• Greetings!

    I am the beneficiary of my beloved ex. Are there any complications getting the money due me?

    july 26, 1944 5:11AM county of Kings, Brooklyn, NY

  • Only if you stop seeing life as an obstacle course or feeling like you are always passed over, and relax and trust God/The Universe to bring you what you deserve. Any negative thinking now will cause delays and obstructions. You need to let go of control and worry for once in your life and just go with the flow. The more you hang on, the less likely you are to receive. I feel that someone is thinking about contesting the will so think only good positive thoughts and this will go away.

  • Greetings!

    Thank you Captain! You're very good! Actually, his sister took me one beneficiary...

    Thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated.

    This is getting off the subject. IN October of 2010 I lost my baby girl (German Shepherd rescue) to cancer and had her cremated. She had to stay at the vet until the Crematory came to pick her up.

    About 3 days after she passed, I heard her several times. I saw her...but only the back half. She would go into my son's room and lie on the floor, but always liked to sleep on my bed.

    I had to wait 2 weeks until I got her ashes...then I heard noises comming from her ashes which I kept in a box on the living room table with a CROSS and other religious items.

    Sometime in NOv. while I was in the living room around 8 or 9 PM I saw a golden globe come down from the upper west side of the wall floating down towards her ashes.

    One evening in the kitchen (I'm alone in my apartment) I smelled something near my that had the odor of smoke...and bad underarm odor. Happened twice. One morning around 4:30AM my blender went off by itself!

    Liza always stayed on the couch...when I would sit on the side next to her ashes...I would hear a growling sound...when I would go stopped!

    Another odd thing happened, I had a blanket I use to use for her from the Humane Society. I left one which I used to cover her with at the vet to stay with her...the other I kept. IT's GONE! Disappeared! I looked everywhere!! I always had it with me. I took it to Florida with me, and HAD IT ON MY WHEN I RETURNED FROM FLORIDA. I always slept with it..GONE! I looked everywhere. Now that I no longer live in that apartment and live in another state, I had one tv went on in the bedroom, my second rescue was in there and I live by myself.

    The remote was not on the bed, so I know she didn't jump on it.

    What scenario, huh? What's your input? Also, had dream of Liza. She was in a open field, she loved to run...on the other side were garages, pitch black...i figured that dream out. I kept asking her to tell me which one was her's...there were 6 of them...all pitch black inside. I figured it must have been the cremation she was showing me and that she was ok...

    Thanks again,


  • Yes your dog has often visited you, sometimes in a very boisterous way showing she was very happy on the other side.

  • Oh, I truly hope so. I have a friend who is a Shaman. He told me she was on assignment is very happy....O lord, I hope so! I miss her very much...

    BLessings to you and yours!


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