice but went about my usual stuff. Then this guy I have been doing work for all of a sudden out of the blue calls and asks me if I know anyone who can provide a specific service for him, and low and behold this is what cap does. So I text him, asking if he can do it, and he responds almost 5 hours later with yes. So now I'm even more confused I guess. He hasn't severed the ties and is obviously interested in money, which is understandable but how weird are all these things today? I have been so sick about this whole thing, I would wait a lifetime for him. I'm assuming I shouldn't contact him again and need clarity if anyone has suggestions. Is something telling me he is still with me but pondering my craziness or has he just moved on. I feel intuitively that he has not ended the relationship but is really teaching me a lesson. And I have certainly learned it.

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